care without expectation

Aries reminds us to take risks, have fun without stopping to ask why, and to take a look at the wonder around us.

Taurus reminds us that patience is a virtue and that it’s okay to go slowly. It’s good to be reliable.

Gemini reminds us how important communication is, and it’s just as important to laugh every once in a while.

Cancer reminds us that people still care and that people can still be sensitive, yet strong.

Leo reminds us to take pride and courage in who we are, be bold, and to use our creativity.

Virgo reminds us to be caring and giving without expecting anything in return, and to appreciate the small things.

Libra reminds us of the beauty in everything, be willing to compromise, and to seek peace in the world.

Scorpio reminds us that it’s okay to reinvent ourselves and to be passionate in what we do.

Sagittarius reminds us to ask questions, be curious and full of wonder, and to think on the bright side.

Capricorn reminds us to take charge and go after what we want, and to be genuine. They keep us inspired.

Aquarius reminds us to value what makes us special, to fight for justice, and to value friendship and relationships. 

Pisces reminds us to dream big and to be compassionate and caring to others. There is strength in kindness.

Odd Socks - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : Sometimes, Bruce likes to think about all the things he loves about you, just as a reminder that you’re the best thing that ever happened to him.

I hope this silly and short fic will cheer you up. If it doesn’t, sorry, I tried. I just felt suddenly inspired, while I’m in the doctor’s waiting room, and so wrote this…Wrote it on my phone, sorry if there’s any terrible mistakes. Anyway, here : 

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There was things Bruce loved about you. A lot of things. 

Whenever he felt sad, a bit under the weather, or if you two got into an argument…He would make a list of said things, often forgetting three quarters of all the reasons why he fell in love with you, all the reasons why, even after years of marriage, he was still head over heels for you, crazy about you and everything you did (even annoying him). Because, there really was A LOT of things he loved about you, listing them all in one sitting was impossible. 

Yes, Bruce Wayne really enjoyed making lists about why you were so awesome, it often helped him cope with things (a boring meeting at Wayne Enterprise : list. Kidnapped by a villain and trying to resist torture : the thought of you, and the list would help him go through it). 

And today, as you were lying on a hospital bed, hooked to machines that helped you breathe, he definitely needed to make a list…However, for the first time since he fell for you, it wasn’t really helping. On the contrary, slowly, as he was looking at your broken body on the bed, cursing the man who didn’t check his blind spot well enough and who cut you off while you were riding your motorcycle full speed on the freeway, he felt like this list was going to be the end of him…Because, if he lost all of those things he loved so much about you, how could he go on ? And yet, he kept listing it in his head, even though the thought of losing them, losing you, was unbearable. 

1. He loves the way you always wear odd socks. 

The first time he noticed, it was in your apartment, at the beginning of your relationship, as you were both chilling together on your couch. You had one red sock, and a black one. 

The second time he noticed, he was tearing your clothes off and throwing you on his bed. You had one green sock, and a striped grey/blue one. 

The third time he noticed, it was at the Manor. Alfred had just clean the entire house, and ordered every guests to take their shoes off…It was during a party Bruce was throwing, and it was very funny to see the richest people in Gotham take their shoes off, impressed and intimidated by Bruce Wayne’s butler. Most women were bare feet, as they had heels on, and others just had normal socks on. And then there were you, a yellow and black striped sock, like a bee, and a sock with little platypus on it. Very classy. 

The fourth time he noticed, he asked you about it, and your answer made him chuckle : 

-Life’s too short for matching socks. Like, I have better things to do alright ? 

-…You’ve been binge watching Friends for the past three hours. 

-Exactly my point.

The smile you gave him at that moment made him melt, and he hasn’t been able to stop himself from kissing you passionately. Oh damn he loved you, you and your odd socks. 

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Moments of Realization: Rey

I think that there were several key moments of Finnrey-focused realization for Rey and Finn throughout the movie, mainly about each other. I want to tackle Rey’s this week and Finn’s the next.

In the first gif, I think this is Rey realizing that people scavenger an care about others without their being an ulterior motive. In her scavenger diary, Rey talks about the every-person-for-themselves aspect of Jakku. It just sort of was what it was. It was a ruthless existence and people weren’t expected to care unless there was something in it for them. I think in the top gif, Rey suddenly confronted with the knowledge not only that people can care about others without any expectations, but that she likes that. It feels organic. It’s not a shock that she extends her hand to Finn immediately afterward. Even if the movie ended here, she would never be the same again after this encounter.

I think that it’s pretty well established that Rey knew she was in love with Finn when she lay down to die with him at Starkiller Base. But I think what the second gif shows is her realization that she wants something deeper with him. She has already been told (in a deleted scene) that he’s going to be okay physically, so when she speaks to him and kisses him after, I see this as the moment she realizes that when they see each other again, she wants to try for a full-on romance.


I am so sick and tired of Sakura being bashed because she “didn’t choose the nice guy”

I mentioned this in another post of mine, but I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to it because I just keep seeing these ignorant statements everywhere about how Sakura is somehow a loser or slut because she didn’t “choose the nice guy” aka Naruto. SERIOUSLY?  S E R I O U S L Y ?

Before I start, I’ll say that this isn’t addressed at all NaruSaku fans, so please don’t get angry. I am not aiming this at the NaruSaku fandom as a whole at all. I’m writing this because of the extremist antis who say things like “Sakura is a total idiot because she should have picked the good guy but she went for the asshole like girls always do!! WAAAAH!”

First off, let me state that this “nice guy” bullshit needs to stop.

A girl does not owe a guy a damn thing because he thinks he is a or is perceived as a “nice guy”. How about being genuinely nice because you care about that person, rather than doing it expecting something more in return? Ya know, LIKE HOW NARUTO ACTUALLY DOES.

Love is not a forced thing. You do not choose to love, you JUST LOVE. I stated this in my post “(Polite) Naruto Shipping Rant”. Sakura tried to force herself to romantically love Naruto (thanks Sai) but COULD NOT DO IT. It just was not in her heart. He’s like a brother to her, and she couldn’t change that, no matter how hard she tried. And she definitely tried. And Naruto knew this too.

Naruto is a genuinely nice guy (and I mean the actual definition of nice guy). It’s why most of us love him. But dude, even Naruto knew Sakura didn’t love him romantically, and HE WAS OKAY WITH THAT. Because he cared about her without expecting anything in return. He is actual definition of a nice guy, not the “nice guy” stereotype that people go on and on about that. Naruto wanted what was best for Sakura and her heart, he didn’t just think about what he wanted. That’s what actual love and friendship is all about. (It’s also a reason why I love Naruto!)

“But Sasuke is an asshole, and shallow bitches always go for the assholes!”

I see stuff like this a lot too. COME ON. Yeah, Sasuke was a pretty big dick for the majority of the manga. But he realized that, and worked on changing himself and atoning for his sins. There was even a freaking novel about it!!

“But Sakura loved Sasuke before his redemption journey, when he was still a huge asshole!!” 

So? She actually fell in love with him before he went all mega-crazy-jerk on everyone, and when he did reach that stage, she could see that it wasn’t the real him, and that the darkness was eating away at his heart. As Kakashi said, she loved him so much it hurt her, and all she wanted was to save him, WITH NOTHING (a relationship or love) EXPECTED IN RETURN.

“But he was an asshole for years after he abandoned the village, and Naruto was there for Sakura!! She should have began a relationship with him because of that!”

AGAIN, it doesn’t work that way. If people expected love and a relationship out of being kind to someone else, then everyone would have multiple girlfriends and boyfriends, and nothing would even make sense or have meaning.

“You just don’t get it, because you’ve never been the guy in that situation!”

Yeah, but I’ve been the supportive female friend before who got no love in return. And I moved the fuck on because, in the end, if he didn’t have feelings for me, there was nothing I could do to change that, and it was more important to me that he was happy. I’ve also been the girl with the supportive guy friend before too, and THAT SUCKS AS WELL. So so so much. It isn’t easy or wonderful being in that situation, ya know.

Oh, speaking of that, imagine being the other person in that situation. Imagine being the girl who thinks she has this amazing supportive friend who genuinely cares for her, and then finding out he was only partially in it for the possibility of a romantic relationship or sex. Oh, that’s right, her feelings don’t matter because he was a “nice” guy…

And this isn’t trying to bash men at all. This is meant to make people who think “girls are bitches for picking a guy who I think isn’t as nice as me” realize Sakura is not a piece of trash for not being able to magically change her feelings, even though she even tried doing that and wasn’t able to.

And again, not all NaruSaku fans think like this. I am not trying to bash an entire ship fandom here. :)

Anyway, thanks for reading my thoughts! I just saw too many “Sakura is dumb” posts around lately and felt the need to defend her a little :)

Have a wonderful day!

Learn to:
Love without condition
Talk without bad intention
Give without any reason
And most of all,  care without expectation.
Regarding Shirayuki’s gift to Obi (the glowing necklace)

okay allow me to rant about how Obi moved from this:

(Not minding being injured just thinking that having his wounds treated would be nice) to:

(not wanting to be injured in the first place)

As we all know, Obi is not used to taking care of himself for himself but maybe for others, because if he’s injured then he’d make his employees worry and he won’t be able to do his job. And he says that it’s in the same condition as it was when he borrowed it and he says it with a face like a little kid’s face waiting for validation, waiting to be praised for doing something properly. he wants to prove that he can be trusted, that he can take care of the shining stone like he will take care of her, that she is to trust herself to him.

Let’s just say that Obi hadn’t considered this necklace as a gift, but as an equipment to assist him in doing his job. So when Shirayuki says that she wants him to keep it he is happy but I think what did it for him and made him just speak of his feelings freely without a warning was the emotional value of the if it (aside from it being something that Shirayuki worked hard to make) 

Obi doesn’t believe he’s worthy, to have Shirayuki present him something that he said he wanted and loved even though it means a lot to her means that she values how he feels, she cares about him and even gave him something dear to her. It’s about finally having someone care about him without expecting anything in return but his own safety and happiness (not a job being accomplished or anything)

Obi clearly says that he did not care whether he managed to go back or not before because he didn’t even have a place (or a person) to return to.

Now, Shirayuki knows that Obi had been through a lot of shit during his life, so for someone like him to say that he’s doing his best to not get hurt and be safe because of her, is because he soo badly wants to be with her! makes her want to cry, she had seen how he changed, how he came to love and trust her.

And that’s why Shirayuki says “welcome home” again, it’s because she wants him to know that she accepts that he sees her as his home, that he feels that he belongs to her. she didn’t want him to think that she said welcome home as in ‘home to Lyrias’ (since they have been there for about 2 years) but as in her she knows he wants to be with her and this is her way of saying it, since Shirayuki is terrible at expressing her feelings using words she says the least amount possible and gives him a necklace.

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Name at least one favorite AND least favorite thing about Rory, Lorelai, Emily, Richard, Luke, Paris, Lane, Dean, Jess, Logan, Christopher and Sookie :)


Favorite thing: Her patience with difficult people (Paris, Jess, the GilmoreRents, definitely also Lorelai to an extent.)
Least favorite thing: Her lack of self-awareness in terms of hurting others. (See: inadvertently writing hurtful articles in s4 and s7, feeling entitled to her boyfriends even when they’re not single because they were hers once, etc.)


Favorite thing: Her supportiveness for her loved ones.
Least favorite thing: her self-destructive “I gotta run away from this” streak. Also, sometimes her making fun of people goes too far for me.


Favorite thing: Her loyalty to those she loves.
Least favorite thing: Her bigotry/classism. Her treatment of Luke in s5 in particular.


Favorite thing: His love for his Gilmore girls.
Least favorite thing: His sometimes-lack of respect/understanding for Emily in terms of what she’s done with her life, etc.


Favorite thing: His loyalty to the people in his life and his willingness to work hard to take care of them without the expectation of necessarily getting anything in return.
Least favorite thing: His emotional inaccessibility.


Favorite thing: HER FEROCITY!
Least favorite thing: Don’t make me do this. I guess she’s mean. (But it tickles me!)


Favorite thing: How she is so bright and enthusiastic in spite of having such a strict upbringing.
Least favorite thing: I genuinely don’t think I have a least favorite thing about Lane.


Favorite thing: He means well. (I think?)
Least favorite thing: His emotionally abusive/angry treatment of the women in his life.


Favorite thing: His wit and sort of softie-underneath-the-snark moments.
Least favorite thing: His emotional inaccessibility.


Favorite thing: His love and affection for Rory.
Least favorite thing: His inability to break away from the life his family expects of him even though he wants to so badly. That sense of sort of doomed resignation and how it makes him act out.


Favorite thing: His sense of humor.
Least favorite thing: His inability to commit or own up to not being able to commit.


Favorite thing: Her sunshine-y personality!
Least favorite thing: That she didn’t just scream “AUGHHH, NO! NO! NOOOOOOO!” like Michael when he discovered Toby was back at Dunder Mifflin in the wake of finding out about the whole Luke/Lorelai breakup/Lorelai-dating-Chris-now thing.

why fill the hole in your heart with clothes and other products you don’t need when you can fill it with a bunny

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How about Poe dealing with reader's period problems? I'm having such bad cramps lol

  • Poe is a total angel when you’re on your period. Anything you want? It’s yours
  • Poe always has chocolate made with the finest blue milk (its so much sweeter when its made with blue milk) at the ready and on demand 
    • Poe has even flown to Tatooine to get it freshly made for you without you even asking because Poe cares that much
  • Again, without asking, expect massages every night, focusing on your hips and lower back to make you feel more comfortable 
  • Don’t want to be touched during your period? That’s fine too! Poe respects this and lets you pull him as close to you as you desire or stay at a distance
  • If you start to get moody, Poe doesn’t take it personally; he knows it’s your hormones and he’ll just apologize and ask if you want/need some space and let you know he’s there if you need him

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grantaire reading jehan’s favourite poems to him over the phone on nights when jehan finds it hard to sleep because he wasn’t sleeping anyway

grantaire visiting fantine’s grave with cosette every year because even though his family sucked he knows the opposite was true for her

grantaire cancelling plans so he can watch over gavroche because eponine needs a night off more than she knows, and the kid isn’t that bad anyway.

grantaire getting a winning scratch card and slipping it in bossuet’s bag because the guy deserves some good luck, come on

grantaire dressing up as jean valjean and helping marius figure out how he’s going to survive through dinner with the man without breaking something because as much as he teases marius about it, he knows how much cosette means to him

grantaire convincing feuilly to move in him, because he doesn’t always remember to pay his bills or wash the dishes, and it has nothing to do with the fact that the split rent would mean feuilly might actually manage to get some rest between his shifts at work, nothing to do with that at all

grantaire sparring with bahorel even though he’s tired down to his bones and still has bruises from the last time they sparred, because he’s the only one that’ll spar with bahorel and everybody needs to let off some steam once in a while

grantaire asking joly to come with him while he picks up his prescription for his anti-depressants, because he knows that joly forgets about his coughs and colds just for a little while when he has the chance to help others

grantaire taking combeferre to a butterfly garden and finding a bench that he declares is ‘too comfortable to get up from’, that just so happens to be where the moths are, because combeferre was starting to get that furrow between his eyebrows again.

grantaire spending nights at courfeyac’s house pressed up against him watching awful action movie after awful action movie, because he knows that sex and intimacy are two very different things, and sometimes courf needs the latter more.

grantaire letting himself into enjolras’ apartment and restocking his fridge while he cleans the place up, because enjolras has that big debate tomorrow that he’s been stressing about for weeks and he knows how much the blond likes coming home to a clean and tidy apartment

grantaire grinning when he sees a smile on his friends’ faces because he put it there

grantaire taking care of his friends without expecting a thing in return


Happy Birthday, Nakta!

Shin Yooncheol, you absolute beauty, how to put into words my love for you.

Unappreciated doesn’t even begin to describe you. You know what’s unappreciated? Kiwis. Umbrella hats. Things everyone knows about and they just don’t do anything about it. 

I’m afraid people don’t know you. I’m afraid some people will never know the way you love your members, that they’ll be deprived of you whining that your dongsaengs don’t respect you, and the next second, you hugging them because you are such a soft soul it hurts me. 

It seems like people only know you to be the tall one. They don’t seem to know you’re also the producer one, the amazing vocalist one, the team support one, the intense performer one, the robot actor one. They don’t seem to know that you could be anything, that you could be so much more just off raw talent. 

You always seem to be the forgotten one, and I really want you to know that even if not enough people see you, the people who do are inspired. The people who do learn how to have compassion, how to actually, really care for others without expecting anything in return. You show us how to work hard without killing ourselves, show us how talent isn’t everything. You show us that sometimes working hard can get you twice as far as a gift and that means everything to me. 

Shin Yooncheol, I’m going to say this right now, you are so soft. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. You are so painfully self aware, so gentle in your words and actions and so conscious of their effect on others. Sometimes I wonder how someone can be so in touch with so many people’s feelings. 

Other times I just figure, is there anything you can’t do, honestly? Is there anything about you that isn’t strikingly deserving of love? 

I want you to know you are loved. I want you to know that even if not everyone knows your name you are not forgotten. You are starkly present, you have carved your signature into everyone who has ever known you and you will continue to, because people will continue to discover you as I and so many others have. 

Because if people like you don’t get recognized, people who don’t ask for recognition, who give, and give more than they have, people who follow their dreams without even considering someone might follow them, then do any of us really have hope?

Happy 24th birthday, Nakta. This year, we’ll try once again to give you everything you deserve, and once again we’ll fall short. And we’ll always fall short, because you deserve more than anyone will ever be able to give you.

Even though the thought of that hurts, we fucking love you. 

j1antonx  asked:

What’s it like being a mommy from your perspective

Being a mommy is the very best because I get to care for someone without expecting anything in return and that makes me feel great because I’ve always been the person who wanted to take care of others before themselves. Plus I get the chance to help my little with everyday stuff and when she’s upset I try my best to make her smile even when it seems like she can’t and just hearing the smile in her voice is honestly the best thing ever. She’s my best friend and knowing that she’ll be there for me as much as I am for her is so amazing because I’ve never had anyone care for me as much as she does and I have no idea what I did to deserve it but I’m so glad she thinks I do. It gets hard being so far away from her and not being able to hug her and take care of her but I know when I get to see her it’ll all be worth it. Super mushy and a bit of a ramble, I know, but I love my little monkey❤

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Since everyone's confessing their love to you tonight I guess I'll throw my hat in the ring. I think you're a really cool person and I love your books and your writing style and the fact that you care about people without expecting things in return.

There is something disconcerting about discovering humans love each other for the least they could give, that basic decency and logic are only conceptually basic.

Pardon me for being obscure in language.

I mean to say, to me, my behavior is minimal. It is simply how one does what i am doing in a way good for all concerned. I enjoy people for who they are or I don’t. It is that simple. Why would I want them to change? Why would I demand they give me things? If one does things to gain reward, then let us call selflessness what it actually is: intelligent self-interest.

What I mean to say is, that is the least I am capable of. To find that people admire and even profess affection for the least of me is both flattering and worrisome.

But…I am laboring a point that perhaps could do with simplicity, and so therefore I say, thank you, and I am happy to be of service.

React to: Bubble bath with their girlfriend

Taking a bubble bath with their girlfriend.

Niel: Jagi, why you have one boob bigger than the other one?

Chunji: Look honey, so much bubbles. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles…!

Ricky: Jagiya let’s play a game. Let’s see who can make the most funny face!


[Y/N]: *You touch in the little changjo by accident* S-s-sorry… 

Changjo: Now he wants to play.

L.Joe: You are always asking what do I do to have beautiful skin. Here, jagi, do like I’m doing.

C.A.P: *imagine that in the gif it’s you and C.A.P. He would just take care of you with very careful without expecting anything in return.*

Feel free to ask anything // As always, gifs doesn’t belong to me.