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Where is my sana bakkoush season?

I’m so salty about this season treatment of sana. No other season has had so many characters arcs in the background -like for example that evak vs balloon squad fight - it has nothing to do with sana!! They could have covered that last season if they hadn’t rushed it so much!! But instead we keep getting this 30 minutes eps focused on this subplots and lose ends from other seasons!! they keep giving us updates on evak and magnus and vilde and william ¿¿¿¿why??! Can we please get the focus back on sana? Please??

no offence but dont forget the fact that mindy is a literal child soldier who can run @ over 70mph, shatter an adult mans entire pelvis with a single punch, hack maximum government-issued security n will kill and torture people she knows deserves it with literally no remorse.

If there’s one thing life should teach everyone is to not take bullshit from anyone. Don’t be afraid of sounding mean when someone is hurting you / making you uncomfortable. Life’s too short for us to waste half of it afraid of telling others how we feel.

Jinder Rant

So I’m going to be the one who says it: NOT EVERY ONE WHO DOESNT LIKE JINDER IS RACIST.

Look,I’m a POC and sometimes hate how POC’s are portrayed in WWE. The Usos for example being made thuggish pisses me off. But I can’t stand Jinder. I think he got pushed just because he is a POC and WWE can be like “See? We’re tolerant of everyone.” When that isn’t the case. Plus I think he got pushed too soon for the aforementioned reason. Not to mention part of the reason he got the push was because WWE is trying to break more heavily into India and this looks good. They can be like “See? Our WWE Champion is just like you! Isn’t that great?”

I’m so sick of EVERYONE assuming if you don’t support Jinder that you’re racist. By that theory if I don’t support Sami Zayne I’m racist towards whites? Just no. If I don’t support someone you had best bet it’s for more than just their skin tone.

Also,all you supporting Jinder better not have remarked on Sheamus’ skin when he first debuted either. Get off your high horses and stop using racism as a fall back for why someone doesn’t support Jinder. Just stop.

I am here for you. Whatever you are going through, I am here. If you need someone to talk to, I am here. I will never judge you or see you differently because of something you confide in me. If you don’t want to talk at all, that’s ok too. I am still here even if it’s from a distance. I won’t pretend to know the solution to your problem or that I have the ability to heal you. I do not. What I do know is that I am more than happy to be by your side lending support in any way that I can and in any way that you allow. I care about you and I love you unconditionally ❤️