7 Step Retirement Reality Check For Homemakers

Here are some action steps homemakers can take to prepare for retirement:

1. Make a financial plan with your spouse or partner.

2. Open a spousal IRA.

3. Get educated about your spouse’s savings and employee benefits.

4. Make Social Security decisions together.

5. Look for part-time work.

6. Make contingency plans.

7. Factor in longevity risks.

This is why you need to follow these steps.

What I need in a career for it to be satisfying: INFP

1. To believe completely in the value of my work and be rewarded for my unique contribution

2. The freedom to work on projects that inspire me, with plenty of time for reflection and quiet to focus in depth

3. A supportive and friendly environment, where I work with people I trust and respect

4. The opportunity to grow personally and professionally where my originality is appreciated and encouraged

5. The chance to consider and try creative approaches to solve problems that help other people improve their lives

When the time is on you, start. When the pressure is on you, start. Go. If there is an awakened idea that came to you this weekend, an empowered moment of “I need to get on that plane, I need to fly to Africa, I need to fly to New York, I need to do that work, I need to get that book written, I need to write that script…When the pressure is on: Start. That is when you can feel relief.
—  Gabby Bernstein, “Awakening Your Authentic Power”

Jerry Seinfeld on keeping things in perspective: 

You look at some pictures from the Hubble Telescope and you snap out of it. I used to keep pictures of the Hubble on the wall of the writing room at Seinfeld. It would calm me when I would start to think that what I was doing was important.

…People always say it makes them feel insignificant, but I don’t find being insignificant depressing. I find it uplifting.

Quoted from Judd Apatow’s Sick in the Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy.

Above: photo from the Hubble telescope


Breaking Wall Street’s Scandal Cycle: Brad Katsuyama’s Bold Plan

The bestselling book, Flash Boys, made Brad Katsuyama a folk hero. His new platform, IEX, is poised to make him millions.

What I need in a career for it to be satisfying: ESFJ

1. A stable and traditional environment where I feel appreciated for my hard work and contributions, and where I feel part of a caring team

2. Explicit and clear rules, regulation, and expectation where I know my responsibilities and am compensated for what I produce

3. Work that lets me see the tangible results of my efforts and has a direct and positive effect on people

4. The opportunity to establish meaningful and ongoing relationships by working directly with a variety of people throughout the day

5. The change to learn and master the skills of my trade, and organize and retain control over my projects

It’s very rewarding to see that people like something that you perform. You get happy because people get happy from what you’re doing. It’s not that you go “oh, look at those people, they think I’m awesome”. It’s more like “these people are having a good time”. You get the response and there’s a good thing going on.
—  Vegard Ylvisåker

John Lammas began his 30-year career at GE by helping engines go twice the speed of sound, and he hasn’t stopped since then. From jet engines and gas turbines to working in the oil and gas business, GE routinely shifted Lammas around the company with the idea of fostering innovation by sharing ideas and pooling expertise from different fields. Read more about how this English engineer helped GE’s turbine business take off at GE Reports.