care vampire barbie

Honestly I could care less

if we were called “aggressive“ or a “dead” ship, because, you know what? This “dead“ ship has been more alive than any of the other so called “living“ ones.

What they lack is the PASSION which we share and which bonds us. Passion about two characters who haven’t had scenes together in a long time and despite that little fact, the fans keep on hoping, keep on showing their love. We have the media on our side, articles mentioning the possibility of an endgame(which we already know is happening), worldwide trends (just yesterday we achieved a Klaroline AF trend in 61 countries, mind you) dedicated fans who make beautiful graphics, breathtaking videos, write awesome meta and engaging fanfiction. No matter how much someone tries to put us down or shows hate towards our ship, whether it’s an angry bitter antishipper or an actor, who probably didn’t even comprehend the meaning of his/her words, it doesn’t matter, because we are stronger than ever, because when you believe in something and fight for it, it’s bound to come true.

Because we will wait “however long it takes”♡