care without expectation

Aries reminds us to take risks, have fun without stopping to ask why, and to take a look at the wonder around us.

Taurus reminds us that patience is a virtue and that it’s okay to go slowly. It’s good to be reliable.

Gemini reminds us how important communication is, and it’s just as important to laugh every once in a while.

Cancer reminds us that people still care and that people can still be sensitive, yet strong.

Leo reminds us to take pride and courage in who we are, be bold, and to use our creativity.

Virgo reminds us to be caring and giving without expecting anything in return, and to appreciate the small things.

Libra reminds us of the beauty in everything, be willing to compromise, and to seek peace in the world.

Scorpio reminds us that it’s okay to reinvent ourselves and to be passionate in what we do.

Sagittarius reminds us to ask questions, be curious and full of wonder, and to think on the bright side.

Capricorn reminds us to take charge and go after what we want, and to be genuine. They keep us inspired.

Aquarius reminds us to value what makes us special, to fight for justice, and to value friendship and relationships. 

Pisces reminds us to dream big and to be compassionate and caring to others. There is strength in kindness.

Learn to:
Love without condition
Talk without bad intention
Give without any reason
And most of all,  care without expectation.

i’ve seen padme get pushed aside bc shes ‘just the love interest’ and yes they needed to manufacture a mother for luke and leia but she was also so much more than that. i mean she was such a great queen there was a petition formed to keep her in power past her two terms. she risked her life to keep her people safe multiple times. she then became a hugely prominent senator who stood for peace more than anything she didn’t let her marriage to anakin stop her from traveling to spread that message. padme was the embodiment of compassion and thats why anakin loved her - because she cared unconditionally without expecting anything in return. people need to start appreciating padme as more than the love interest bc thats pretty sexist actually she was awesome in lots of ways

React to: Bubble bath with their girlfriend

Taking a bubble bath with their girlfriend.

Niel: Jagi, why you have one boob bigger than the other one?

Chunji: Look honey, so much bubbles. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles…!

Ricky: Jagiya let’s play a game. Let’s see who can make the most funny face!


[Y/N]: *You touch in the little changjo by accident* S-s-sorry… 

Changjo: Now he wants to play.

L.Joe: You are always asking what do I do to have beautiful skin. Here, jagi, do like I’m doing.

C.A.P: *imagine that in the gif it’s you and C.A.P. He would just take care of you with very careful without expecting anything in return.*

Feel free to ask anything // As always, gifs doesn’t belong to me. 

Sweet words are easy to say; Sweet things are easy to buy; but sweet people are difficult to find. Life ends when you stop dreaming. Hope ends when you stop believing. Love ends when you stop crying. Friendship ends when you stop sharing. So share this with whoever you consider special. To love without condition. To talk without intention. To give without reason. And to care without expectation.