Shot by Raphael Gibbs

In collaboration with Los Angles based artist (and villain) carE, Rodney Hazard presents the Same Season EP. Dropping worldwide November 19th.

rH ! !

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Someone that reminds me that fear won’t beat dreams, that a smile can handle any problem and that life is wonderful just by living it …..A dear friend, an inspiration for many…. Carlos

Te quiero mucho :)  

336/365 To travel is to evolve.

I just got back from a huge trip. Went to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas back to Mexico, Peru and final destination will be Brazil. All in a month and it’s crazy but I feel every single thing I’ve seen, every taste and sound, they’re all a part of me now.

I walk the streets amazed, wanting to work more and much harder. I can’t wait to meet more people or maybe taste different coffee.

So yeah, it is true that to travel is to evolve.