How many innocent people has the US killed since The Persian Gulf War? Fuck these people. They are every one disingenuous careerist creeps. 

i really wish people would stop feeling the need to portray the media they like as Politically Correct or whatever. its not necessary to argue that just because you like whatever shounen anime, its actually super queer and feminist (especially if its not), or that your favorite video game is well-written or has meaningful things to say about imperialism. if the source of your argument is really “i like this thing and want to convince other people that its good”, you’re almost certainly going to end up cherrypicking and building a shitty argument that makes you look like some sorta weird shill or careerist and also turns people off from the thing you were trying to turn them on to because you tried to paper over whatever flaws (inevitably) exist while you were busy reaching so hard to say that actually, this time its *feminist* when the guy and the girl have to fight and the guy wins.


Who does Darth Vader hate?

For all the screen time he gets, we don’t really know much about Darth Vader’s inner life. What are his likes and dislikes? What are his feelings toward the Emperor, Tarkin, and any others who outrank him? This wasn’t explored in the movies, and has been inconsistently portrayed in ancillary media. What I can provide you, however, is a short list of Stuff Darth Vader Hates. May it give you a deeper insight into the Dark Lord’s evil brain.

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Did you know: that MTV invited Nirvana to play at their award ceremony assuming they’d play Smells Like Teen Spirit. When they realized they weren’t going to, and how they planned on playing something else, they threatened the band and said they can’t go unless they do SLTS.

The band said “Okay, Bye” and hung up the phone. They kicked Nirvana off the show for about 5 hours then they received a call back from a stage manager that said they can go if they play Lithium. They agreed to.

However, MTV said they only wanted Teen Spirit. The stage manager said if they didn’t play Lithium, then one of their friends who worked there would get fired. 

Eventually Dave said it was the careerists who won the deal and that MTV was a fucking load of total shit. 

The signs as gays
  • Aries: angry activist gay
  • Taurus: slutty couch potato gay
  • Gemini: cosmopolitan melancholic gay
  • Cancer: internalizing workaholic gay
  • Leo: jauntily erotic gay
  • Virgo: perfectionist cold gay
  • Libra: gentle dad gay
  • Scorpio: dorky heart throb gay
  • Sagittarius: self-aware careerist gay
  • Capricorn: irascible snob gay
  • Aquarius: masc adventurer gay
  • Pisces: angelic baby gay

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educate me on michael foot

Michael Foot was sort of what would happen if you asked a class of 5-year-olds to paint Roy Jenkins.

Here he is pictured with a small ball of fluff in 1982:

And feeling uncomfortable being stared down by the young Gordon Brown some years previously:

Other important things:

- Daddy Foot was a Liberal MP. The little Feet all variously went on to become Liberal MPs, UN representatives, Governors of British Consulates, Knights of the Realm and Barons. 

- Our boy Mikey started out ok in Oxford (he was at Wadham lol why am I not surprised) but then fell tragically in love with Nye Bevan and the Labour Party ruined his life ever after

- Collected too many books and his wife kept having to secretly throw them out what a relatable guy, also wrote about Jonathan Swift and why Stanley Baldwin was a traitor and why Nye Bevan was a saint

- Kept a little portrait of Nye Bevan on his desk very relatable what a weirdo

- Spike Milligan thought he was like Jesus

- They elected him leader of the opposition to try and keep everyone happy but a) when are the left ever sodding happy and b) the right are only happy in power and c) he was pretty shit as leader bless him

- Sometimes his driver would come in and join meetings about policy wtf. wtf.

- He wore a donkey jacket to the fucking cenotaph and Margaret Thatcher had to kind of manhandle him into place and brush him down it was bad

- It was all bad tbh the election of 1983 was bad and everything stayed bad for quite a while

- ‘On the day Peter Mandelson arrived at Walworth Road, in October 1985, an employee in the post room tried to feed a colleague rat poison. It was symptomatic of the state of the party: completely demoralised and riven from top to bottom by hatred’ (Philip Gould, The Unfinished Revolution)

- “Nobody who joined the Labour Party whilst I was leader could be accused of being a careerist” ~ Michael Foot refuses to be your anti-Blair idol

- If you compare him to Corbyn I will hit you Corbyn doesn’t deserve to lick his Foots
Wondering What Happened to Your Class Valedictorian? Not Much, Research Shows
Playing by the rules rarely pays off later in life.
By Eric Barker

“Essentially, we are rewarding conformity and the willingness to go along with the system.” Many of the valedictorians admitted to not being the smartest kid in class, just the hardest worker. Others said that it was more an issue of giving teachers what they wanted than actually knowing the material better. Most of the subjects in the study were classified as “careerists”: they saw their job as getting good grades, not really as learning.

The second reason is that schools reward being a generalist. There is little recognition of student passion or expertise. The real world, however, does the reverse. Arnold, talking about the valedictorians, said, “They’re extremely well rounded and successful, personally and professionally, but they’ve never been devoted to a single area in which they put all their passion. That is not usually a recipe for eminence.”

Enneagram 3


Healthy: Self-assured and energetic, with high self-esteem: they believe in themselves and their own value. Adaptable, well-adjusted, and charming, often attractive and popular. Realistic and purposeful with a good sense of their potential. / Ambitious to improve themselves, to “be all that they can be"—often become outstanding, a kind of human ideal, embodying widely admired qualities. Others are motivated to be like them in some positive way. High-spirited, goal-oriented, and persistent. They are effective, industrious people. At Their Best: Inner-directed and authentic, everything they seem to be. Accept their limitations and live within them. Self-deprecatory sense of humor and a childlike innocence emerge. Charitable, genuinely modest, and benevolent.

Average: Highly concerned with performance, doing the job well, being superior, and rising above others. Compare themselves with others in search for status and success. Become driven careerists and social climbers, invested in achievement, exclusivity, and being a “winner.” / Become image-conscious, highly concerned with how they are perceived. Begin to present themselves according to the expectations of others and what they need to do in order to be successful. Pragmatic and efficient, but also studied, losing touch with their own feelings beneath a smooth façade. Problems with intimacy, credibility, and expediency emerge. / Want to impress others with their superiority: constantly promoting themselves, making themselves sound better than they really are. Narcissistic, with grandiose, inflated notions about themselves and their talents. Exhibitionistic and seductive, as if saying, “Look at me!” Arrogance and contempt is a defense against feeling jealous of others and their success.

Unhealthy: Fearing failure and humiliation, they misrepresent themselves, distorting the truth of their accomplishments. They can be extremely unprincipled, covetous of the success of others, and willing to do “whatever it takes” to preserve the illusion of their superiority. / Exploitative and opportunistic, but also deceptive so that their mistakes and wrongdoings will not be exposed. Pathological lying, extreme hostility, and delusional jealousy: betraying and sabotaging people in order to triumph over them. / May become vindictive, attempting to ruin what they cannot have. Relentless, obsessive about destroying whatever reminds them of their own shortcomings and failures. Psychopathic tendencies: murder.

Key Motivations: Want to feel valuable and worthwhile, to be affirmed, to distinguish themselves, to have attention, to be admired, and to impress others.

Examples: Bill Clinton, Christopher Reeve, Michael Landon, Richard Gere, Shirley MacLaine, Jane Pauley, Paul McCartney, Sting, Tom Cruise, Sharon Stone, Tony Robbins, Bryant Gumbel, Dick Clark, Vanna White, Brooke Shields, Kathie Lee Gifford, Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Truman Capote, O.J. Simpson.

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“The hullabaloo about Jared Kushner being Trump’s son-in-law and thus his appointment as a senior White House advisor a clear case of nepotism is a red herring, a decoy, a distraction–NYT, WP, BBC et al are notorious with subterfuge–turning a non-issue or a minor issue into big news to distract from the real issues –who cares he is Trump’s son-in-law– nepotism is the least of this catastrophe–

Jared Kushner is a zealot settler colonialist –from the selfsame wealth his parents paid 2.5 million dollars to buy him a degree from Harvard (because he is a talentless careerist mannequin and would not get into any half decent college on his own) other funds have been sent to secure more settlements on the stolen Palestine–as a senior advisor to Trump’s White House his appointment comes soon after the appointment of the other rabid Zionist David Friedman as the ambassador to the apartheid state–both of these Trump appointments give further momentum to Barack Obama’s 38 billion dollars US taxpayers’ money in military aid to Israel –

It is imperative for us not to fall into the black hole of liberal anger with Trump and his shenanigans–Donald Trump is building brick by brick on the solid imperial foundations built by Barack Obama and GW Bush over the last sixteen years of global warmongering–the liberal rhetoric is now building the overarching narrative of how lovely and cuddly was Obama and how notoriously abnormal is Trump –don’t fall for it –Trump is Obama with an orange hairdo and a gaudy tie– Jared Kushner will put a handsome mask on the ugly face of the systemic thievery of Palestine by settler colonialists he and his family have enabled and financed –that’s all folks!”

Hamid Dabashi

Look if people in Labour were just doing things to undermine Corbyn, now is not when they would do it. Not on the back of a triumphant Glastonbury appearance, an unexpectedly positive progression in the general election and a general feeling that Corbyn is looking more like a PM than May is. 

Sometimes MPs rebel because they think it’s the right thing to do. Sometimes an issue is so important it comes before party unity and careerist concerns for getting into the next Labour cabinet.

We’re stepping back into the kind of “naive cynicism” we saw a few months ago, when literally any disagreement or dissent from Corbyn was seen as self-interested sabotage. Think about this for a moment. If those MPs were purely self-interested, they wouldn’t be making waves right now. They’d be towing the line, waiting for the next election and angling for the top jobs.

And FFS if you’re so concerned about unity, stop assuming the worst of anyone who wants to challenge party leaders and prioritise their constituents, which is how this whole damn thing is supposed to work.

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Can you please explain what happened with Trent Reznor & CL? I love Trent, and I found this quote of his about CL the other day, “If she died tomorrow, I wouldn’t shed a single tear. She’s a very evil person.” I've NEVER liked her, and I was curious to know what you can find out about what really happened! All I heard was that she pretended to be pregnant with his baby?

Trent Reznor - The Full Story 

This was fun. From all of the Trent/Courtney related information that I’ve dug up, I’ve discovered that that quote doesn’t actually exist. 

Even though you can trace it back to being used as early as 2000ish, it has no actual source other than being attributed to Trent. No article, no year, no interview mention, nothing. I also tried to find it in every single article/interview in print that focused on Trent between 1994 and 2003. I tried, I really did. I found an archive of Trent interviews on an NIN fan site (god bless those stans) and tried to hunt for the terminology. Found nothing. 

If it was real, a quote like that would be a part of rock tabloid history. You wouldn’t even be able to google their names side by side without seeing it splashed across every print - to - web publication known to man. 

My guess is is that someone made it up thinking that they were condensing all of the drama between the two at the time. No idea. It doesn’t even sound like it has the language style he prefers to use. Not long winded enough. 

The only things that you can find are this abstract that’s been diluted a bit around the net quote wise (this is the original)

- abstract from Details Magazine in 1995

“I thought she was really smart, which you couldn’t tell from her behaviour. But she was obsessed with media and how she’s perceived. What I didn’t realize was that 95% of it was her directly calling editors. She’s got a full media network going on.”

He says that contrary to the impression Love has given, they didn’t have a sexual relationship. “I think if there was an attraction on her part toward me, it was maybe because I showed compassion. The bottom line was, I thought I was around someone who was a victim and somebody who could use a friend, and what I was around was a very good manipulator and a careerist, someone not to be underestimated.”

In this interview (ctrl/cmd + f - “meddling”) he mentions how Courtney basically strained his relationship with Tori. She also has a tendency to do that with women in general who she feels poses a threat to her exploiting a guy she wants. Evidence? See the link below. 

See this information here in case you didn’t catch it and you also have Melissa Rossi’s collection of rumors/gossip that can contextually be backed up by Marilyn Manson about Courtney breaking into Trent’s room on tour and trying to force him into a relationship with her. All in his own words from his autobiography. Also know that (from the previous link) Courtney, stalkeress, exploited the free publicity she gained by planting stories and headlines by concocting little stories online and in Courtney Love: The Real Story about how Trent was allegedly abusive. All of this was because he didn’t want to sleep with her either at all or he stopped when he realized exactly what he was dealing with. She tried to say that she was pregnant with his child and she has the gall to claim or insinuate that he was an asshole? 

In what universe? It’s like what misogynistic dudes do when they’re rejected by women. This is also a part of a sequence of events that caused her to invent a fake anecdote about women that were raped back stage to smite him about it. The one where she said that the girl asked to get raped and she should have ‘known better.’

All of this because she couldn’t have a fucking dude yo. 

Information on Courtney stalking Trent and breaking into his apartment: 

Melissa Rossi - Queen of Noise (1996)

- 1 / 2 / 3 

Marilyn Manson - The Long Road Out of Hell (1998)

- 1 / 2 / 3 / 4


Massive! Magazine 1999

When audiences derided her about Trent she would retaliate with “Nine Inch Nails - more like Three Inch Nails.” Reznor responded with denial claiming Courtney was pissed off “because I wouldn’t be her boyfriend. It just wasn’t going to happen - the romance of the century." 

That autumn, NIN cancelled a show at Madison Square Garden, allegedly because Reznor knew Courtney was planning on attending and causing a huge scene backstage.

Then notice how that matches up with what Marilyn said happened and with what his management told him about her. There’s also this interview (the focus is on Kennedy - start at 3:35) - it’s this journalist, previously MTV VJ from the golden age of the 90s, who recollected the whole thing because she’d been friends with Trent and some celebrities from her network of contacts. According to her, as Trent himself revealed above for Details in 95, he’d been all charmed by her and from her personal history with Courtney (see first 3 minutes), she tried to warn him to get out but he didn’t listen until it was too late. Her impersonation of Courtney towards the end is what nails it for me as factual because Melissa’s anecdote corroborates Marilyn’s which provides the context for Kennedy’s. This is why all of this cross referencing we constantly do is so important. Finally, this early 2000s blogger who was exploring New Orleans real estate talked about how their real estate agent/guide/whomever showed them a property that Courtney tried to buy when she wanted to stalk Trent (ctrl/cmd + f - “courtney”). See how it all connects?

I just found that youtube interview too in the midst of typing this. Between Kennedy’s and Marilyn’s accounts, I think we can conclude that they slept together. Only thing about it is is that Courtney wanted to turn Trent into a Kurt 2.0 with all of the exploitation, bells, and whistles, but Trent got out before he was in too deep. Kurt wasn’t so lucky. She hasn’t had the same meal ticket since. 

She’s also been using Trent’s name for headlines for years upon years. Google their names together. Even though he hasn’t talked about her since the continents shifted and killed the dinosaurs in 2000b.c. with the release of Starfuckers Inc.

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hi! i love your blog. just wondering, is it canon that Dazai has depression? I know he had a dark past and wants to kill himself, but does that necessarily mean he has depression? (honestly curious because i may be too dense to read the signs). Thanks and have a nice day

It’s not canon that he has depression. I was going to write about the real Dazai but I found a really amazing article which talks a lot about No Longer Human. 

[The Protagonist, Yozo] tries wearing masks, playing the class clown, the angst-ridden artist, the upstart careerist. He tries art, politics, religion. He is by turns a sensualist, an ascetic, a loafer. But the result is always the same: not “getting” what it means to be human.

It  could be that Dazai will never really feel a sense of belonging which is why he would want to commit an extreme act of love, a lover’s suicide.

Cameron Dallas - Patient


I had always been a careerist woman, I think it started around primary school when I wanted to become the president of the class and I made my campaign, I didn’t sleep for two days because I was making glittery posters. I won the title even though there was no such thing as class president in my school… My work ethic did not vanish through the years and I always wanted to be the best in everything. I didn’t let anything to distract me from whatever I wanted. My biggest dream was to be an actress and when I got my first role in a series when I was seventeen, I knew I wouldn’t stop until an Oscar. Typical me, what can I say? Anyway, the point is that I was determined to only concentrate on my career. I got famous over a year, everything happened so fast and I didn’t even had time for other things that girls at my age did. While they were crazy about prom, I was going from casting to casting. When they were moving to other cities to start college I was attending Hollywood parties because my movie just premiered the other week. And dating? I didn’t even know what it meant to go on a date, let alone have a boyfriend. I even thought that I didn’t need anyone, not even a man in my life, but then… then Cameron Dallas came into my life.

I met him at an after party, he just came up to me, I didn’t even know who he was, I thought he was going to just leave me when I told him I didn’t know him, but he just smiled and introduced himself to me.

“I’m sorry, I just…” I started to explain myself, but he just stopped me.

“No problem. I don’t expect people to know me, it’s totally fine. And I get that you don’t have enough time to pay attention to everything.”

I shyly smiled at him, I was thankful for his understanding and I felt less awkward. We talked almost all night and he asked me out for a coffee. I really enjoyed the night with him, but I didn’t even have time for a coffee in the next few weeks. But he told me he would wait. And he did. He waited two entire weeks to grab a cup of coffee with me. He was the most patient guy I had ever known. He didn’t care if we only had ten minutes between two of my takes, or we could only talk on the phone, and it impressed me a lot. I had troubles with balancing my time and surprise! Work always won over everything. But with Cam it was different.

At first I didn’t think much of our “relationship”, we were just spending some (quite little) time together, but then our rendezvouses started to become more often. The media claimed that we were a couple but we always denied it, mostly because it made me anxious to even think about it. I know, it sounds crazy, but I thought that it would distract me from my career, so I just ignored this whole thing that slowly became a huge part of my life without me noticing it. Cam became someone important to me, more than just a friend, but I was too ignorant to see it, and oddly, he waited until I realized it. But when that moment came… God, that was the most complicated moment in my life.

He and I went to party together, and as usual, people were asking us if we were together, or just simply told us how cute we were. We told everyone that we weren’t together, just good friends, and maybe after the hundredth time I was a bit too harsh when I denied it, and Cam started to act weird.

“What’s wrong?” I asked when we went outside to the fresh air.

“Nothing,” he said shaking his head but did not look at me.

“Cam, I know that something is wrong.”

“And what do you want to do about it? Shout out that we are not together?” he exclaimed suddenly throwing his hands to the air.

“What?” I asked quietly.

“It’s just… You don’t have to react that harsh when someone asks about us. Besides, they ask for a reason, Y/N.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” I immediately said shifting my gaze away from him while I knew exactly what he meant by that.

“Y/N, I’m patient, you know that, but you have to admit that this is something more.” He pointed towards me and then hem. “I’m here for you, you know that, but you can’t do this forever.”

I felt the tears form in the corner of my eyes. I knew that he was right, but I didn’t want to admit it. I had feelings for him, that was for sure, but I thought that I wasn’t ready to express them and I didn’t know if I could handle a relationship.

He stepped closer to him and took my hands in his.

“Just take a deep breath and for once in your life, do what your heart wants to do.” His voice was quiet and tender, but I was too nervous to calm down.

“I can’t,” I whispered shaking my head.


“Because I’m terrified of what would happen if I do so.” He chuckled and cupped my face in the palm of his left hand.

“Believe me when I say, that nothing bad will happen.” He leaned closer, my breathing fastened and his face was dangerously close to mine. “Let me show you.”

In the next moment his lips were on mine and he was gently kissing me giving me the chance to pull away anytime. But I didn’t. It felt so amazing to kiss him, and I thought I could do this for a long-long time. We probably looked like two silly teenagers making out in a party, but I didn’t really care. He was the first one to pull away, resting his forehead against mine we stayed quiet for a short minute.

“See? Nothing bad happened,” he whispered pecking my lips.

“But what are we going to do now?” I asked scared.

“I don’t know,” he said the only thing I hated to hear.

“That’s not something I can deal with.”

“Then we will figure everything out. Okay?”

Not knowing what else to say I just nodded and hid my face in his neck. That was the first time in my life when I didn’t know what to do or what was the best thing to do. I was lost and my head was saying to me to just run, but my heart told me I was right where I belonged. With Cam.


Nobody cares that I’m forty-one.

I tell people in mid-conversation, “I’m 41.” I believe this is a tantalizing autobiographical datum and should be included in any conversation I’m having - and go unnoticed but for its clear and urgent contribution to human interest - as if the IFC Center would very soon fund a documentary about it were I not so modest about my offering it up.

Invariably, my enthusiasm for age disclosure meets with a friendly but neutral, somewhat thoughtless gaze. The conversation abruptly pauses, hanging in an awkward mid-air mise en scene straight out of Pinter. Faint quivers in the eyes of my interlocutor resemble a Duck Hunt player waiting for the next shot: no duck appears from behind the bushes.

“Yes … and?” the eyes implore, desperately seeking a punch line or taut epigram, anything but what must appear as a disappointing anticlimax in my spiel.

“Nope, that’s it, just that I’m 41 years old,” my brain yells inside my cranium. That I am exactly at the ostensible mid-point of my tenancy on this planet seems a noteworthy event in and of itself. Why must I add anything to that?

The response to “I’m 41” I fantasize about: “Wow! Really? You don’t look it! I totally would have thought you were 28. And bravo on being middle-aged and looking so good. It must be hard though. I mean, you know, the responsibility of it. Having to balance your career and your personal life with a measured dexterity that would baffle most single men in New York City, I mean, yeah, that must be really tough to do, but you’re doing it really tastefully and with such grace. Hey, there’s this line at Whole Foods that I’m on that you can cut to the front of if you’re interested, just tell them you’re 41 and they’ll totally let you jump in front of everyone. What are you doing after this? Wanna grab a beer? Can’t? Oh that’s right! You’re 41 so you’re just so busy with taking care of your life but still so youthful that you could actually have that beer with me and pass for a kind of older-looking, wayward millennial. Sorry, my bad. Alright, well have a great night!”

You must have guessed I never get that response.

And rightly so. Instead, the eyes always say “What, you want a medal?”

The sentiment in the sarcasm is appreciated. I agree, nobody deserves congratulation for a job well done while it’s in the middle of being done. If that were always the case, offices would lie vacant on Thursdays and Fridays. The job of life is no exception.

Yet the search for validation endures. I yearn for some sort of recompense for certain midlife travails I believe I’m experiencing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the absence of crow’s feet. Mother Nature has been generous with me. Although there’s an alarming paunch inflating my midriff and some expected difficulty in gaining elevation from my sofa, I enjoy a relatively full head of greyless hair and firm, svelte gams that help me pass for Dr. Frank’N’Furter (were I to need ever to pass for him). Some other items I’m grateful for: zero debt, Interpol residuals trickling in, faintly but steadily - like an August trout creek on a sunny Saturday in the Catskills - and a wide open, although uncertain, professional second act ahead of me. At forty-one I truly don’t have much to complain about. Yes, bachelorhood sticks to me like cat hair on velcro, but that ain’t no bad thing if one chooses to eschew mainstream societal mores on monogamy. Which I do. Also, I have a lovely apartment, a dog, a cat, no cavities, and a nice piano.

But that’s exactly it. In laying bare all the pluses and minuses of middle-age, I’ve diagrammed a kind of pacific anomie: a far cry from the full-blown, lacerating hysteria of yesteryear’s youth and the future’s quiet, resigned doldrums of inevitable senility. There will be none of that drama, no Romeo and Juliet hijinks, nor On Golden Pond-style gravitas. 

The state of the 41-year-old male is mediocre in the truest sense of the word. Adding to the cruelty of this sentence, fifty-somethings have laid claim to the title of “middle-aged”. In fact, the term “mediocre” comes from the Latin mediocris meaning “of middle height or degree”. So if fifty is the new forty, we forty-somethings don’t even get to call ourselves mediocre! That is gallows humor if I ever heard it.

When the mediocre are unable to inhabit a shared reality that would state that they are in fact mediocre, what can they call themselves - in fact? Potentiallly Middle-Aged? Agistically Challenged? Bastards of the New Millenium?

The silence my interlocutor’s eyes enforce on my consciousness is the very enforced silence of my own utterly unremarkable status as a midlevel careerist castaway of the 21st Century, desperately grasping at one remaining vine twisting its way down the walls of this cold, rock-lined abyss on an uncharted island, hoping in vain that it can pull me out of the depths of an ostracized anonymity into which my previous noteworthiness and popularity have capriciously and indifferently cast me. And worse, if I miss that vine, I must wait three more decades for a stroller. Maybe even a gurney.

If all else fails, I guess I can just tell the mirror I’m forty-one.

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Why do you support Stalin?

Before addressing your question, we’d like to point out that our ‘support’ of Stalin, or any other relevant figure within Marxist history, is not based on the dogmatic upholding of every view set to stone by these people but rather acknowledging their faults, achievements, and how their actions shaped the ideological line we uphold today.

Stalin played a crucial role in developing Marxism-Leninism in the Soviet Union, in particularly overseeing the transition of state capitalism, as enabled by Lenin with the NEP, into a socialist state. This transition was accompanied by mass scale industrialisation and collectivisation of agriculture on a record time, in part influenced by the rising aggression of fascist states and the general concern of a future war between these states, and the Soviet Union. It goes without saying that there were several contradictions in the economic aspects of the Soviet Union to actually recognise it as a socialist state, and Stalin, as Mao pointed out, departed Marxist-Leninist dialectics when declaring that all class antagonisms and bourgeois elements in the Soviet Union had been eradicated.

Through Stalin’s leadership and the CPSU (b), we saw the Soviet Union struggling mostly on its own against a massive fascist threat, suffer heavy casualties, yet destroy Nazi Germany and liberate Europe from fascism as well aiding nations in Asia against Imperial Japan.

And despite contradictions and the party’s organised resistance to change and anti-careerist measures, Stalin did his best to maintain the Soviet Union on the path towards socialism, to a workers democracy.


“ As for Prince Albert, he makes his entry in the ITV drama not as a German romantic, standing bedraggled but beautiful at the foot of the stairs at Windsor, but as a Teutonic control freak. He marches into the room and turns over Victoria’s page of music as she plays the piano. The series promises to show Albert in a realistic light as a stiff, awkward careerist, determined to take over control of the monarchy from his wife.”

We can see the consequences of the feminist conception of freedom all around us. Ghetto dwellers and white trash with armies of bastards, each with a different daddy. Thirtysomething careerists desperately rushing to find a slack-wristed “nice guy” to put a ring on it before their ovaries shrivel up. “Liberated” girls who think guys are attracted to their trashy tattoos and bad attitudes.

Manslation: I can’t figure out why they denied my small business loan application for a discount bullshit emporium that I like to call Red Herrings R’ Us. I originally wanted to go shock-and-awe with something like Racist Eddie’s Sham Arguments N’ Utter Flimflam, but it didn’t fit on the paperwork.

All about you

The number of births

  • 1, 17 , 7, 24, 29 - Good
  • 4, 10 , 12 , 21, 27 - Angry
  • 2, 19 , 8, 14, 25 - Friendly
  • 5, 9, 18, ​​20 , 22, 23 - Flirtatious
  • 13 , 15, 30 , 11, 3 - Proud
  • 6 , 28, 16, 26 , 31 - Happy

Character by month of birth

  • for girls

JANUARY - kind, gentle , intelligent, beautiful
FEBRUARY - the beloved , intelligent , modest
MART - loving , sweet, kind
APRIL - nice, harmful
MAY - a good , smart, angry, beautiful
JUNE - tolerant, cheerful , happy , fast
JULY - beautiful, evil , all falls
AUGUST - tolerant, good , modest
SEPTEMBER - beautiful, smart, angry, beautiful
OCTOBER - good , jealous , kind, clever
NOVEMBER - independent , cheerful, jealous
DECEMBER - kind, brave, daring, jealous

  • for guys

JANUARY - softie
FEBRUARY- will love, but will be changeable
MART- jealous, short-tempered , no luck in love
APRIL - proud
MAY - a bold , quick to love
JUNE - beautiful with bad character , a beautiful but evil
JULY - proud, persistent in love
AUGUST- awkward with bad character
SEPTEMBER - harmful , but girls like
OCTOBER - affaires persistent cold , he needs love
NOVEMBER - an evil , handsome, like many girls
DECEMBER - nice , knows how to love


  • ARIES - willful , assertive , independent
  • TAURUS - creative , loyal, reliable
  • GEMINI - curious children , talkative
  • CANCER cautious , caring, empathetic
  • LION provocative requiring bright
  • VIRGO realistic , knowledgeable, humble
  • SCALES intelligent , quiet , hesitant
  • SCORPIO intense, secretive, passionate
  • SAGITTARIUS adventurous , energetic , happy
  • CAPRICORN respected , dedicated, stylish
  • AQUARIUS idealistic, rebellious, open
  • FISH dreamy , compassionate , kind

Horoscope (Who thinks, says, does)

  • OWEN. Thinks - a lot. Says - a little. Does - right.
  • TAURUS. Thinks - a lot. Says - convincingly . Does - as it will.
  • TWINS. Thinking - about yourself . Says - he thinks. Does - thinks very well.
  • CANCER. Thinks - permanently. Says - tempting. Does - that will indicate .
  • LION. Thinking - exactly. Says - superfluous . Does - something from which failed to get away.
  • VIRGO. Thinks - one . Says - more. Makes - the third , but well .
  • SCALES. Think - too much . Says - honestly . Makes - responsibly.
  • SCORPIO. Thinks - concentration. Says - exactly. Does - like that .
  • SAGITTARIUS. Thinks - that he alone … Says - all except him .. Makes - by proxy.
  • CAPRICORN. Thinking - that comes into my head . Says - something to which thought of . Does - he can .
  • AQUARIUS. Thinking - “what do you want? ” Says - ” Well, if it is necessary” to do - best of all.
  • FISH. Thinks - that no one knows . Says - philosophizes . Does - depending on whether or not to check work .

Time of Birth

  • From 24.00 to 2.00 born most inquisitive and inquisitive people .
  • From 2.00 to 4.00 natural born consumers and Brier hard workers who know their benefits .
  • From 4.00 to 6.00 are born with personality ” pioneering ” inclinations , they go ahead, always at the forefront and very straightforward.
  • From 6.00 to 8.00 are born mystics and visionaries with fine mental organization.
  • From 8.00 to 10.00 and obayashki born humanists .
  • From 10.00 to 12.00 are born and ambitious careerists
  • From 12.00 to 14.00 Rozsa fans risky adventures and adventurers .
  • From 14.00 to 16.00 are born lovers difficulties and troubles .
  • From 16.00 to 18.00 are born peacemakers and good-natured .
  • From 18.00 to 20.00 are born strong-willed .
  • From 20.00 to 22.00 are born “star” personality , which is categorically not suitable modest role in life.
  • From 22.00 to 24.00 are born philosophers