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Thank you everyone 🐼❤

You are all so… Supportive, Nice, and Comforting ^w^

For a while now, life has been tough. Well honestly… life has been tough since I was born heheh.

It has been a season of loss in my life… whether it is losing people I love, my friends, my family, those I hold dearest… I have lost many…many things, many people…

But I have never been happier… Because… by losing everything I have left… I have learned to be a better… me. 

I have realized …

If I give all of my love… every speck of it… to people that don’t care for me, people that don’t love the same… People that without God… Can’t Love the same… It will be alright. 

I don’t need to worry about getting hurt, I don’t have to worry about being loved back, I don’t have to worry about what happens to me. 

Because God will provide. He will give me love, strength, peace, and hope… when I have given away all of my love, strength, peace, and hope. This is important. This is where I am called to be. 

Even if I die alone, unloved, or never find anyone willing to hold on for me, hope with me, like I held on for others, and hoped for others… It’s okay, because… at least I will know. My life was a blessing to others. And that’s what matters. 🐼❤

You all, are what matter to me, everyone of you. 

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How much of a possibility do you think exists to panlie being canon? :0

Tbh I think our chances are pretty good. Daniel Chong already mentioned we were going to see relationships between characters shift and what other relationship is there TO shift besides Grizz and Nom Nom?

And I know what you’re probably thinking, “maybe they’ll just be good friends.” But he also alluded to Panda getting into a stable relationship somewhere down the line and I can’t see that being with anyone but Charlie for several reasons:
- eliminates the need to hire a new VA
- Charlie would definitely go for it if Panda asked
-No need to explain why Panda isn’t clinging to his s/o 24/7 Charlie’s just away in the forest until a Charlie episode rolls around
- Charlie already makes several appearances per season so there wouldn’t be a need to fit in episodes for Panda to hang out with someone else since he can just spend time with Charlie in Charlie episodes
-Having Charlie as a boyfriend means Panda can break free of that “flirting with every girl he sees” trope and would allow the crew to explore a new side to his character, which would be hindered if they had someone else be his s/o because of the aforementioned time they’d have to spend on Panda hanging out with someone else as opposed to spending time with Charlie during Charlie eps
- its cute and wholesome
- Charlies put up with more than enough of Pandas attitude and done more than enough for him to merit a shot
- pairing him with anyone else while they’re taking the time to develop their relationship now with these panlie eps would be a waste
- I cant see Panda forming as strong a connection with someone else as he has with Charlie now, no two ways about it these guys are linked (even if Panda doesn’t want to admit it currently, even Grizz acknowledges it)
- Introducing a character after 3 seasons minimum (as I dont expect him to be in a relationship until season 4 at the earliest) to be Pandas girlfriend would be kinda cheap
- and I doubt they’d have Lucy be his girlfriend, I really dont think she sees him that way and she’s barely had screentime besides
- Not to mention having a human date a bear as anything more than a gag in this realistic (for the most part) setting would be kinda questionable
- Charlie and Panda are both animals so they’re fine on that front
- Charlie cares more about Panda than anyone they could introduce as a s/o
-it would just be really good story telling to have these 2 gradually fall in love


BIGBANG Quotes → Lee Seung Hyun                                                    

“I’m not the type of person to act one way in front of the camera and another when it’s off. What you see is what you get.”