I burst into tears today because of feelings I have with this fandom. I don’t know why this hit me right now but that engulfed me so much that it hurt. It hurt how much Fanders are caring with others, how much they are nice to each other and how much they care about everyone to they were safe, to they be well treated and to everyone feel good. I’m impressed how much of you all are talented and brave. How much of you are smart and amazing. A lot of you have courage to admit what bother you nevermind if it is anon or not for example on one of your fav blogs. You are not afraid to ask for help. Those of you who eceive such messages – you’re always shows support and attention and sometimes you gives them a good advice. I’m moved by how often a lot of you posts lovely and cheering messages when someone is sad, amusing when someone is stressed… Those warrnings and reminder about medicines, those tips how to exercise and eat safely – always in funny and nice way. How all of you have such a wonderful ideas and theories. How much you love other people and how you’re trying to make no one feel bad around you. How despite lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem you’re encourage others to something good and you always have a good, heartfelt word for everybody. How much all of you are a good people. I love you. I love you so much as if I knew you personally and I’m crying because I would like to hug all of you so so much. I’m crying because I don’t even know if I can translate this text so that it makes sense in English and I’m crying because I don’t know if I was able to describe at least in half how much you mean for me. You are funny, you have a greate sense of humor, you’re sensitive and smart enough that no one will tell you are naive. I learned a lot thanks to you and I’m afraid tone of this text sounds like a such “farewell letter” – I’m sobbing that much - but I just can not stand the explosion of those feelings I cannot express in other way than write this “wall of text”. Since I would rather to kiss you everyone. Thomas assembled the marvellous audience. He set a good example… And you even treat him like someone from your close family you need to take care of – like reminds him to sleep and eat enough.Thomas – you are allowed be proud. You should be proud of them. Your audience is the collection of the most caring and wondrous people who are surfing the Internet.
Thank you.


Cuddling with Snape would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Snape 😊Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him usually being somewhat reluctant until you’d really pull him closer to yourself and reassure him that you’re the only one who knows about this

-Him letting himself being taken care of for once, letting you help him change out of his clothes and get him to bed, stunned to see how much you care for him

-Him being rather stiff and not knowing how to handle all this sudden affection, only to start getting nervous yet amazed to feel your arms wrapped tightly around him along with your head resting on his chest

-Him liking to feel you casually nuzzling to his neck or chest, only to finally find the courage to wrap his arms around you and even stroke your hair

-Him enjoying to listen to you talk to him, especially when you’d make him lay on his side, facing you, and casually stroke his hair

-Him being rather clingy of you once he has his arms around you and holding you tightly to him, making sure you can’t leave him

-Him getting flustered whenever you’d lay on top of him and tell him that you’re staying like this so that he can’t ever leave you

-Him being genuinely surprised and stunned whenever he feels you purposely grinding against him, only to realize what’s really happening when he sees you smirk

-Him opening up more to you and liking it especially when you’d hold him tight to you, making him feel safe

-Him falling asleep as soon as you are and just being glad to have you in his arms

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50 Things I’m Convinced Tay & Joe Do - Part 2

Guys, our favorite two are back xx I really enjoyed writing this and the previous part and I’m looking forward to continuing this series. If you have any requests or ideas, just let me know. Now enjoy and let me know what you think!


1. Joe standing in front of the mirror and checking his outfit for the hundredth time before visiting her parents. He’d then constantly walk up to her, asking “Does this look alright? Or is it too much?“ and Taylor would just laugh at his nervousness but find it very cute that he cares so much about what her parents think.

2. Taylor always wearing glasses around the house and him telling her everytime how sexy her PJ and glasses attire is to him

3. Taylor excitedly pointing to the window and saying “Horses” whenever they pass a herd of Horses while driving through the English countryside.

4. Joe always looking at her food with a touch of disappointment on his face and murmuring “should’ve gotten what you got, love” every single time they order Chinese food, which is slowly driving her insane.

5. Taylor making Joe watch “The Sense of an Ending” for the eleventh time because she’s so proud of his accomplishments and wants him to be ’proud of his craft’ which he always comments with rolling eyes but a smile on his face.

6. Taylor giggling hysterically whenever Joe is seen on screen and holding his hand throughout the entire movie while squeezing it whenever his charm or acting skills are impressing her a bit more.

7. Joe always agreeing to watch his movies with her because her excited giggles and proud smiles are what gets him through every rough day even after a failed audition.

8. Joe always kissing her fingertips whenever they sit in the car and she complains about her cold hands.

9. Joe pressing his nose into her hair while mumbling a loud “no no no no no” after the alarm goes off in the morning.

10. Joe laughing and saying “s’ fine. Mummy’s just having a lot of fun” when Olivia starts meowing because she got scared by Taylor’s moans coming from the bedroom. Taylor would just start laughing from underneath him in bed, slowly coming down from a mind-blowing orgasm and mumbling “we have to shut the door next time, baby.“

11. Joe sometimes stepping up right behind her to place his hands on her back while she’s rinsing off the dishes and Taylor mumbling a quiet "Yeah go on, I could use a massage, baby.” which is always quickly followed by “No, Joe. Not on my boobs.” and his mischievous laugh in her neck.

12. Taylor always sending him random selfies, wether she’s grumpy and on the plane or just woke up on the other side of the globe because he told her once how his day always lightens up when he looks at his phone and sees her face.

13. Joe becoming really shy and not able to react cool anymore whenever she’s bragging about how he’s the “most amazing guy in the world“ in front of her entire family on a holiday.

14. Taylor standing in front of the patio door of her Rhode Island home, trying to get Olivia inside before it starts to rain even harder. „Olivia. C’mon. It’s raining!“ She’d yell, has no clue how to get the stubborn cat inside. Joe would walk up to her and slowly open the door a bit more to step outside “m’ getting her. One wet pussy in this household is enough.“ he’d say with a mischievous smirk on his face before getting hit by his girlfriend, who can’t believe how cocky he is at times: "You did not just say that, Joseph.”

15. Joe sometimes whispering a low „you’re the love of my life, do you know that..“ while laying awake in the middle of the night, holding her in his arms and listening to her soft snores and starring at her for minutes.

16. Joe and Taylor watching BBC documentaries until the middle of the night and having deep conversations and discussions about it afterwards.

17. Joe sometimes smiling at her in the middle of a serious discussion about a certain topic that was part of the documentary and answering with a quiet “god, you’re so smart. you have no idea how sexy that is.”

18. Taylor constantly burning her fingers while cooking and Joe always yelling a concerned “be more careful, baby. please.“ from upstairs.

19. Taylor’s heart melting when she enters the living room after preparing some food for her godson and finding Joe and him cuddling together on the couch and reading a book together.

20. Taylor always wearing his clothes in the house when he’s gone a for a few days for work. Even though his sweatpants are way to big for her, she’d always find a way to make’m fit while having a chilled day at home with the cats.

21. Joe calling Tay “the master of cheese“ because she always adds an extra layer of cheese on her pizza whenever they’re at home.

22. Tay and Joe watching “The Voice Kids UK“ on TV and Joe mumbling an impressed “we should really produce kids, baby.“ after hearing all these talented children sing which causes Taylor to giggle quietly, cuddle closer to him and daydream about the future.

23. Tay and Joe having these little inside jokes that are literally annoying everyone around them. Wether it’s on a night out with friends or at her parents house for dinner: One look is always enough to make the two burst out in laughter without anyone else getting the joke.

24. Taylor always bending up to him, pressing her face in his neck and kissing his warm skin softly before giving him a long hug.

25. Joe having a light obsession with her hair. He’d play with her ponytail whenever she’s sitting next to him, take every opportunity he can to run his big hands through her hair or kiss her head over her bangs because she just smells too good for him to stay away.

26. Joe and Tay both having these random habits that are a result of spending too much time together. For example, her starting to pick at Joe’s plate in the restaurant and putting some of his food on her plate as soon as the meal has arrived and everyone of her friends and family looking at her with a questioning look while she’d just casually answer with "he doesn’t eat eggplant.“ and Joe thankfully starting to eat his food afterwards.

27. Joe saying random phrases at times, like: „Der kaffee schmeckt koestlich. German. For ‚the coffee is delicious“ while packing his suitcase and her always repeating every single one of his remarks.

28. Joe feeling Tay get a bit jealous deep down inside whenever he talks about a romantic scene he was shooting on set and Taylor acting as if she couldn’t care less.

29. Joe and Tay being not just lovers but best friends. So much, that he even feels comfortable to ask her questions about the female body he always had because growing up with two brothers did not help him to develop a basic knowledge about the female emotions. He’d ask things like “Does it feel weird to have a tampon inside you?“ or "Is it annoying to have to wear a bra in public all the time?” which always makes Taylor laugh.

30. Joe always taking notes in his head about the moves and actions that bring her the most pleasure while making love. Like, every change of position, every pressure on his fingers, every kiss behind her ear that would bring her closer to climax would be saved in the back of his head. And over time, he knows exactly what buttons to push to make her come undone in his hands after only a few minutes.

31. Joe loving to wash her hair whenever they take a shower together

32. Taylor treating him like a baby whenever he’s sick. She’d cook him soup and tea, check on him every ten minutes, put on his favorite movies and mumble a casual “my poor baby.“ while Joe has cuddled his head into her neck and her stroking his scalp while laying in bed with him.

33. Joe convincing her how freeing it feels to sleep naked with nothing on but some underpants and her discovering that feeling of freedom in her bedroom of not having to put on some pyjamas to sleep but instead sleep skin on skin right next to him.

34. Joe feeling depressed all day long whenever he had the pleasure to fall asleep with her in his arms and having to wake up alone because she had to catch an early flight.

35. Joe trying to hide it, but finding it extremely cute whenever she couldn’t sleep at night and wakes up with puffy eyes and little curls all over her head.

36. Taylor always admiring how intelligent and well educated he is whenever he starts to explain her something about the economical outcomes of England becoming independent again and leaving the EU.

37. Taylor being dead serious while telling her mom that her future grandkids are destined to be blonde weirdos with huge foreheads and an indefinable accent.

38. Joe always providing her with her whip cream and chocolate when she’s on her period which leads to Tay mumbling an agitated “thanks for supporting my disgusting eating habits.“ while having her mouth full of whip cream and laying in front of the TV like a pregnant woman.

39. Taylor being super moody somedays and picking stupid fights over every stupid little thing.

40. Joe always being the one to end an argument even though he’s just as stubborn as her, but he simply cannot take a few hours of being in the same house as her and not loving up on her in any way.

41. Taylor discussing with him if “Taylor Alwyn” sounds good or not and Joe confessing to her that he sometimes dreams about introducing her as “Mrs. Alwyn” to strangers.

42. Joe receiving some messages from his family and friends on her birthday saying “Happy Birthday to your girlfriend” and he replied to every single one of them with “What girlfriend?”

43. Taylor fixing his hair almost every morning because the longer it gets, the more he complains.

44. Taylor playing him all the songs she wrote for him on piano while he just sits next to her, listening to her for hours.

45. Joe surprising her on set while Tay is shooting a music video and bringing Andrea and her their favorite Starbucks drinks which gives him extra mother-in-law points.

46. Joe chatting with Andrea while Tay is shooting some scenes and him constantly gushing about how amazing she looks, how nervous she has been all morning and what a talented actress she’d be while Andrea just looks at him in awe, thinking about how in love this guy must be with her daughter.

47. Taylor imitating his accent at times and saying “Baby, would you like some more wootaah?” and him just overhearing it because she starts doing it all the time that he basically got used to it.

48. Joe casually pinching her bum whenever she walks by just to hear her squeak.

49. Joe eating the most sugary and unhealthy chocolate peanut butter cereal for breakfast every morning and Taylor watching him while wondering how he can still be in such a good physical condition without suffering from diabetes or obesity.

50. Joe hating to wake her up in the morning when she’s sick but has to catch a flight to work on some very important and album related things. He’d carefully crawl into bed to her once again and kiss her face at least ten times before whispering a soft “it’s time, baby.” in her ear, pulling her inside his warm arms after hearing her complain already and mumbling “I know, baby. I know. I love you so much.” in her hair to make waking up for her while being super sick just a little better.

Psych analysis on why the Koch brothers care so much about fucking over humanity when they’re old billionaires who are set for the rest of their lives

Some speculation about the reboot

Anyone or anything I didn’t list is because I have no idea what will change about them. 

I don’t think the initial encounter with Boogie will go any differently, because in my opinion Voltra got their characterization spot-on, though the depressed flower might be in worse condition due to being too apathetic to take much care of themself. I don’t think Papyrus will knock Boogie out of the way with a bone this time around, since that initially seemed a little out of character to me, instead gently reprimanding them until they leave out of shame. 

As for Papyrus? Well, he is royalty, after all, and somebody as great as him won’t be as withdrawn as Toriel was. Instead, I think that he’ll be a very active presence around the Ruins and try to teach the other monsters that humans are not to be harmed and instead directed to the puzzles. I further speculate that he’ll have kept the title of “prince,” though he won’t insist on everyone referring to him by it. However, he’ll refuse to take the title of King, even if it’s in reference to the Ruins: after all, that title belongs to his brother, and he wouldn’t dream of usurping Sans’s authority. I seriously doubt that he’ll have gone mad from isolation as I saw someone else theorize, since he has all the Ruins monsters (and Chara and Asriel, if that stays the same) to talk with and because I doubt Voltra would have the heart to do that to Papyrus, even if he is a fictional character. 

I recall seeing somewhere on the Storyshift subreddit some time ago that Voltra was dissatisfied with Chara’s characterization and felt that they should be less happy and optimistic after a lifetime of ostracism on the surface. Thus, I predict that Chara will be more sullen and withdrawn and less trusting this time around, though they’ll put on a more cheery facade to convince their family that everything is okay. Frisk will likely have to go out of their way to prove to Chara that they hold no ill intent. I also feel like Chara might fight Frisk when they first meet to eliminate the potential of them killing everyone only for Asriel to show up and ask what’s going on, with Chara saying that they were just playing a game. However, that probably won’t be the case, and I see it as equally likely that they’ll still be friendly towards Frisk (though still somber) but watch them very, very carefully. Though I feel like guesses about Genocide will prove fruitless, I’ll make one anyway: Chara will shove Asriel out of the way before Frisk can land a killing blow, but they won’t take the hit themself and there won’t be a Disbelief Asriel, since I believe I recall Voltra expressing distaste for the idea. 

Since Undyne has been explicitly stated to not be a cyborg this time, I postulate that she also won’t have a TV show any more, instead being a vigilante (refusing to join the Royal Guard) trying to stop the human menace with all sorts of gadgets courtesy of Asgore. As a sort of mirror/nod to original Undertale, Asgore will be protecting Frisk from Undyne subtly the whole way while allowing her to live out a sort of self-insert fanfic in which she gets to kick human butt all over Hotland in the most spectacular way possible. However, Asgore will always be ensuring that there’s no real threat to Frisk. 

As king, Sans won’t be in the best shape and probably comparable to Boogie in his apathy, but would keep up a brittle facade in order to avoid demoralizing his people and just sleep and read car magazines all day. He may be secretly hoping for a coup so he can quietly go and dust in a corner, free at last from having to pretend to be happy for everyone. After all, by this point he’s lost Napstablook, Mettacrit, Papyrus, and (if he remembers) the former Royal Scientist, who was presumably a good friend. My mental jury’s still out on whether he just throws a couple feeble attacks, wishing for the human to free him from his depression, or goes full-blown genocide fight, since this is the last soul they need for liberation and he won’t let everyone’s hopes and dreams fail now. I’m unsure whether Boogie will kill him and become Omega/Photoshop Boogie, since that would seem a little out of character. 

Finally, some miscellaneous speculation: Mettacrit and Napstablook will remain unsaved for the same reason that Chara and Asriel weren’t in Undertale. Also, Storyshift might end with monsters staying underground and the barrier unbroken. After all, it’s been implied (or at least it seems it’s been to me) that Storyshift’s surface is worse than Undertale’s, and I see no reason why that would be changed unless Voltra feels like that would alienate the audience.

That’s all my theories for now. Though I’m probably wrong about everything, it’s still fun to speculate. I will eagerly await the reboot with the knowledge that it will be just as amazing, if not more so, than the original. 

- @anomalycycle

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I'm just off the stream, and it warmed my heart so much hearing how much you care for Kayla and whether or not she's eating. I honestly don't understand how someone can accuse of of being rude or mean to her. When y'all are "mean" it is clearly a joke.

hey when u stream u get caught up and time goes quickly so when its done youre suddenly starving and she deserved a break! its just how we interact 

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When people will understand and aknowledge that EVERY popular things have a bad side, it will be a great day. People should stop care so much of what is around something and concentrate on the thing and only on this.

I’ll be taking my flying pig on a trip to the park the day that happens 

Light's favourite buzz phrases

‘Instead of WHINING why not make your own flight dom better?!’ Yeah like one person is gonna make a big enough difference to beat light also huge flights are kind of at a disadvantage

‘If you care so much why not move to light?’ Cause I’d rather not be in a flight of greedy superiority complexes.

'Light works HARD for their dom so they deserve it!’ You can still work hard and be greedy.

'You’re just salty!’ Yes, yes I am. Stop being grabby hands Light.

'I’m going to support light because people are complaining about them!’ K, petty much? How dare people voice their opinions.

'It’s a competition!’ Sportsmanship exists. One rule: Don’t be greedy fucks.

'You’re just jelly’ Nah I just like calling you out.

'Other flights should just work harder’ Oh my god you always come back to this one, not every flight can be a dom powerhouse, most of those flights accept that dom powerhouses will get dom more, they don’t appreciate those dom powerhouses taking it so far AS TO TAKE BOTH NOTN WEEKS.

'You just want dom given to you!’ No I want you stop being greedy. Push more often if you’d like, but not weeks in a row. It gets dull.

'Light just enjoy pushing! It’s our community’ Ok but be aware of other flights and how your pushes may affect others? Again - Weeks in a row.

’*plain insults*’ no u. 

‘I Do Care..’

Note:This wasn’t requested,just the idea l had on my mind..

Warning:A little mention of blood but nothing serious.

Everything was happening so fast,me and Theo went from hating eachother to basically being bestfriends.But l guess that’s what war do,he bounds people.l was just another human in Scott’s pack and l just couldn’t leave them..Maybe there’s also a fact that l couldn’t leave Theo behind because l cared too much for him..More than friends do.
Me,Scott and Mason were at animal clinic waiting for Liam and Theo to show up so we can figure it out who was the other half of the Anukite.l suddenly felt a slight pain on my wound and l instanly put a hand on it..Oh did l forget to mention that l was also shot in Scott’s house but it was nothing serious just a few stitches.
‘Woah Y/N are you okay?'Scott came closer and put his hand on my shoulder with worry in his eyes,but before we could answer the door opened and Liam and Theo walked in.
'Did you find out anything yet?'Liam asked Scott
'No,still nothing.'Then he turned to look at me 'Y/N l don’t think you’re ready.'Then in a second Theo was next to me observing he saw me holding on my wound 'What’s wrong?'I put my hand back 'Guys it’s nothing,l’m fine seriously.'They nodded their heads not truly believing me.

We were down in tunels looking for Aaron when suddenly l felt really strange and also scared 'I must admit that laying home in a warm bed with snacks and Netflix sounded better than this.'Mason and Theo turned to look at me 'Yeah l didn’t like the idea too but l’m here.'Theo said with a smirk on his face and l smiled back.

The feeling started getting stronger with every step we took Mason was holding on his bat tightly while l stayed behind them trying to stay focus,suddenly Theo and Mason started bickering and l knew that result was the Anukite so l tried to calm them down but suddenly Theo had his fangs and claws out and he pushed Mason on the ground,and by the time l already realized what was going on it was already late.Aaron was in front of me and before l could react he kicked me in the stomach were my wound was and pushed me down,then he run away.
Theo was next to Mason 'Are you okay?'Mason nodded and looked from Theo to me 'Yeah but l don’t think that Y/N is.'Theo instanly turned around and when he saw me lying against the wall and holding my wound.He run in my way and crouched down 'Y/N look at me,are you okay?'I looked at him 'Yeah l think l am.'He tried to help me to stand but suddenly l felt the unberable pain and l fell back down.Theo lifted my shirt and saw blood and his face instanly changed,he took my hand trying to take the pain away but it wasn’t working he looked at me confused and also worried,and then he looked at Mason who was standing above us 'Why can’t l take her pain away.’
'Because you can’t take the pain away if you don’t care.'Theo looked from Mason to me with tears in his eyes shaking his hand and still holding my hand 'That’s not true.l do care.'l smiled softly 'It’s okay Theo.'That’s when l suddenly started to feel tired and l guess they noticed that 'Okay Theo we need to bring her to hospital right now she started loosing blood.'Theo nodded and picked me up.

I woke up in a hospital room trying to adjust from a bright light when l felt someone holding my hand,l turned my head to see who it was and l saw.Theo with his head on my hand,he was probably sleeping..l moved just a little to let him know that l am awake.Soon he lifted his head and when he saw that l was awake he hugged me and l hugged him back smiling.'You missed me that much?'He pulled away but he wasn’t smiling instead he had a serious and sad look on his face.He sat back down and l took his hand in my 'Hey what’s wrong?'He looked up at me 'I got scared.'I smiled slightly 'Theo it’s Anukite,it’s what he does.'He shook his head 'No you don’t get it.’
I looked confused at him 'Get what?’
'I got scared that l lost you,l-l panicked when l couldn’t take your pain away and suddenly you started losing your blood from the wound and l just lost it.l love you Y/N and l honestly don’t know what would l do if something happened to you.’
I looked at him surpriesed 'Yo-you love me Theo?’
'Yeah more than anything on this world.’
I smiled widely at him 'Then what are you waiting kiss me.'He smiled back and kissed me and l kissed him back,suddenly during the kiss l felt the pain l felt a little completely disappeared and l heard Theo moan a little,we pulled away and l saw a black veins dissapear from his face.l put my hands on his face and looked him deeply in the eyes 'See,you do care after all.'He let out a sigh and leaned his forehead on mine brushing his nose against mine 'Ohh and by the way l love you to.’

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Do you have any favourite Nicky gifs/photos/stories?

I only have a couple of Nicky photos saved on my computer but they’re all iconic

ooh i have some good gifs tho

i think of all my faves nicky is one of the hardest for me to pull stories of, but i do remember when burky was living with him he actually called him his son (cause he acted like such a kid). even up until just a few years ago he would call all the young guys his sons on twitter and everything.

Nicky’s just so good at what he does and it’s heartbreaking that so few people recognize him for it. He’s such a good guy, and he cares so much. Nicky deserves the world tbh.

c'est la vie

‘Dazai…Da..zai……If you…die…I’ll… never…forgive you…’

The still warm body fell against Dazai’s chest as a small pool of blood steadily expanded at their feet.

Looking at Chuuya’s expressionless face, the brunet wiped away the trail of blood running from parted lips and gently tilted up the executive’s chin.

His eyes reflected a coldness that rivaled winter at its peak.

“Foolish Chuuya.”

He dropped unceremoniously onto the ground, splashing scarlet onto Dazai’s shoes.

“If you didn’t care so much…”

Without looking back, he left the redhead behind for the last time.  

“You would still be alive.”

“we’re the family you choose, the family that mattered”

for @quidditchleaguenet‘s september event - wizarding families – chosen family: The Marauders

warning: light angst at the end

alt: ffn, ao3

word count: ~1.9k

Sirius Black never cared for his family much.  His relationship with his parents was tensed at best, and you didn’t want to know what the worst could be.  He didn’t hate his brother Regulus, but he didn’t like him, either.  He sneered, at Regulus’s listening to his parents, accepting their ideas.

Sirius never cared for his family much.

Until he found himself a new one.

The howlers from his parents made him guffawed loudly, excited to win this one over them, to shock them with his sorting.  He wore his Gryffindor colors proudly, and he didn’t care about what his parents said.  He was free, in Hogwarts, and he didn’t need them.  He didn’t want them.

He never did.

Except maybe at late nights, when he was most vulnerable, and he thought about how maybe he was never meant to be loved, maybe he was never meant to have a loving family, maybe, maybe –

“We’ll be your family,“ James Potter declared, and Sirius realized that he’d said it out loud.  Beside him, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew nodded earnestly.

They were eleven.

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this is what happens when i want to design a line-up of female characters, but i also want to draw some animals.

furry happens.

Galactica and Ms. Fluffy were already existing character of mine before this, i just added them in because i love them…

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I realize this is a touchy subject but there is something I have to get off my chest. I made the mistake of discussing the Emmys with my mother, and how upset I was at all of the hateful comments being left on various websites towards Lily Tomlin (Jane & Dolly too). My mother said, “Well, I think Lily Tomlin is hateful.” I was stunned. I tried to explain to her that as a fan, I know a lot about Lily and she is far from hateful. I would not be a fan of a hateful person. I become fans of people who are not only talented, but also good, caring people. There is always some element of the person’s real life personality that I fall in love with and in Lily’s case it’s the fact that she is incredibly empathetic and cares so much about so many different things. Animals, LGBTQ issues, wage inequality. You name it, she’s been an activist for it. The very week before the Emmys Lily spent 3 days campaigning for wage equality in Michigan, and she’s 78 years old! She’s certainly a better person than I am. You can’t judge somebody based on a single joke at the Emmys.

I think celebrities “get into trouble” because they care so much about everything. They are more sensitive than the average person and feel compelled to get involved with the issues they care about. In my opinion caring is a good thing, wether or not I agree with the position one takes. I don’t care about much myself and I feel bad about that. I admire people who care.