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Hey y’all a genuine important post here. This person used to be putatriton until they were run off tumblr.

They ship lay/lu/ke, lu/cl/ive, nar/uma/yo and also des/or/ua (Desmond and aurora) and are in general, fucking gross.

DO NOT reblog things from them, don’t interact with them, just block and report and move on.

PLEASE reblog this post if you can.

How does one aquire a cute person that is nice and gives me love and calls me baby girl? Like that’s all u need in my life. I feel so stupid saying that but I know it would make me feel better but no one in my home town is any good. They’re all fuckboys/girls or some shit like that. So if anyone knows where to get a cute person that give lots of love can call me baby girl hmu 😂😂😂


Hi im Liv. I used to use tumblr religiously 3 years ago. I’m back and 70% of the blogs I used to follow are inactive. 


  • pink
  • blue
  • vaporwave
  • funny text posts
  • sad text posts
  • text posts that make you fell all warm and fuzzy inside
  • depressing stuff
  • art
  • scenery 
  • anime
  • white
  • grids (are they still a thing?) 
  • rain
  • minimalism
  • those depressing anime stills/gifs
  • grunge
  • good music 
  • chill
  • aesthetic
  • clothes and food and all that stuff
  • kpop
  • manga screencaps etc

“It’s not pedophilia! It’s hebe/ephebe/whatever-philia!!”

Stop right there

If you need to make yourself sound “less dangerous” or “technically not a pedo”, re-evaluate why you want to defend your attraction to kids. Why do you defend your “right” to fantasize about molesting kids. Children don’t care what your technical terms are! You’re a fucking pedo to us!


READ IN 2017 A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. Whether it is decided by the Mother, or the Cauldron, or some sort of tapestry of Fate, I don’t know. I don’t really care. But I am grateful for it, whatever it is. Grateful that it brought you all into my life.”

Keith: tf u mean u dont have health benefits

Older Au Masterpost


told ya i was drawing a summer camp au lol

im on mobile so captioning this is impossible but 1. hanzo hates bugs and wears long sleeves and jackets all day every day 2. junkrat is absolutely that boy that burns his marshmallows and lives in his swim trunks all summer 3. hanzo is also a loser and sits by himself until mccree pity befriends him 4. genji is thriving and 5. just baby mchanzo