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Valentines Day

Friendly reminder that Valentines Day is just a commercial holiday and your worth is not based on if you have a Valentine or not; you are all still amazing and beautiful and wonderful.

And I wanted to write Valentines headcanons for my favorite characters lol

Hope you guys like them :)


- He doesn’t care too much about this holiday

- He may watch a sappy movie with you while cuddling or take you out if you really wanted him to, but he won’t do anything over the top.

- He really only cares about the day after. Two words: discount candy

- The day after you and him go to the nearest store and buy all that half-off chocolate

- You two will watch movies or something while just indulging yourselves in candy. Y'all almost regret it later, almost.


- He would wake you up with breakfast in bed. He’d cook something really cliche but really sweet, like heart-shaped pancakes

- He’s pretty simple. He would buy you your favorite flowers and favorite candy, attached with a really sweet note

- Throughout the day he would randomly tell you how much he love you and how amazing you are

- He would take you out for dinner, or if you prefer, cook a candlelight dinner for you and make your favorite meal


- This dude is extra

- Would buy you a really large bouquet of roses. Something elaborate and where each color flower represents something (Red means romance, pink means joy, white means purity and charm, etc.)

- You know those scavenger hunts where notes are left at certain locations? It starts at home, goes to where you first met, the location of your first date, your first kiss, your one year anniversary, etc. Each locations has a note, where he explains the significance of the destination and his memories of that day. (I was so nervous during our first date…/I remember you looked stunning that night…/I remember I went home and couldn’t stop smiling afterwards…)

- He’s a sap

- You’d end up on the top of Prism Tower, where’d he’s waiting for you. He’d kiss you and tell you how much he loves you before getting down on one knee and asking you to marry him


- She is so pure protect her

- Will whisper “Happy Valentines day” to you ask you wake up and kiss your cheek

- She would want to go out with you. Someplace calm like a cafe or to a park for a picnic

- Remember how she stayed up really late the night before? Turns out it was so she could surprise you with your favorite type of cookie with “I love you” delicately written on each one

- Would hand you a note confessing how much she loves you, as when ever she tried to say it out loud she would get flustered

- You two would end up kissing, cuddling, and snacking on cookies until neither of you could stay awake.

//Personally, I think it’s nice to go back and play bl2 after a stretch of no borderlands/tps only, especially to do that mission where you get audio recordings of Jack. Nothing like hearing him throw a screaming hissy fit at Angel for not charging the key enough, or forcing his young daughter who wants her mother into a control core!

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Top 5 reasons, why you like Kim Hanbin?


1. hes the most caring person ever, he may seem cold-hearted from afar or if you watch WIN but in reality he cares about every single thing on this earth. Dogs? cries over them (on Mari & I), his little sister? will protect her at all costs, A GOAT? lets give it everything it needs (also on Mari & I), his members crying? stop why i lov u dont do that hold my hand instead

2. he’s the smartest boy (literally still a boy, hes only 19 in american age) ive ever seen with my own eyes, he has been working to be where he is from a super young age (appeared on tv as a rapper as a small child), writes and composes everything for ikon and has recently been doing stuff to help blackpink, he has a tattoo that says nihilism which is a way of examining the world (like existentialism) which means he is most likely very smart in the literature aspect.

3. He never gives up and keeps going even if it sometimes it means his own health is at risk. During WIN, he got so stressed at one point that he ran away, he said he could have ran away further but bc he had no money he just went to the park for a few hours and just sat there alone. They found him and he came back to the studio and continued to work as hard as he did before. He also stated on Running Man that he sometimes gets very nervous when doing things and takes herbal meds to calm down but again, does what he has to do because he loves what he does and doesnt want to fail. 

4. HES THE BIGGEST DORK BUT ALSO VERY RESPONSIBLE WHEN IT COMES TO MUSIC. If you ever have watched the show Mari & I then you know how much of a dork this boy is (if you havent seen it, go watch it). He sings all the time, GIGGLES, a smile that lights up the universe, sometimes accidentally makes himself look dumb (ex; the gif lmao) and he just seems like he wants to just have a good time

 5.  okay so, hanbin is lowkey known for his…fashion but honestly i love the way he dresses because it doesnt seem like hes trying to impress anyone, if he likes it then hes gonna wear it. One day he could legit dress in a trash bag and then the next he could wear something that makes him look like a rich celebrity and idk i just cant stop crying right now bc im jUST THINKING OF HOW I WANT TO MARRY A MAN JUST LIKE HIM OR YA KNOW…HIM


Old School Hollywood

Basically, Tyrone Power was the reason why a young, teenage Steve Rogers cottoned on to the fact that maybe, just maybe, he liked looking at fellas as much as he looked at dames.

Bucky would soon get sick of The Mark of Zorro but he’d never cotton on to this and for Steve’s sake, he sweet-talked the projectionist at their favorite movie theater to sneak them in sometimes for free.  Her name was Betty Schaefer and she thought the two of them were adorable and maybe, just maybe Betty was Steve's real first kiss from a dame.  

And maybe, just maybe Betty pointed out the marked resemblance between good ol’ Ty and Bucky and Steve was absolutely mortified about it.  But she’d been the one to gently pat his shoulder and tell him, “Chin up, babycakes.  Don’t you buy into that hellfire and brimstone thing the preachers will feed you. Ain’t no harm in loving who you love.”

She told him she was stuck on her best friend Sally Jane too.  Same boat.  Pretty hard to carry a torch for someone that way, especially if you think it’s unrequited.

So Steve and Betty pined over their respective sweethearts together and it was to Betty that Steve confided his personal opinion that Bucky looked a hell of a lot better in his Army uniform than Ty did in his Marine get-up.  She agreed.

It was a pity he’d lost touch with Betty after he joined the Army much later but Steve always hoped she’d gone on to lead a full, happy life.  Betty was a survivor and a tough dame in her own way. 

So of course, one of the first things Steve did when he woke up in the 21st century was get caught up on all of the other Tyrone Powers movies that he missed.

Nat would tease him mercilessly about his “Tyrone Power” thing.  No, really, Steve, we got newer, more good-looking Hollywood actors for you to have a man-crush on. Have I ever shown you the Mad Hatter episodes for Once Upon a Time?

Steve stayed stubborn about it.  My love for Ty Power is an eternal thing, okay, Nat?

And then there was later and later meant after the long struggle to bring the Winter Soldier home and while Bucky Barnes was never going to be the same man he’d been in the 1940’s, neither was Steve and he didn’t care - all he wanted was for his best friend and the love of his life to be safe and well - as much as any person can be “well” considering the kind of hell Bucky went through.

It shouldn’t have to be said but for the sake of clarity, Steve carefully kept the “love of his life” bit from Bucky, because that was the last thing his friend needed at that point in time.  At the end of the day, he just wanted Bucky to be happy - Bucky didn’t need his best friend ‘fessing up to his hopeless love and making his life more difficult.  

So of course, Bucky finds out that Steve still has a thing for Tyrone Power and he knows he has memories of being vaguely jealous of Steve’s ridiculous teenage crush that apparently persisted to this very day and he knows he used to deliberately mimic Ty’s style, if only to get Steve to look at him with stars in his eyes.  And of course, because Bucky’s life in general sucks, he knows that beneath the Soldier’s mission of Protect Steve was the underlying foundation of hopelessly loving Steve and wanting him to be safe and happy.  

Finally, Nat gets fed up with the mutual pining because really, come on and she tackles this with Bucky while they’re sparring.  There’s not much a man can do when the Black Widow has his head trapped between her thighs and it’s a mark of how distracted Bucky was that he’d even let her get that close.

“You know the whole Tyrone Power man crush Steve has is just him projecting his feelings for you on somebody safer and obviously unattainable, right?”

Bucky blinks.  “Wait.  What?”

Nat rolls her eyes at him.  “He’s pining for you.  You’re pining back.  He’s not going to make a move because he doesn’t want to 'burden’ you.  Please put Steve out of his misery and by extension, the rest of us.”

“Breathing…. would be nice….”

She lets him go. 

“So, how much you got riding on this?” Because Bucky’s not an idiot and he didn’t make sergeant by not being aware of the scuttlebutt and the running pool.  (Hell, he even knew about the cockroach betting scam Dum Dum and Morita used to run, back in the day.  He never got to collect on that last race.)

Nat smiles angelically.  “Enough for my retirement in Tahiti.  With some change left over." 

So Bucky eventually gathers his courage and it was while the two of them were watching Tyrone Power in Prince of Foxes that Bucky makes his move. 

He was relieved to find out that he hadn’t lost his touch.

Also, he was an idiot for missing out on kissing Steve for all these years because goddamn

The popcorn spilled all over the floor but as Bucky currently had an armful of punk Super Soldier and had discovered that Steve’s ass was just as lovely to grope as it had been when he was tiny, well, he didn’t care. 

Thanks, Ty. 

- end -

Note:  I may have spent the weekend watching Sunset Boulevard and this bunny came and perched on my head.  Also the reason why Steve’s first kiss was a lovely lady named Betty Schaefer.  :P 

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What if the turtles s/o was pretty childish and they still watched cartoons and didn't really care about what other people thought and they were just so pure and innocent XD



He may stop by and watch you and the tv from afar, chuckling at how into the carton you are.  Sometimes he’ll sit with you and watch, sometimes he may not, but he doesn’t care if you watch them.  Watch whatever you want to


Good Lord, this is adorable… He doesn’t understand why you still watch these types of shows, but even he admits he gets a kick out of them every once in a while.  He once caught you watching SpongeBob, and because of that, that damn F.U.N song had been in his head the whole day and drove him absolutely mad.  Raph thinks it’s cute, seeing your innocence unfold in front of him.


He’s interested in some, mostly the older cartoons like Tom and Jerry or Looney Tunes, but he doesn’t watch them as much as often as you do. If you ask him to sit down with you and watch an episode or two he will… he may not understand them much but at least he gets to spend time with you.  Whenever he sees you deep into the show he just chuckles to himself and goes on his way.




One of his brothers:  SHUT UP HOLY CRAP

Bro, you wanna watch some cartoons for hours until on then there’s no doubt that he’s gonna join with you.  Singing every intro, laughing at every screw up a character does, and just having a good time with you while you snuggle up to his chest.  He’s just as into cartoons as you are.  HE WILL NEVER NOT LOVE CARTOONS!!! (and neither will I for that matter)

So, yes I’m sad. I’m sad because one of the most important persons in my life — and I really don’t care whether you think this is nonsense or not — is probably feeling really bad and anxious right now.

VyRT is so important for Jared, so goddamn important, it’s his baby. He was so excited about all the upcoming ideas he was planning in his brilliant little mind and the mere thought of knowing all of these have perhaps vanished makes me feel incredibly heartbroken. The fact that Jared felt like saying that it ‘may be time to say goodbye to VyRT’ it’s just so wrong, so so wrong. 

But this is not only about Jared, it’s also about all the awesome people working at VyRT who seriously don’t freaking deserve this. They don’t deserve having something they’ve been working on for months being suddenly destroyed by some fucking dickhead who has way too much spare time in their hands. 

Also, to those persons who really think Jared worries only about the money I’ve got only two words for you; fuck you. He cares about every single person that may be watching at home, he wants them to have an amazing time watching VyRT. Don’t fucking dare saying he doesn’t, because if he didn’t he wouldn’t have made a VyRT Violet a 3am to compensate for the madness created during the stream. He feels like he has a responsability with all of us. Other artists wouldn’t even apologize about it. He felt like he had to make that little VyRT Violet even if he wasn’t at his best mood and he’s going to do it again today to just make us happy. 

To everyone who is asking for refunds, what the hell is your problem? They’ve most likely lost a fucking lot of money and you’re worried about your $14.99? Alright, I get it. It’s your money. But you got to see the event no matter what, didn’t you? Human kind, always thinking only about themselves. 

I really and honestly hope everything works out fine, and that we’ll be able to keep enjoying VyRT. I don’t care if other bands don’t want to participate on it because of last night’s insanity. I will be happy if I can just enjoy watching the three beautiful persons that have done so much for me. I will be happy if it keeps being just Mars, VyRT and the Echelon, as it has always been. 

But, yes I’m still sad. I’m sad because this world and its humanity are crap.

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If I may be so kind as to offer you a prompt! Molly takes a chance at a new job offer far away from London. However, it turns out it's not a job offer at all... it's a clever ruse set up by none other than Jim Moriarty to take her hostage and burn the heart out of Sherlock. When he finally realizes this, Sherlock goes off to help prevent the demise of the person who matters the most to him.

*This turned out differently than I expected because my brain just didn’t want to. I hope you like it, though :)*

“I know how it looks…but I am not actually in love with Molly Hooper-”

“Well, I am…look at us both.”

Molly tugged the tangled sheets higher, stealing a quick glance at her equally breathless partner lying next to her.


Sherlock shook his head, his heavy panting rendering speech temporarily impossible. He peered at her from the corner of his eye; she was utterly beautiful like this, unkempt and completely natural. Now that he thought about it properly, interrupting her Bart’s leaver’s party and dragging her away for a night of debauchery at 221B had been the best decision he’d ever made.

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Hello! I realy like your writing and I would like to request a drabble if that is possible? Maybe where Ren says something harsh to Hux and that makes him cry for the first time in front of someone else. Thank you! P.s. You look realy beautiful!

You’re so sweet bless ur face

(This involves Hux with a terrible coping mechanism, drunk texting Kylo, moping and Kylo nearly bleeding to death and refusing Hux’s help. I hope it’s kinda what you want)

They aren’t speaking to each other when Kylo Ren departs from the Finalizer. Hux sees him off, saluting crisply as Ren storms past, not looking at his husband and that awful helmet of his. Ren says nothing as he boards. Takes off and leaves and the officers know he won’t check in, won’t supply any mission updates whatsoever and will merely send a message a few minutes before he is expected to land again. Hux leaves before Ren’s shuttle even takes off.

That same morning, everything had been very different. Ren had fucked him slow and deep when he woke and once again while Hux sat on the washroom counter. They held hands as they walked to the bridge. Because they wanted to. Because no one on this entire ship could stop them.

Then something went wrong. A fight. Regarding the mission—it almost always started like that. But things were said and accusations were made and now Hux regrets it all because he didn’t even get to kiss that bastard goodbye. (Ren did sock him in the jaw so at least he has that to remember his dear husband by.)

A harmless fight by our standards, honestly. He always treats any fight like it’s our first.


On the first day, Hux is fine. Bitter. A little lonely. But he has reports to write and emails to keep him company. He smokes and scowls to no one in particular, complains to an empty room. He jerks off by himself, replaying the previous morning in his mind.

“You like this, babe? Like the way I fuck you?”

“No one f-fucks me better.”

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Trick or Treat

He shifts slightly and brings the basket around, into the light, holding it out to her.

“Trick or treat?” he asks with a crooked and dangerous smile, much like you would imagine a wolf to have when he spots his prey. His eyes then caress her face and he notices the hint of pink, dusting her cheeks. She is surprised, but not as much as he is. He cannot help but notice that she has dressed for bed. He wonders if he should apologize for arriving so late or let sleeping dogs lie and see what happens next. 

~Will she invite him in or simply fill his basket with a treat and send him on his way?~


She blinked for a moment, noting the look in his eyes. Though he should be careful. He may be a wolf watching his prey, but this prey bites back. Hard. Lyth’s gaze drifted down to the basket as he spoke the words, and she gave a quiet laugh, “Trick or treating this late, I see.” The dragoness moved to widen the door, stepping behind as she did so, “Come on in. I can’t just give you a treat and send you away. Especially given how far you travelled to get here.”

Well it’s also possible that he just came through the shadows, but she wasn’t about to say anything about it.  

Nodding ever so slightly, he smiles softer and steps through her open doorway.

“I apologize for my late visit. I was unable to leave my master anytime sooner. He sleeps now and I am free to do as I please,” he explains and turns to her as she closes the door. “I hope that I am being of no trouble to you, little dragon?”