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Just The Beginning Part 3

Pairings: Lucifer x Reader

Word count: 3441

Note: Think i’m going to leave this as the last one, but we’ll see. Feel free to message me, or give me suggestions for stories, not going to 100% guarantee that i’ll do them all, but I just might never know! I apologize now for any errors. Please Enjoy!

You were woken up suddenly when you heard a loud bang. As you came to you realized it must have been a heavy metal door. You went to sit up, but you were stopped by the sleeping archangel, Lucifer. He must have fallen asleep after you did. His wings were twitching as he slept. It was actually kind of cute. He must have been comfortable because he was in the same place he was last night. Feet hung over the arm of the couch, head just under your chest, one hand on his chest holding your hand, the other hand lying along the side of your leg.

“[Y/N]!? Lucifer!?” Upon hearing his name his icy eyes opened lazily. You pulled your hand out of his and shook his shoulder lightly smiling down at him. He got up and stretched, you pulled yourself up and fell back down onto the couch. Your arms and legs were a little shaky, everything else was numb, and cold to the touch. Lucifer saw you fall back onto the couch and smirked at you.

“Price of being close to the Devil.” He walked up to you and rested two cold fingers on your forehead and within a matter of seconds you were warm again and you could move.

“Guess I didn’t notice it before.” You said as you carefully got off the couch once more. You brushed your hands over your legs to fix your pant legs a little.

When you stood to your full height once more you saw the boys slowly fill into the room. First Sam, then Castiel followed closely behind Dean. You frowned wondering where Crowley was, and if he was dead or not. The man scared you, but he was still someone you didn’t wish death upon him, yet. You took a step forward to stand next to Lucifer.

“Hello darling. Miss me?” You jumped as his familiar husky voice spoke into your ear, his breath brushing against the back of your ear. After you had jumped you ran to stand on the other side of Lucifer and glare at Crowley, while holding Lucifer’s arm.

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