Daughter, 15: Why do they only have (high school) career pathways for, like, doctor or engineer and not, say, stripper? That may be where many of my classmates are headed.

Me: You should make a formal complaint with the guidance counselor.

Daughter: Why isn’t pole dancing an option? Because they want to decide for me what is an appropriate career choice! What I find inappropriate may be totally different from what they do. I can make those decisions for myself.

Me: Also laws about what underage kids can’t do.

Daughter: I didn’t think about that.

Me: Your heart is in the right place.

Daughter: I’m going to be a doctor, you know.

Me: I know.


Hey Tumblr fam 👋🏼
These are 10 snapshots of my current sketchbook that I love to spend time on. I have this constant thought about what direction I want to pursue through college and beyond, and I thought, with all the amazing art on here and incredibly decent people I figured I could throw a question out there and see what responses I get? Essentially, I want to know about career choices that involving this kind of stuff all the time, if there are any. Thanks for reading till here, if you reached this far. Much love 💗✨

“When I was 12 years old, a missionary saw me and suggested that I learn how to do flower arrangements. I said, ‘Dudes don’t do things like flower arrangements’. The missionary then said, ‘In life, there’s a difference between choosing not to do something because you don’t know it and being knowledgeable about something and then choosing not to do it.’ My view completely changed after he said this. So I learned how to do flower arrangements as well as some other things, but in the end I ended up choosing to run my own flower shop. 30 years have passed since that moment.”

“제가 12살 때였는데, 선교사가 저보고 꽃을 배우라고 권하더라구요. 그래서 제가 ‘사내새끼가 무슨 꽃을 배워요.’라고 했어요. 그랬더니 선교사가 ‘살면서 모르고 안 하는 것과 알고 안 하는 것은 다르다’라고 말하더라구요. 그 말에 제가 완전히 넘어갔어요. 그래서 그 후 꽃을 배웠는데, 다른 것도 좀 하다가 결국 꽃집 운영을 선택했어요. 그렇게 30년이 흘렀죠.” 

“What’s the hardest thing for you right now?”
“(Right) It’s got to be the future. I’m 20 years old, and I need to figure out the career path I’m going to take. I’m not going to university; instead I am going to work in the nail art field. I don’t think I need to go to university; my dream is to be a successful career woman. If I am successful at running a nail art shop, then how would I be any different from other CEOs.”
“You must have had a good impression of nail art after you tried it.”
“No. Honestly, I’ve never gotten it done before.”
“You’ve never tried nail art before? How did you decide on that career path then?”
“Right, well strangely enough I just had a feeling that I would be good at it.”

“지금 본인을 가장 힘들게 하는 건 무엇인가요?”
“(오른쪽) 아무래도 앞날이요. 제가 스무살이라 진로를 결정해야 하거든요. 전 대학을 안 가고 대신 네일아트 분야에서 일하려고 해요. 꼭 대학을 나와야 한다고 생각하지 않아요. 제 꿈은 스스로 성공한 커리어 우먼이거든요. 제가 네일아트 샵 원장으로 성공하면 그것도 CEO잖아요.” 
“네일아트 받아보시고 큰 감흥이 있었나봐요?”
“아니요. 사실 한 번도 받아본 적 없어요.”
“한 번도 네일 아트 안 받아보시고, 네일아트로 진로를 결정하신 거에요?”
“네, 근데 이상하게 제가 네일아트를 잘 할 것 같은 느낌을 받았거든요.”

“I love my father and hold him dearly, but I feel bad that I can’t always meet his expectations. It was hard to do because he didn’t really like my past job. I had a job I thought was average but my father thought it wasn’t so common; he wished that I lead a normal life.”
“Why do you think your father wanted you to lead a life like that?”
“He cares about me so much, so he wanted me to have a little bit more comfortable life. Actually my father’s business wasn’t very successful, so he had to work really hard to take care of our family. He wants better for me, so I try to understand him. Every parent dreams of a life like that for their kids.”

“전 아버지를 정말 사랑하고 아끼지만, 아버지의 기대치에 못 미치는 게 늘 미안했어요. 아버지가 제 예전 직업을 별로 안 좋아하셨거든요. 저는 평범하다고 생각한 직업이었는데, 아버지는 평범하지 않다고 생각하셨고, 제가 평범하게 살길 바라셨어요.”
“아버지가 왜 평범한 삶을 살길 바랬다고 생각하세요?”
“애정이 있으셔서 제가 조금 더 편안하게 살기를 바라신 거죠. 아버지가 사실 사업도 많이 실패하시고, 굉장히 힘들게 사시면서 가족을 지키셨거든요. 그래서 이해가 가긴 해요. 모든 부모들이 꿈꾸는 그런 삶이요.”

Woman Quits Journalism, Wins French Open

Nine years ago, Li Na quit tennis to study journalism at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology. A few years later, she had enough of journalism and returned to tennis.

And a few moments ago she won the French Open which accomplished two things: she’s the first Chinese woman to win a major title, and she demonstrated that there is life after a journalism career.

Start practicing.

prayer request

please pray for me… I am applying to University this week and my parents don’t approve on any of my career choices. Neither Theology nor Social Work. 

That’s right. 

Not Theology. 

As in studying God. 

As in studying God is not good enough for my parents. 

If anyone knows on how to persuade my parents or know of any amazing career choices in either field so that I can woo my parents that would be great. thanks 

Free Range Humans: Taking Career Choices out of the Corporate Cage

Marianne Cantwell begins her book with a comparison between humans and cattle. Standing nose-to-armpit with five hundred other commuters, she can’t help but remember graphic images of animals in factory farms; thousands crammed together in tiny cages before being transported to a sweaty slaughterhouse somewhere else. In this moment, she realizes she wants to be a “free-range human,” similar to the happy, dancing animals in cheese commercials—carefree and able to roam the way it was intended. So she did. And she wrote a book about it… read more

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“Probably around ’94 I quit my job at a brokerage firm and started trying other businesses here and there. I have failed many times, but now I have everything prepared, and I am running a bbq place. Actually there are a lot more people who think running a restaurant isn’t that great compared to those who think it’s good. However, to me, who has both worked for companies and had my own other businesses before, it’s all the same. The truly important part is how well you do your job.“
“What did your family think about you choosing to run your own business?”
“Truthfully, I can’t tell you all of the details, but I have a daughter in middle school who is sick and often needs to go to the hospital; I am really worried about her. Though we don’t really talk one on one at home. Nevertheless she expresses to her friends how proud she is of me, and I guess she truly thinks so. Maybe not talking to me is just the nature of a child.“

“내가 94년도인가 증권회사 다니다가 때려치고 이것저것 장사를 해보기 시작했죠. 실패도 많이 했는데, 지금은 준비를 확실히 한 다음에 고기집을 운영하고 있어요. 사실 식당 한다 그러면 좋게 생각하는 사람보다 안 그런 사람들이 많아요. 근데 저도 회사생활도 사업도 다 해봤지만 다 똑같은 거 같아요. 정말 중요한 건 본인 일을 잘 꾸려 나가는 거든요.”
“가족들이 사업을 계속 하는 거에 대해서 어떻게 생각했었나요?”
“사실 중학생 딸이 있는데, 자세하게 말하긴 어렵지만 좀 많이 아파서 병원도 자주 가야 해요. 그래서 전 아이 걱정을 정말 많이 해요. 하지만 집에서 1:1로는 전혀 대화가 없어요. 그래도 친구들한텐 저를 자랑스럽게 표현하고 본인도 그렇게 생각하는 거 같아요. 아마 애들 습성이 그런가 봐요.”