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YOI Hunger Games AU

surprisingly does not exist yet (considering this fandom’s thirst for angst lol) but here are some things to consider:

  • Yuuri being reaped from the district where it’s basically a death sentence. (Alternatively; he volunteers in place of Yuuko, determined to have his future godchildren grow up with both their parents).
  • Despite his abysmal chances of survival and low self-esteem, Yuuri pushes himself to learn as much as he can. He needs to return home.
  • Victor being from one of the Career districts. He’s been handpicked from the academy and is gifted in combat, even though it’s not something he enjoys. The idea of killing other kids and teenagers leaves him uneasy. He’s never known warmth or affection.
  • Though Yuuri is unassuming, he is kind, smart and driven. Victor notices him as someone to look out for. On the flip side, Yuuri is starstruck by Victor, who is talented and eye-catching in all universes. They have an uneasy unspoken truce, having short conversations interwoven through training.
  • Yuuri tries out an alliance with Phichit & Co, but is quickly separated from them. Victor is the type to strike out on his own. Both boys are hunted by the Career pack; Victor for being a high-profile threat and Yuuri for inadvertently causing the death of two careers. Since they are both alone, they band together.
  • Despite everything, Yuuri feels very safe around Victor. Being around Victor makes him believe in himself. He tells Victor about his family, his likes and his hobbies. He wants to win but acknowledges that his odds of making it to the end are low, so he wants to try and help Victor while he can.
  • They grow closer and more desperate as they scramble to survive, taking turns being reckless and protecting each other. They become very dependent on each other, but can’t bring themselves to care, because it’s one of the only things keeping them sane.
  • Victor has never met anyone like Yuuri, who laughs without malice, who never lets go, who is the only one who’s ever cared about Victor the person. He feels like Yuuri is the only person he can spill himself into, who never makes him feel like he’s not enough. He knows that eventually either he has to die, or he has to kill Yuuri. But he knows in his heart he’s already made his choice.
  • They find Phichit’s body. Yuuri has an anxiety attack and is inconsolable for hours. Victor holds him in his arms as he sleeps, and wonders how Yuuri would take his death when the time comes to it.
  • They kiss. It’s simultaneously the best and worst moment of Victor’s life.
  • When there are three tributes left, Victor insists on finding the last tribute before they run out of strength and supplies. Neither say anything about what they will do if they succeed in killing her, despite the fact that it’s the heaviest thing on their mind.
  • Then there are only two tributes left.

Sending Our Love

  Jensen hated that he was so far away from her, especially in a time like this. He hated being away from her period but this weekend just seemed to make it all the worse. He knew that she needed him, more than ever actually, but she insisted that he go and be with the fans. She was always so supportive of his career and what he did. After all, he met at her because of his career. She practically packed his bag for him and pushed him out the door, not taking no for an answer. She knew just how much it meant to the fans to see them in person. She wasn’t about to take that away because she wasn’t well and needed him. 

  He couldn’t take his mind off of her the entire time and he was so damn sure it showed. His heart was back in Austin with his wife and no matter how hard he tried to keep his mind off of her, he couldn’t. Jared had kept his eyes on Jensen all day, reassuring him that Y/N was okay back in Austin with Gen and the boys. Y/N was a strong girl, and both of them knew that.

  “My question is for Jared,” the fan said into the mic. Jensen turned to face her anyways, trying not to stare into the wall behind her. “If Dean were to let Sam get a dog, which dog do you think he would get?”

  Jensen felt his phone vibrate in his pocket while Jared listened to the question. He pulled it out of his jean pocket and looked at the screen to see his wife’s face on the screen, requesting to FaceTime. He couldn’t deny her the call, especially if she needed him. He nudged Jared, showing him the screen. He nodded, giving Jensen the go look. 

  He pointed his finger up at the crowd and made his way backstage, sliding the accept call button. Moments later, her face popped up on the screen. She looked tired, wearing one of his red flannel shirts, laying in what looked to be their bed back in Austin. She was still the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. “Hey sweetheart,” he smiled. “Everything okay?”

  “It is now. I missed you and I needed to hear your voice. I’m sorry if I called at an inconvenient time,” she frowned, worry etched on her face. 

  “I’m in the middle of the afternoon panel. Do you want to say hi to everyone?” he questioned. She nodded her head profusely, a smile crack upon her lips. Jensen carried the phone in his hand and flipped the screen so she could see Jared’s back and the crowd on the screen. He picked up his mic, Jared looking at him with concern.

  “So, as you may know a little while back, Jared and a very significant other of mine came up with the Always Keep Fighting campaign. Have you guys heard of it?” he asked the crowd. The room went wild and Jared began to smile, knowing exactly where this was going. “Right now, my girl is at home, fighting her own battle like the badass woman that she is. How would you guys like to send her some of the love that Jar and I both know this family has for her. I’ve got her right here with me. Hey sweetheart, there are some people that want to say something to you,” he smiled. The whole room clapped and screamed for her, chanting her name amongst wishing her the best. 

  “Jar and I love you too, baby girl. We’ll be home before you know it,” he smiled at her, blowing a kiss to her through the screen. Jensen could see the blush rise upon her cheeks and it made his heart skip a beat. 

  “I love y’all, too!”

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The Odds Were in Our Favor

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Summary: You reflect on your time with Finnick while preparing for your wedding. 

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long, I wrote it and then hated it so I rewrote it….

You sat in your room in District 13, looking into the mirror but not seeing your reflection. Out of the corner of your eye you could see the simple, but elegant white dress laying on your bed. Today was the day. You were finally marrying Finnick, the love of your life.

As you pinned up your hair in a loose fashion, you remembered how it all had started.


Y/N L/N, the winner if the 70th Hunger Games, a 17 year old girl from District 8. The orphan who managed to win it all. Only a year after your “victory” you were returning to the overwhelming sound and color of the Capitol as the youngest mentor in the history of the games. Your own mentor, James, had died suddenly two months before, leaving you to try and keep the new tributes alive.

Winning the Hunger Games was more of a curse than a blessing. Everyone spoke about be grateful for surviving, for getting to go home. No one ever told the tributes about the nightmares, the loneliness, and the blackmail. It forced you to grow up fast, and alone. If you had let anyone into your heart, they would have been astonished by your strength, by how you managed to get out of your bed each day after reliving your final moments in the arena every night.

But you didn’t let anyone in. Becoming quiet, you did your best to balance being kind to the tributes with not making an attachment. It was too hard. They were your friends, your peers. It just made it all the harder when you had to say goodbye on the morning of the games. All you could do was hug them tight and hope they would listen to your advice.

They did not. The boy died at the cornucopia within ten minutes of the countdown, and the girl just hours later, hunted by a career pack. You didn’t watch the rest of the games. For the first day, you were locked away from the world, crying. When you fell into a restless sleep, you could only dream of the boy from District 2 with his hands around your throat. You tossed and turned, as you remembered grabbing a rock and with the last vestiges of strength, hitting him. Hitting him over and over and over again as you cried.

You woke, breathing heavily with tears streaming down your face. Shaking, you dressed and took a walk through the slightly less crowded streets of the Capitol. The people were so consumed with watching the large public screens that no one took notice of you. Well, almost no one.

A very handsome, but equally broken man had just made a deal with some sponsors when he saw you. 

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Rethg - the mines around the Career’s stash

Every time I read about how Foxface accesses the supplies that are booby trapped, I wonder how the careers managed to get to the stash themselves. She has obviously figured out a path, but something tells me a guy as sloppy as Marvel or broad-mannered as Cato isn’t doing a careful dance for every meal. 

So one option could be that the boy from District 3 turns the mines on and off somehow. This would be quite ingenious on his part because it would require the Careers to keep him alive until the end of the alliance, and even then, if he suspects things are about to break up, he could tell them the mines are off, but instead they aren’t. He could even surreptitiously move a mine or two directly into the previously safe path. In a perfect execution, boom go all the remaining tributes and he’s crowned victor. Stylistically it’s pretty similar to how Beetee won.

Another option, and one that just feels a little more right to me due to its simplicity, is that there is an easy path. It’s just too out in the open and Foxface doesn’t like that kind of exposure. Also the careers talk about Peeta being still alive and able to get to their bounty but Cato says that Peeta’s probably bleeding to death somewhere. That indicates the setup was a one-time shot. And that the Careers either trusted Peeta initially, or thought they would be able to keep one step ahead of him and kill him before his interest in alliance waned.

My Mods Are All Compatible With The New Patch :)

Update: a few mods needed updating after all (minor glitch introduced in the patch).  Please see this page if you have Fashion Career or Prom Mod, thanks! :)

Great news everyone!  I’ve just tested out my mods and it looks like they’re all compatible with the new City Living patch ( :)  It looks as though the new careers don’t affect the old ones and certain things like events and traits weren’t changed at all.

I’ve tested the following mods and they are all compatible:

Harry Potter Mod Pack
Baby Shower Mod
Prom Mod
Slumber Party Mod
Fashion Career Mod

As always, please make sure your Mods are turned on and that your Script Mods are enabled (if playing the Fashion Career) after updating :)  If you do run across any new issues or glitches with my mods or CC which are related to the patch, feel free to message me!

Please reblog this and help spread the word :) <3

Just a note: I will be updating the event mods soon to add the new venues that CL adds (like the Penthouse, possibly the karaoke bar, etc.) so that you can throw your parties there too :)  If I have time this weekend (I’m still aiming to finish the Bachelor(ette) Party this weekend, too), then I’ll do an update then which will allow you to throw those parties if/when you have CL installed in your game :)

you know what i want? i want a voltron hunger games AU.

give me Pidge, the brilliant tech wizard from District 3 whose brother had died in the previous year’s games. Hellbent on survival, they’re hoping they can figure out how the arena and the games operate so they can return home to the only family they have left. 

i want to see District 7 Lance and Hunk. Lance is highly skilled with an ax (or a chainsaw, or whatever other tool he can get his hands on), but has never used one on anything but a tree before . Hunk’s got a good reputation in the district, not only for his strength (a must have in their industry), but also for his ingenuity and skill at coming up with new and better ways to process lumber and assets. give me Hunk getting selected for the games, and Lance volunteering in place of the other tribute just so he can stay with Hunk and help him make it back home. 

give me Shiro, the reluctant Career Tribute from District 2; always so disgusted with the games, but knowing that he didn’t have a choice but to follow the Career path that his district always told him was an honor.

give me Shiro being completely enamored by Keith, the fiery loner tribute from District 12. give me the two of them growing somewhat close in the days leading up to the games. give me the two of them encountering each other in the arena, both with an opportunity to kill the other but refusing to do so. give me Shiro later getting overwhelmed by a District 1 & 4 Career pack and being saved at the last minute by Keith. i want him and Keith to team up, despite all reason and rationality, out of a budding mutual affection and respect for each other. 

i want to see them all team up together - wary at first, before warming to each other as they realize their shared disgust and hatred of the games - and working together to take down the games. 

idk, y’all, i just really really want to see this AU. 


Hunger Games AU - District One: Luxury


Audrey Beauty - 18 years old, Daughter of a very rich and powerful couple in her district. She grew up in a posh and happy life, but she’s always wanted more. She wants to live in the Capitol! She joins the career tribute program with this goal in mind. If she wins the Hunger Games, she’ll be allowed into the Capitol whenever she wants. That level of luxury is what Audrey longs for! It also helps that she has a steady hand and deadly accuracy from doing her nails and make up because it’s those qualities which enable her to be lethal with a bow. She volunteers when she’s 18, as she’s supposed to, but she’s super disappointed with her district’s male tribute. Chad Charming is the most arrogant and distastefully flirtatious guy she has ever met. However, she has to pull the romance card if she wants to be more popular than those District 4 Fish-Freaks and that purple-haired chick from District 5. It’s all about sponsors, so who cares about shame and dignity? She doesn’t bother training because she knows she’s the best. Instead, she gets her beauty sleep during training sessions. She has a master plan anyways: Join the Career pack with the other careers from Districts 2 and 4, wait for them to do the dirty work and kill off the other tributes, and then shoot them all when they least expect it. Then, it’s the life of a Victor for her!
Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow
Quote: “Chad’s my boyfriend now!”

Chad Charming - 18 years old, also the offspring of a wealthy family, but he initially joins the career program for different reasons. From a young age, he heard fairytales of brave knights, and he wanted to be just as chivalrous as they were and fight for the honor of the Hunger Games Victorship. However, training in the career program and being spoiled by his parents turned him into a self-centered and cocky narcissist. Despite his personality flaws, the ladies love him, and he’s the best fighter in the district, making him a prime and popular candidate to volunteer for the games. He is head-over-heels for his district’s other tribute, Audrey, but she doesn’t want anything to do with him. His boyish good looks, immodest romantic gestures, and abrasive flirting don’t work on her like they do on other girls. It surprises him when she suddenly starts returning his affections whenever there is a camera around.
Weapon of Choice: Sickle Sword (deadly, sharp, and pretty, like him!)
Quote: “And you…you’re nothing but a gold digger and a cheater.”


Cato x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 1,306

Warnings: none

     Summary: Cato is trying to help the reader not die by developing her sword skills

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You didn’t want to get up from the bed for the first day of training but if you didn’t, you would be killed immediately which didn’t sound like too much fun.  You walked into the large room that by this point was filled to the brim with young tributes, all hoping to acquire the skills they would need to survive.

“Well look who decided to show up” you hear a voice call and spin around to come face to face with a boy you knew as Cato, he was a career, a trained killer.

“Wanted to give you a head start” you yell back, walking over to where another boy-Peeta was sitting. He looked like he was painting something and as you neared him, you realized it was his arm. “What are you doing?” you wonder, finding his skill to be almost mesmerizing. “Oh, um…I used to decorate cakes at my families bakery, here, I’ll show you” he says, standing from his seat to lay his arm flat against one of the display trees, showing off incredible camouflage. “That’s amazing” you smile, catching the eye of the career pack on the other side of the room, your smile fell for a second as their eyes bore into you.

“What’s wrong?” Peeta wonders, attempting to turn his head to find out but you stopped him with your hand on his jaw “Don’t look, it’s just them” you say, not knowing why you suddenly trusted the boy from 12 but you guessed he was one of the best to make an ally. “Them?” he wonders and you roll your eyes at his daftness. You grabbed his face and pulled him into you, to whisper in his ear, still feeling the burning of their eyes on your frame “The Careers” you mutter, separating from him to go about the rest of your training.

You had been beating on the punching bag for what seemed like hours when you could once again feel eyes boring into your back, you turned around to see who it was only to meet his eyes. It was Cato, and as if it was even possible, you think you had just begun to hate him even more. “What?” you yell, wondering at this point what in the hell could be so interesting

“Nothing, It’s just…” He starts, stopping to cross the room where you were now standing “You’re not gonna kill anybody like that” he says gesturing to where you had been beating on the sand bag “Oh yeah, and do you have a better idea?” you ask, not being able to stop yourself from sassing him, this asshole was begging for it.

“Actually I do” he says, his voice cocky and conceded as he tossed you a sword. You nearly missed grabbing it but the second it was in your hand, You actually enjoyed the weight of it, it was heavy and sturdy and you felt like you could rely on it. You swung it once and barely grazed the target earning a chuckle from the boy at your side “Not like that” he orders, moving so he was behind you to put his hand on your own, his chest square up against your back.

Under any other circumstances, you probably would have enjoyed the attention you were getting from the boy, but not now, not here. “What are you doing?” you bite, shoving him away earning a shocked but amused look from him “I was going to help you, so you don’t get yourself killed” he says and you frown

“I don’t need your help, I can do this myself” you say and he chuckles again “Sure you can princess” he teases, leaving you to be alone with your sword and your thoughts. You quite liked Cato, even though you hated the idea of being near the enemy, especially in that way.


We’ve hit Friday, which means it’s time for #1 on my list of Top 5 Favorite Justice League stories… The Darkseid War!

In a career packed with epic stories, The Darkseid War may just be Geoff Johns’ biggest yet. Each member of the League gets their moment to shine, but Wonder Woman is the standout. It’s a huge tale that’s really everything you could want in a Justice League story. The artwork by Jason Fabok is also top notch!
The Sims 4 Turbo Careers Mod Pack
You’ve followed your Sims to work as a Doctor, Detective and Scientist, but what about the many other careers available in the game? When it’s time to leave for work, they’ll disappear into the...

You’ve followed your Sims to work as a Doctor, Detective and Scientist, but what about the many other careers available in the game? When it’s time to leave for work, they’ll disappear into the background and return when the work day is over.

Well, that’s not the case any longer! Introducing The Sims 4 Turbo Careers Mod Pack! For players who have both The Sims 4 and The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack, Turbo Careers turns all closed adult careers into open ones, as well as two of the teen careers (Fast Food and Barista) with the possibility of more in the future.


How much do we know about the mentors from the other districts?  Peeta and Katniss are stuck with Haymitch because he’s the only living Victor from District 12, but what about the other tributes?  It’s hard for me to believe that Haymitch would’ve been able to convince the Career mentors to allow Peeta into the Career pack if he didn’t already have some sort of relationship with them.  I’m assuming that the Career districts would have their fair share of Victors, so how do they choose who gets to mentor the current years’ tributes?  Do they have separate “pretty” mentors, meaning the ones like Finnick who are expected to act like escorts, and then other mentors who are more strategic, and therefore better at the actual mentoring (securing sponsors, etc)?  This seems plausible, especially in the Career districts.  But then again, Katniss seems to recognize Finnick during the Quarter Quell reapings, so maybe Finnick was both the pretty mentor and the strategic one.  And, Haymitch seems to know every single Quell tribute, indicating that he’d at least seen them mentoring during other games over his 24 years as a Victor.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

Maridoe Thicket

Nickname Mari, Didi, Miss Thicket
Age 23
Gender Female
Occupation Model
Residence Zootopia Sahara Square

Likes Dancing. Charity. Thrilling police tv-shows. Visiting new places. Nature. Gorgeous clothes. Music. Relaxation.
Dislikes Greed. Winter. Persistent paparazzi. Accidentally poking herself in the eye with her mascara.
Fears Never finding love.

Personality & History Maridoe is a sweet and shy young woman with not a lot of life experiences under her belt. Her upbringing was safe and loving in the meadowlands with doting parents and loyal friends. She’d always dreamed of becoming a famous dancer and could always be found practicing, every chance she got. Her plan was to get a scholarship and move to Zootopia to seek her fame there. However, things didn’t quite turn out as she’d hoped. The scholarship fell through, but before she could feel sad a cougar approached her about a model job. Young and excited about a possible career, Maridoe packed up her things and left for Zootopia.

As luck would have it, Maridoe hadn’t been tricked. The cougar was indeed a scout for a real model agency and took all credit for finding what would become one of the most well-known faces in Zootopia. She had a natural affinity for the camera and ability to pose; all those years of dancing lent themselves easily to the model profession. 

Maridoe hadn’t quite expected all the attention however. Fame was a bit mote.. Smothering than she’d anticipated, and her humble and timid personality made for poor interviews. Even three years later, she’d struggling to get through an interview. Some find her stutters, flicking ears and idle hands endearing, some feel that she is a poor role model and strengthens the stereotype that prey animals are meek and timid. She keeps at it however, and since any PR is good PR, there’s no shortage of jobs for her.


Barely made it in time, I need to pack up my PC sometime tonight for moving back to school. This took longer than expected because I didn’t think back to school shopping would wear me out like it did haha at least I was able to get it done. It was fun. I’ll probably upload it to pixiv at some point so that you can get a better view since I resized it to look best on tumblr’s aspect ratios so it’s really small.     

ReTHG - Marvel’s death and the Career Pack

I got to the part when Rue is killed and I just knew if I focused elsewhere I’d notice something. I was right. She looms so large in the scene that it’s hard to focus on anything else, but the thing I noticed helped me when thinking about another plot point.

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Hunger Games AU - District Two: Masonry


Lonnie Li - 18 years old, daughter of two former victors who fell in love over their mutual love of sword fighting. Lonnie was raised on combat. She ate, drank, and slept on violence, and she did so with a smile on her face. She was thrilled to start career training when she turned 12, and she longs to bring her family honor by winning her games. Both her and her partner, Jay, have a silent understanding that they are in it for themselves. They join the career pack, yes, but both know that when it’s just them, there will be no mercy. They both respect that. They don’t buy into the whole ‘romance gets you sponsors.’ They are both very prideful and will get their sponsors by being the cool loners they are. Despite her demeanor, she is an oddly friendly person to the other tributes outside of training. She separates her professional and personal life as if she were an actress on a TV show, which she kinda is. There is a part of her that feels compassion. When she hears about life in the slum districts from the other tributes, she genuinely feels for them. Jay would call it a weakness. She calls it keeping her humanity.
Weapon of Choice: Sword
Quote: “Wait…didn’t your moms ever make you guys, like, chocolate chip cookies?”

Jay Vizier- 18 years old, son of a former adviser to the president who was demoted to District 2 to oversee Peacekeeper training. Word has it he was plotting against President Beast, so the monarch sent Jafar away so he wouldn’t be anywhere near the presidency. Jay grew up as a thief, taking whatever he wanted without getting caught. It wasn’t that he was poor; he just liked to steal. His speed, strength, and agility made him a prime choice for the career program, along with his cunning in battle. He’s self-oriented, only there for himself and to restore his family’s good name. He couldn’t care less about the other tributes, even the girl from his own district. They are all stepping stones to his victory. As far as the career pack goes, he leads it, and he turns his shoulder on District 4 careers for getting in a year early. He expected kids his age, but that one year difference means a lot to his sense of dignity. He laughs at others’ misery and judges other people’s weakness. Then again, he’s just like every other male tribute from district 2.
Weapon of Choice: Hand-to-Hand Combat
Quote: “As my father says, the only way to win is to make sure everyone else loses!”

ReTHG: The Hunger Games - Chapters Fifteen and Sixteen: Rue

Whenever I reread this book I’m always startled afresh by how little time Katniss and Rue actually spend together in the arena.  

I like how the word “rue” has a couple of different shades of meaning.  Both are indicative of a long-lasting regret.  I think the older (what my dictionary says is the archaic) definition of the word (repentance and regret) is what I associate with rue the flower; but Rue’s lasting impact on Katniss is closer to the modern definition of bitter regret.  This includes both her own regret that she was unable to save Rue, and then the anger that follows - later actually addressed more directly by Peeta - that the Gamemakers should be held to account - to come to rue - her death.

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The Hunger Games - Luke imagine

AN: I just finished reading the hunger games for the 50 millionth time and got inspired. I know that district 4 is considered to be part of the career pack but I’m pretending I don’t know that ;)

Words: 2220
Pairing: Luke x reader (ish)
Warnings: No
Requested: No
Written in: 1st person.

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