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dream doodle time!! I keep a dream journal for particularly good experiences and this dream is one that really stuck with me, so I wanted to draw it.

basically the premise was that after high school, when people usually get ready for college, a perfectly acceptable and comparable career prep/career choice was to just…fuck off into the woods and turn into a magical creature. Like, the guidance counselors in this setting were covering it as a career option. It was seen as a sort of weird and esoteric life path, but not a bad one.

ANYWAY my dream self was like Yeah, I’m Doing That and checked themselves into a national park (parks were HUGE in this world, bigger than populated areas, and prospective monsters were allowed to move in) and anyway long story short it was a cool dream about learning to be a river troll and making friends with local catfish mermaids. ate a lotta fish and had a very nice cave

  10/10 dream why isn’t this an option in the real world


Hi! I got an anonymous ask asking to share photos of my bullet journal set up! I tried about 5 times to get pictures that were in the same spot and the same lighting but damn it is difficult. I ended up shooting these going page by page so hopefully that is okay! I’ll list the pages I included since I missed a couple out because they’re just headers at the moment and I’ll put in brackets ones that I’ll add when my semester starts:

  • 2017 overview
  • 2017 objectives (personal/health/social/academic/blog/career) + bullet journal key/legend
  • blog post ideas (this blog and my main @styleselection #shamelessselfpromo)
  • printable ideas
  • motivational quotes
  • movies/tv shows to watch
  • books to read
  • expenses (more like ‘treat yo self items’)
  • wishlist
  • january overview/month breakdown
  • weekly spread (monday 01 jan-today)
  • (semester timetable - my classes, teachers, lecture + tutorial times)
  • (grade tracker)
  • (assignment date checklist)
  • (readings checklist)

At the back of the bullet journal, I have lined paper for note-taking or jotting random things down. I love having space to write important information so that will be useful. Plus I have to specifically get my English relatives to ship me the grid paper so I don’t want to waste it for random notes! At the very end I’ve got to-do list pages where I can note down things for assignments or for over the weekend. Also the little grey thing in the left corner of the second photo, it a task pad which slots into the discs and just gives you another space for writing down bits and bobs when you need to be quick! 

Hope this is useful. I’m happy to do a more in-depth post or a review of the notebook system, if anyone is interested. Just let know in a message or reply! x

All the gay looks, lip bites and theatrics between Kara and Lena since the very first episode. Lena literally visiting Kara at her work and apartment after saying she’s insanely busy with L-Corp. The Juliet and Juliet tea with the whole Luthor-Super destined to be enemies antics while their family/friends are trying to split them up, unsuccessfully, may I add. The letter L as in lesbian being thrown at Lena and miss Supergirl saving her by catching it. Flowers. Lena supporting and continuing to support Kara in her journalism career. All the Lois and Clark parallels. “KARA DANVERS BELIEVES IN YOU!” The bridal carry. MORE FLOWERS, COMPLIMENTS AND SUPPORT. Kara Danvers never stopping to believe in Lena despite the fact all of her friends still think she’s shady. Kara and Lena being on a lunch date and looking into camera as a way to tell us they’re gay for each other and that it’s a very gay date. Cinematic parallels being invented when Kara and Lena hugged in different scenes and each of them walked away while the one was looking at the other with heart eyes. All these gay moments? CANNOT be coincidences.

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Any advice for someone that loves all things marine life but can't pursue marine biology because they suck at math and science? Asking for a friend.

Hey there! I do have some suggestions for potential career paths that relate to marine biology. I hope this short list is helpful.

1) Ecotourism is a huge industry that is quickly growing, particularly for coastal environments. Right now, there is a high demand for guided nature cruises and kayak trips as well as shelling and providing beach ecosystem education.

2) Environmental journalism/photography/videography are options for someone who enjoys writing or taking photos. Either as a freelance writer/photographer or as part of a publication, you’ll likely travel to see marine life as well as interview people who are in the marine biology field. You’ll also likely encounter fisherman and others who make their livelihood from the ocean, so you’ll get to meet some really interesting people. With videography, you could help film footage for documentaries.

3) Marine life education can be provided as an aquarium educator or nature preserve employee. You can guide people on tours, provide information on the different organisms, and observe the animals’ daily behavior so that you can alert the aquarist at the aquarium about behavioral changes.

4) SCUBA/snorkeling guides get to interact with wildlife daily. You’ll also likely be exposed to maneuvering a vessel. This is under the umbrella of ecotourism, but you’ll be under the water instead of on it. The captain and first mate lead tours almost every day of the week. You’ll learn where specific wildlife like to congregate and get to provide a bit of education to the clientele.

5) Boat captains/first mates/maritime police are connected to many of these other careers and would be a good option for someone who likes boating. You’ll learn navigation and maritime laws as well as gain valuable insight from seasoned skippers. You could captain tours or research expeditions, or you could enforce maritime law.

6) Park rangers/fish and game wardens are also rewarding positions that can give you exposure to marine life. Whether employed by a private company or local/state/federal government, you’ll get to protect wildlife and provide education to park visitors.


London, England - 1938 

Miss Sybil Moira Branson, daughter of Irish journalist Tom Branson and the late Lady Sybil Branson (née Crawley), has published her first novel at the tender age of 18. The Fate of Gold explores the adventures of an aristocratic young woman who goes against the wishes of her family to explore the goldfields of Australia in the early 19th Century. The novel has so far received positive reviews from literary critics as a ‘heartfelt’ and ‘refreshingly exciting’ piece that examines the harsh reality of the British class system and the challenges of womanhood. 

Miss Branson currently resides in London, working as an intern for the magazines, Tatler and Sketch (the latter owned by her aunt, Lady Edith Pelham (née Crawley), Marchioness of Hexham). Miss Branson’s mother stunned the British aristocracy shortly after the Great War when she married the family’s chauffeur, Mr. Branson. Sadly, she passed away after complications during the birth of Miss Branson in 1920. Thereafter, Miss Branson was brought up with her mother’s family in Yorkshire at the family estate, Downton Abbey whilst regularly travelling to Ireland to visit her father’s relatives after spending a short time in Boston, Massachusetts. 

For the time being, Miss Branson intends to remain in London to begin her career in journalism whilst working on her second novel, which she promises will more thrilling than her first. 

Occupations Masterlist:

The Music Industry~

OKAY, so under this cut you’ll find a list of #55 jobs your characters can hold in the music industry aside from classic band members/solo artists. I know for bandom RP especially it can be hard to come up with unique jobs for OCs that still enable them to create connections. I’ve organized everything into categories for easy searching and defined even the most intuitive titles, so hopefully this helps!

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So I’m finally all caught up with The Flash and

  • Not long after I finished season 1, I made the mistake of going onto the general Internet/Rotten Tomatoes/Hollywood esque review sites to look for praise of the show, and jfc! Everybody Hates Iris!
  • Seriously though, the litany of “she’s flat, boring and pointless” “I hope they kill her off” “she can’t possibly remain the love interest, they have to replace her” and that being a staple of so many reviews that gave every other character and everything else about the show flying colors and worship. I couldn’t believe me and these people were watching the same show?Because bish where is Iris pointless???
  • Barry Allen says it himself: there is no The Flash without Iris West. Whether or not you wanna believe that as a viewer, canonically your main character never wavers on that front, canonically he 100% believes he would not be who he is without her, and thus acts as such. Not only that, but even as a plot point, even platonically, Iris being so close to Barry *is* the show. In Flashpoint, he trades off living his whole life with Iris for having his mother come back to life, and while of course it’s fucked that he can’t have both, it was very obvious that changing this core tenant of his life made everything different. And worse. *That’s* how important she is to him.
  • The Iris-haters also frequently said that she’s pointless because she’s “the damsel in distress” stock character and nothing else, but I beg to differ. Not only does she have her own story lines going with her relationships with Wally, her mother and her father, but there’s also her journalism career advancement; and of course, by not being a superhero she’s going to get in harms way a lot more than the rest of the team. She and Joe pretty equally end up needing saving from their meta family member, so you could argue he’s a “damsel” too (plus she doesn’t even have his years of cop training but constantly weilds a gun and tries to fight back anyway). Iris vehemently doesn’t like being seen as weak and like Barry, barrels into shit swinging all the time. Homegirl shot and killed Savitar herself! Even in season 1, she straight up punched the iron man in the face lol
  • Another  scene that really stood out to me as proof of her strength is that one where she went to meet the arms dealer from her journalist assignment by herself, got in his face too and was like “shoot me, any time could be my time to die.” On that note I thought Candice displayed Iris’s emotion and confliction about knowing she was going to die so well, I really felt her pain and the couple’s pain, there were so many great moments where you saw her bolstering up and accepting it even as she was terrified, because she needed to be the strong one for she and Barry. He was losing it over losing her.
  • Anyway for these and many other reasons, #TeamIris forever bitch. Since Barry is the show, and he loves her so much, Iris kind of also is the show. Like how do you even watch this if you don’t think that lol
  • I can’t wait to see her come into her own even more in Season 4 and get married to her man and be happy and amazing and thriving, as the well-rounded, funny and intelligent female lead she is (:
EXCLUSIVE: Inside source reveals L-corp executive Lena Luthors scandalous entanglement in business and pleasure with up-and-coming college soccer star

By: Kim Spencer. CatCo Magazine


Lena Luthor has been an item in many media outlets for some time now. She’s already done remarkable things in her position as first-line executive in her family company L-corp at the ripe age of 25. Fresh out of business school and plum-faced, her division launched a successful eco-friendly bio-fuel for commercial airlines that propelled the company to a top ten position in the stock market.

But Luthors adventures don’t stop with just business. Since november last year, numerous speculations have surfaced concerning her relationship with a very special college soccer star: Kara Danvers. Luthor herself has declined an interview, but an inside source reveals all you need to know about this gal pal entanglement. Spoiler alert: it’s a little bit messy, and all kinds of juicy.

The story seems to begin during kick-off for college soccer season in 2016. Kara Danvers was a young and promising box-to-box midfielder for Stanford college, playing in first division, and in the spotlight from media and scouts for professional teams like. There were rumors about calls from both Bayern-München and Toronto FC. Renowned international clubs wanted Kara Danvers on their team.

Then it happened. Danvers tore her ACL. The dramatic injury occurred during a forceful tackle in the second period of her first match in the season. Even though her team wins, Kara Danvers stands to lose everything.

Soccer facts:

ACL tears are one of the most common injury in soccer players
An ACL tear is a tear in the ligament of the knee
The severity of the injury greatly varies, and some recover after a short break and physical therapy
Danvers’ tear was severe, and she needed surgery to ever dream of returning to the field. claims her entire career is on the line. she risks losing her scholarship, and in turn her college education. “Surgery can fix her knee, but the window into professional leagues is small, and she’ll be on the bench for a long time.”

Although this article isn’t backed by a source, it’s plausible to believe. Danvers is from a small town called Midvale. She was raised by a single mother, and her older sister Alex Danvers is on the rocks with several drug convictions over her head. The young protegee has always been avoidant of the press, but during this time she full-out disappears. Some believe she’s already left Stanford and is living life back in Midvale. Stanford college refuses to comment on the situation.

We can only imagine how difficult such a time is for a young journalism student. In a rare interview after her team won the league last year, she proclaimed with excitement that her dream was to play for the national team in the 2020 olympics. Now she may never play professionally.

But then a white knight sweeps in. L-corp suddenly awards Kara Danvers with a full scholarship, even though they had previously filled all their spots for “Influential young voices”. L-corp denies any correlation between the scholarship and the injury, stating that “Danvers application had been lost by an intern, but was too strong to pass up. We see a good investment in Kara Danvers.” This could be a plausible explanation, save for the fact that Danvers already had a soccer scholarship paid in full, and the fact that Danvers’ cousin and reporter Clark Kent is a well known friend of L-corp CEO Lex Luthor.

Here’s the juicy part you’ve all been waiting for: During summer break Kara Danvers was spotted on a private beach with Lena Luthor herself. At the time, it was attributed to Danvers’ cousin and his involvement with the Luthors, but upon further investigation it doesn’t seem like he was present at all. In fact, the day after this photo surfaces Clark Kent released a political think peace as a corresponder in Brüssel concerning Brexit for The Daily Planet.

The scholarship seems to be the rescue. Stanford releases a much awaited press statement concerning Kara Danvers, informing the world that her spot will be waiting for her when she is ready. Coach for Toronto FC tweets: “The best players of all times are the ones who didn’t give up.” And: “Good luck with your recovery @Kara_Danvers, and don’t mind the speculating press.”

Lena Luthor is spotted one wednesday in december wearing a Stanford soccer sweater at a store downtown, picking up ice-cream, eggs, toilet paper and protein powder. Photo: James Olson. Our inside source, who wishes to remain anonymous reveals Luthor has never cared for sports, much less college soccer.

Our source has also seen Kara Danvers in the L-corp office “more times than she can count. The higher-ups says it’s always because of Clark Kent, or L-corps business investment in her journalism career. But we all know better. They’re dating of course!”

We can’t say for certain. In an e-mail Kara Danvers’ agent discloses that “[she] will happily talk about her football career with serious press, but will not have her personal life scrutinized and on display in a [redacted] tabloid magazine.” There have been numerous sightings of the two throughout the city, seemingly just enjoying each others company.

Kara Danvers played her first match after her recovery yesterday, the closing match for the season. And for some reason Lena ‘doesn’t care about sports’ Luthor was seated right in the VIP lounge. Makes you wonder.

If the two stars, one corporate and one soccer, are involved in an intense lip-lock, it sure is scandalous, and a serious conflict of interest. Some eyebrows will be raised. But we guess love conquers all.

Talk about power couple.

Photographer!Andrew: Self Portraits

(part one) (part two)

  • As Neil and Andrew get to know one another more, Neil finds out a lot about Andrew’s life.
    • Andrew and Aaron were both in foster care as babies and their mom took Aaron back, as she was a recovering drug addict and could not afford to take care of both. 
    • Andrew drifted in and out of bad foster homes before going to juvie, though he won’t necessarily explain why. Neil suspects it was for breaking and entering, or something similar. 
    • after that time, Andrew was sent to live with his mother and brother, where he discovered that his mother was beating his brother and Aaron was addicted to drugs. 
      • Andrew confronts her and tells her he’s been through hell and that she’s the reason why. Tilda relapses, unable to cope with the guilt and overdoses a few days laters. 
    • A few years later, begins intensive therapy and is on medication because he got in a very violent fight with men who were attacking his cousin, Nicky Hemmick. 
    • Andrew got into photography as a way to cope, helped his cousin with various photoshoots and helped his brother work on his journalism career. He protects both of them with his life, though he never likes to show that he actually cares. 
  • Later, after Neil’s photoshoots and Andrew’s won several awards, they are sitting around really discussing Andrew’s life. This is when Neil learns all of the stuff about Andrew. He proposes another photoshoot idea. But this time: self portraits.
    • Andrew thinks this is a bad idea. He doesn’t like to show how he feels but Neil thinks it could be therapeutic and his therapist, Betsy Dobson, also believes it could help. 
  • Andrew admits that while he wants to be able to tell people about how he feels, his voice feels extremely muted. He thinks that people won’t believe him, or that it will seem like he is weak. So this where the concept for the series starts.

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What If I Make You Cry?

 A/N: I couldn’t help but write something for you all before my exams start on the 11th of this month. Please wish me luck, keep me in your prayers, and let me know how you feel about this little thing I wrote in a hurry :(((

~Admin Ayu ♥

Characters: Mark x Reader x Johnny
Genre: Angst, Romance.
Warning: Language, Mentions of sex (idk is that a thing?)
Word count: 2,896

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Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa by Dangerousnotbroken
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 78,300
Summary:  Once upon a time, Castiel Novak had everything. He had a happy home life, a full scholarship, and, if he played his cards right, a promising journalism career. And on top of all of that, he had Dean. Then tragedy struck, as it tends to do, and Castiel lost everything. At thirty six, he’s got none of those things. He’s got no family to speak of. He’s got a job investigating purportedly true tales of the supernatural for a magazine no one reads. And worst of all he hasn’t seen Dean in nearly twenty years. So when research for an article turns him on to a witch who apparently grants wishes in exchange for stories, Castiel figures it’s worth the risk. If making a deal with a witch can get him Dean back, what has he got to lose?

Here’s a Dean and Cas reunion fic with a twist to end all reunion fics. But also this is an engaging magical mystery in its own rights. It’s the kind of story I am used to finding among published fiction or posted during fic challenges - well plotted, beautifully written, with subtle foreshadowings and neat twists. 

The fic starts with Cas writing an article about yet another busted supernatural case. Yes, this is a human AU, yes supernatural exists just like on the show and Cas is one of the rare people who knows about it. I love Cas’ characterization here. He’s so weary and exhausted by life, yet he keeps going. His only hope is one day, somewhere to find his Dean and he holds onto that even at his lowest moments. The fic takes its time to tell us about how Cas and Dean met and why they parted. It was not what I expected. Then, when Cas  finally meets Dean, nothing goes as he’s expected either. This story surprised me at every turn. I loved trying to guess the mystery of the main event and when it was revealed, damn, be careful what you wish for, is all I can say. Truly, this a wonderful story about second chances, bittersweet reunions and making amends for past regrets.

If you enjoyed the fic, please drop by the archive (AO3) and let the author know with your comments and/or kudos!

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What are some of the best career fields to pursue if you want to help find solutions for climate change?

The career that you are passionate about. The career that uses your skills and abilities to their fullest. What are you good at? What do you love? This career can range from journalism and communication, to law to becoming a scientist. This all depends on you.


Word Count: 1.4k

Summary: After the break up, Tom sees you for the first time in a month. It’s one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do.

Warnings: A whole lot of angst, some real sad stuff, Harrison being a supportive friend, and some pining. Plus my bad writing but I mean what’s new

Note: I have requests and homework that I should be doing but instead I wrote the next part in my Ed Sheeran series whoops. I promise I am working on my requests can’t say the same for my homework but I just really like this series and want to work on it as much as possible! Thank you guys for reading and I hope you like it!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Tom walked through the town, Harrison steadily by his side. It had been a month since the split, and the only contact Tom had with you were the few tweets and instagram pictures that you posted. Your journalism career had taken off, but Tom couldn’t bring himself to read any of the articles since the one you wrote that night so many weeks ago. He knew it was his fault that the two of you split, and he felt like the worst person in the world because of it. He wanted nothing more than to hold you in his arms once again and hear your laugh. Even if it was over something stupid that he did.

When you broke up with him, he was the one sobbing. He had realized he had messed up, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask for another chance. So instead he cried, but nodded. Letting you say what you needed before you grabbed your suitcase and left. That night, he found a sweatshirt of his that you had recently worn, haphazardly thrown on the bed. He held it as he fell asleep.

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what is the likelihood of making a living as a jounalism major?

Here’s the great thing about being a journalism major: you are taught skills that are extremely desirable in multiple fields. 

Many of the members of CollegeSmarts have a degree in journalism/communication.

Here’s a little brief about what I have done with my journalism degree thus far:

My work history includes:

  • Camera woman
  • News Editor
  • Video Editor
  • News producer for an ABC-affiliated newscast
  • Magazine Reporter
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Advertising Copywriter
  • Freelance Writer
  • CollegeSmarts Member

Now to the good stuff! Here is a list of positions that are possibilities for you with a journalism degree (keep in mind that some require a masters, but most do not):

  • Personal Recruiter
  • Admissions Counselor
  • Sales Representative
  • Public Information Officer
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Mediator
  • Human Resources
  • Advertising Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Media Planner
  • Creative Director
  • Public Researcher
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Media Buyer
  • Teacher
  • Broadcast Station Manager
  • News Producer
  • News and Relations Manager
  • Reporter
  • Newscaster
  • News Editor
  • Script Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Media Interviewer
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Campaign Director
  • Legislative Assistant

Hope this helps!

I thought I might make a series of fic recs based on my bookmarks and fics that I’ve read thus far. Many of these you’ll have read already but that’s okay. I’ll include the author’s summary of the fics I’m reccing as well as a short review/my thoughts. Feel free to add to any lists I post and of course to throw some recs my way too!

Haunted by @mayberrry101

Rated: Explicit

Leaning down, he hissed in her ear, “I think you know exactly who we are and what we’re capable of, because us snakes, we like to bite. Hard.” Betty’s ‘seemingly’ perfect life with her ignorant boyfriend, Archie Andrews, is about to catapult upside down when she accidentally crosses paths with a dark and dangerous Serpent, who only wants one thing - her.

My thoughts:

I cannot rave enough about this work. Dark, intense, passionate, and full of feels (both the sexy kind and the emotional kind). Serpent King!Jughead is everything. He’s just what Betty needs. And her innocence and purity is just what he needs. I love the fact that this fic dabbles with a dom!jug kind of thing, without it being overwhelming. It’s just who he is, ya know?
Each chapter is better than the previous one and currently we’ve been left with one hell of a twist, so I’m eagerly awaiting the next one! If you’re not already reading this one, please please please carve the time out and read it. You won’t be able to put it down.

Heart Rise Above by @onceuponamirror

Rated: Mature
WIP (one chapter left)

It wasn’t an experiment with freedom borne of some Americana fantasy; rather, a road trip of purely logistical intentions. The plan was simple. Drive from Boston to Chicago for his sister’s college graduation. That’s it.

Or, he drives a Ford Pickup Named Desire.

My thoughts:

Another excellent work in the bughead fandom, I have to suggest you read it immediately. I feel like this is one of the best written Jughead Jones’s the Buggie fanfic world has seen. And of course, this fic has two of my favorite tropes ever: road trips and miscommunication. 
There’s a side order of Varchie in this one and it totally adds to the wonderfulness this fic has to offer. 
OH! And who doesn’t love to see Mechanic!Betty teaching Jughead a thing or two?

Falling Into You by @lazydaizies

Rated: Mature
Complete (70,472 words)

This is an AU. Jughead and Betty have never dated and after he moved to Southside High, they eventually lost touch.

Jughead Jones moved to New York when he was 18. Five years later, Betty Cooper moves to New York as well. She is tired of Riverdale and decides to pursue a career in journalism and enrolls at NYU to study it for a year and sharpen her skills. She doesn’t have the means to stay on campus and Archie, who still keeps in contact with Jughead, sets it up for her to be his roommate because he needs someone to help with his rent costs. Both are reluctant as they don’t really know each other anymore but decide to go ahead and become roommates anyway.

This will be pure falling in love fluff and both Jughead and Betty are virgins, cause frankly, older virgins are lacking in this fandom :) If there happens to be angst, it will be mild.

My thoughts:

I think reading this is what caused me to completely fall in love with everything she has ever written. It’s sweet, emotional, sexy, and once again, I couldn’t put it down. It’s got the roommate trope, the long-lost friends trope, first times, and a very healthy dose of mutual pining. I also utterly love the fact that these two are both still virgins because it’s true. We hardly have any older virgin fics, and I also think it added another layer to this fic- it’s like the icing on the fictional cake. Add it to your to-read lists right away!

Take Me Home by @sylwrites

Rated: Mature
Complete (61,453 words)

When Jughead used to imagine living in New York, it was always Manhattan - not a small town upstate. At least the shoot for Sweetwater is only seven months.


This fic was written based off of these “Insta” posts by @jeemyjamz

My thoughts:

Holy. Moly. Batman. I swear to you all that every fic @sylwrites touches turns to gold. She is one of my all-time favorite bughead authors and I simply cannot get enough of her writing. That being said, @jeemyjamz also has the creative genius I could only ever dream of having. The idea for this fic is so freaking cool and I love everything about it. The beginning shows Betty trying to live her life despite all the dicks around town that bully her. She perseveres despite the difficult nature of what she is or has gone through. I admire her.
And Jughead? He’s so taken back by how utterly real she is. It’s awesome to read. 
The relationship between the two of them blossoms (no pun intended I swear) into such an awesome thing… I encourage you all to get on with reading the heck out of this immediately.

That’s it for part 1 of my rec lists. I’ll be posting new lists frequently, or as frequently as I can ♥ You’ll be able to find my other lists here once I’ve added more.

Teaching is one of the hardest things

I’ve ever had to do in my life. Which is probably why I have such a love-hate relationship with it. 

When I was younger I felt made for the hectic, corporate life. For running around getting things done. My restless energy couldn’t be contained in a job as maudlin as teaching. I hated writing up lesson plans and correcting papers. So much of teaching involves sitting behind a desk for hours on hours writing things. Correcting things. But classrooms are different. Classrooms are so full of life. You can practically feel the room vibrating with energy. 

I grew to love the classrooms. And, as cliched as it seems, I grew to love my students. There is no other job that gets you to care so much and so fast about a group of kids than teaching does. Suddenly, you feel the weight of the weight of the world on your shoulders. To be given the responsibility and the greatest opportunity to impart all that you have learned onto someone else. Its terrifying knowing that you are in charge of these kids education and also, to some extent, their well being. Its a terrifying thought. And I’m terrified. Everyday. 


Monday, May 15th to Sunday, May 21st.


We love Iris West and more than anything we want to see the ace reporter we know she is! Iris West matters and we need to let the writers know that. So our main focus will be Iris’ journalism career and agency. Follow the themes below and check here for the complete list of people to tweet.

Day 1: At work
The Picture News set is not being utilized. We need to see Iris in her work environment, the same way we frequently see Barry and Joe at the CCPD. 

Day 2: Actively reporting
Seeing Iris on the job: asking questioning and interviewing potential metas. 

Day 3: Investigating
Iris being out in the field. Similarly to how she was when investigating the arms dealer and the real estate scam. 

Day 4: Researching
We never see the process of Iris getting her information. Let’s see her looking through documents and it being used to further the plot.

Day 5: Agency
Iris being active in her own storylines and other people’s. Let Iris act!

Day 6: Newsflash
“He’s justice and you’re truth. That’s why you and The Flash work so well.” Need I say more? We need to see the partnership between Iris and Flash/Barry. Whether it’s Iris/Flash or even Iris/Barry (as the CSI). They should be working together!

Day 7: Role on the Team
Iris’ skill set should be used on the team. She is so resourceful and knowledgeable through her job. Let that be shown on the team!

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