Leslie Jones on late success

Jones spent 25 years as a road comic before she became a star. Here she is in her New Yorker profile, talking about success: 

“I’m glad this whole success thing is happening now,” she said. “I can’t even imagine a twenty-three-year-old Leslie in this position. They would have kicked me off the set after two days. I would have fucked half the dudes in the crew.” She sat up and wrapped a towel around her head. “I was a less confident person back then. And damn sure not as funny.”

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From Battlestar Galactica To Major Crimes: Retrospective On Mary McDonnell’s Career

The article was found by Renée Whitfield and Christine Rogers who shared on twitter with us and with the help of Sara Christelle, who guided me through the articulated phrasing of french language, I translated this into english for you.

Very well known to the fans of Battlestar Galactica, Mary McDonnell is filling out her career ever since 2012 already with the character of Captain Sharon Raydor in Major Crimes. We focus on her remarkable journey.

A promising start

A native of Pennsylvania in the United States, Mary McDonnell starts a drama school at the graduation by the end of high school. After twenty years she gained experience both on the stage and on television, particularly through the TV movie Courage with Sophia Loren, the American actress wears for the first time the white coat in medical fiction E/R, where she met a beginner George Clooney.

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I can’t wait to do theatre for a legit living someday. The most joy I feel, I feel while doing shows. And when I’m in weeks between weekend performances or the weeks after I’ve gotten out of a show I’m just in a funk. But if I do professional theatre there will be less of the “off time”. Sure it will never be certain that I’ll get a job at a certain time, but once I’m in one it’s not going to be the same as now where I have maybe 6 or 7 performances in the run. Then it will be more like 6 or 7 months, even a few years. I’ll be living in my literal dream and I’ll be happier than I can ever imagine.


Interview ready!

It’s bloody boiling again today and all I wanted was to be in my underwear all day. Adulting is more important though!

This is my second interview at this place (second stage, not second try at the job) and I really really want this job. The role is amazing, there is a lot of opportunities for progression, it’s for an amazing charity with an amazing mission and better pay than what I get at the moment. Wins all around!

Please send positive thoughts my way <3 <3

anonymous asked:

I came into school wanting to be a counselor (and I still do!) but I feel like I wouldn't make a good counselor; I don't feel adequate enough to counsel. Is this a common feeling? Are there other routes to take w/in psyc that can help ppl?

Yes, imposter syndrome is real and common. If that might be what’s going on, talking to somebody you trust- maybe a friend or a mentor -might be helpful in parsing out what’s true and what’s imposter syndrome.

It could also just be that counseling isn’t really the right path for you, and that’s okay, too. It doesn’t mean you’re bad or that you’ve failed. Sometimes it truly does make sense to change direction. 

There are lots of other things you could do within psychology and mental health that helps people. You could do research, mental health policy, mental health advocacy, or mental health administration. You could work with people with mental health problems in a different capacity than counseling- for example, as a supported employment specialist or a case manager. You could think about “helping people” on a different or more macro scale, for example working with homeless programs (or applying to grant funding to build tiny houses for homeless people), working with charities or programs helping Syrian refugees or increase access to clean drinking water in remote areas, working with city planners to improve accessibility, etc. The sky is really the limit here. Best wishes :) 

If you’re a welder for work or pleasure, or a company with welder’s in your workforce, this is a must for you! CWB Group offers amazing benefits and training to further you in the field of welding. RSVP and come out and meet the fine folks from CWB. I’ll be there with some of my works as well. Rumour has it there’s food and drinks 😜. #welding #welder’s #career #trade #weld #fabrication #hobby #workforce @lincolnelectric @3mspeedglas #richbaker #sculptor

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