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The Hamilsquad and spiders

Alex: can’t even be bothered. doesn’t mind killing them if asked to though

Laf: does not approve of them in his flat at all & once found one in his hair. 0/10, wouldn’t recommend to a friend

Herc: scared of spiders yet respects their existence bc he loves and protects all animals. leaves the room when encountering one though.

John: country boy, not afraid of the spids. takes them out so alex doesn’t kill them. agreed to watch a friend’s pet tarantula only to freak herc out

The Best

pairing: platonic hamilsquad x depressed!reader

genre: angst! modern au

word count: 1700

warning: mentions of depression, death/suicide

summary: you haven’t been at school all week, you haven’t been answering texts. eventually, the boys decided that they’re not going to wait for you to reply anymore, and take matters into their own hands.

a/n: yoo so sorry for the angsty thing, i was planning on putting up some starboy laurens fluff but ive been having a pretty bad day meself so. wrote some angst cuz it made me feel better. if you’re having a bad day i hope it helps and i hope u feel good tomorrow!

You had spent the week in bed. Your work was beginning to pile up – in both a metaphorical and literal sense, you thought as you looked at the pile of papers on your desk – and you probably got more texts in the past five days than you’ve gotten in the past year. Everyone was worried about you. Just today, Alexander had left you 3 voicemails and he sent you 51 messages in the span of 6 minutes; John sent you 2 pictures of Lafayette and Hercules playing checkers, and then one of himself pouting because, as he put it, he ‘wanted to see you’; Lafayette sent you a video of himself singing some French song that was supposed to be a lullaby but it didn’t really help; Hercules sent you a picture of himself in a ridiculous hat. 

Nothing cheered you up. You hadn’t had this bad of a spell in years, but lately things had gotten worse and couldn’t bring yourself to do anything. You just couldn’t.

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When Are You Going To Realize That I Don’t Care? (Hercules Mulligan x Reader)

This was an absolutely adorable request, and I had a lot of fun with the angst. Please enjoy (and prepare for some fluff)

“And what’s a fine lady like yourself doing around these parts?”

You blushed.

“I’m here with my boyfriend, we’re visiting before the revolution begins and he has to go to war.”

“HAH! Like the revolution is anything more than a bunch of assholes complaining about nonsense.” the man laughed.

You sighed and looked at Hercules, standing to your right. He was silent, and looking straight ahead, refusing to make eye-contact with either you or the annoying man flirting with you. This was unusual. Mainly because there were two things Hercules always verbally fought against:

a) People who didn’t believe in the need for a revolution, and

b) Men hitting on you

You and Hercules had decided to visit the city one last time, before he may be sent off to fight in the revolutionary war that was about to break out. Of course, you had been stopped by this man, who obviously, judging by his clothes and demeanor, was a very wealthy man. 

“Come on, young lady, how about you get with a man who’s going to be able to take care of you, instead of some idiot revolutionary.” the man mocked.

You looked at Hercules, who still was oddly silent, staring at the ground.

(Why is he acting like this?)

“No, please leave me alone.”

“Come on, darling, give me a chance.”

“No! Please leave me alone!” you responded, a bit more dignified and louder than your previous answer.

The man shrugged, and began to turn away.

“That’s a mistake, darling.” he reached into his pocket, removed a paper card, and pressed it into your hands.

“Just incase you come to your senses.” he stated before he sauntered off.

You glared at him until he was gone, then glanced at the card:

Phillip Newman

Tax Collector

1423 Way Street

You were disgusted. As you always were with rich, ignorant, entitled folk. You glanced at Hercules, waiting for some sort of reaction.

“I hear there’s a great bar about fifteen minutes from here.” he suggested.

You said nothing before curiosity got the best of you.

“Did that actually just happen?”


“The man who walked up to me, hit on me, spat on you, then gave me a business card. Did that just happen or am I absolutely insane?” you inquired.

“Yeah, it happened.” he responded, still looking at the floor.

“And you weren’t going to say anything? That’s incredibly out of character for you.”

“Well….” he started, then stopped.

“Hercules… is something wrong?”

He took a deep breath in and slowly let it out. He was beginning to worry you.

“Are you okay?”

“It’s…not like he’s wrong…” he finally said.


“Nothing, let’s keep moving.” he said, grabbing your hand and beginning to walk again.

“No, what do you mean?” you asked, trying to yank your hand out of his. You needed to know what he had meant.

“Please,” he said, stopping, and looking at you with large, desperate, hurt eyes. “Please just drop it.”

His sudden upset look threw you off. You had never seen him like this before. Hercules was a loud, brash, funny guy who you wouldn’t trade anything for. You didn’t want to hurt him.

Silently, you took his hand again and you began walking. Hercules was quieter than usual, but you still managed to have a good time. But the thought of what the man had said that had taken such a toll on Herc still ate at you.


“Hercules, come back to bed…” you whimpered.

After the day at the city, you and Hercules had returned to your home. He had been acting extremely distant. You had finally gone to bed, with an extremely tense and awkward atmosphere in the house. Not five minutes later, Hercules had sprung up from the bed, and was now facing the window, looking out at the night. 

“I don’t deserve you.” he blatantly stated.


“I don’t….I really don’t….” he said, still facing the window.

“Hercules, come here. Let’s talk about this…”

He remained silent, still looking out at the night. 

You got out of bed, and slowly walked up to him. You gently placed your hand on his shoulder.

“Hercules, please explain what’s going on?” you somewhat desperately asked.

Hercules spun around, flinging your hand off of him.

“NO! There is nothing to explain!” he yelled, frightening you and making you step back a few steps. 

Realizing his outburst, a sorry expression fell on his face, then he turned around to face the window again.


“He’s right.”

You slowly stepped forward again, a bit more cautious this time.

“Who? Who’s right?”

He was silent.

“That idiot we met in the city, is that the man you’re talking about?”

You heard him take a deep breath.

“(Y/N)…. I’m going to be honest with you. I can’t take care of you. I’m a tailor’s apprentice. I’m going to be in the war soon. When I leave, I want you to find a new man to take care of you.” he confessed.


“Find a new man. Go and marry that man from the city. I cannot and will not return to you after I leave.”

You were lost for words.

“Please… just forget about me. I’m not worth your time.”


“I’m never going to be the man you deserve.”

He finally spun around, and pushed past you. He quietly sat on the bed, and buried his head in his hands.

“Hercules, I love you.”

He did not respond. You sat down on the bed next to him.

“I love you if you’re a tailor’s apprentice. I love you if you’re a revolutionary. I love you if we don’t make tons of money. I love you if you have to go away to fight for some time. And I’m going to be here for you. No matter what. No jerk with an ego problem and business cards can make me second guess my decision to love you.”

“But I’m a tailor’s apprentice. I don’t make enough money. When I go to fight in the war I’ll be making close to nothing. That’s not enough money to-”

“When are you going to realize that I don’t care?!” you shouted.

He lifted his head out of his hands and looked at you.

“This can work. We can make it work! Hercules no sum of money or lack thereof can change my feelings for you. I don’t need money. I need you.” you explained. 

He looked at you blankly. 

You placed your hand on his back and leaned into him.



“What if I get shot out there? What if I die?” 

You were quiet for a moment.

“I’m not going to tell you that you won’t die, Hercules. This is a very dangerous war you’re about to go into and you will be risking your life. But on the off chance that you do die, I’ll write you letters, and poetry, and music, and I’ll carve your name into every tree I pass by. I’ll write you into history books and sing your song to anyone with ears. You will live on in people’s minds and hearts as a man who died for our new country, and you won’t be forgotten. No man can ever fill the space you carved in my heart. I will visit your grave everyday and buy the space next to it.”

You leaned into him and pressed a kiss to his cheek. He turned his head, then pressed a kiss onto your lips.

“(Y/N)… I’m sorry. I’m nervous. I’m scared.”

“It’s okay,” you said, rubbing his shoulder.

“You are about to do something very scary, and I’m proud of you.” 

“But you know, they will only bury us together if we are married.” he sighed.

You were quiet for awhile.

Then you mustered up the courage.

“Marry me, then.”

War of Love (Lafayette x Reader) Part 6

Words: 3087

Warnings: Cringeworthy French (I’m sorry French speakers)

Tags: @pearltheartist @fandomsinabookshelf @unprofessional-inhumanbeing

A/N: Extra long chapter to celebrate Lin’s birthday! 

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

Laurens laughed awkwardly, shaking his head. “No way, are you playing a trick on us? I mean, I walked around naked plenty of times. You…” His eyes widened, then he stared at you. “You saw me naked…you saw me naked!” He panicked, his face turning red as he moved away from you. Mulligan rubbed his head, cussing at himself.

“No wonder you never wanted to talk about women. Even when we walked by brothels, you didn’t even glance. And… the waterhole…” he put his face in his hands. “I made so many bad jokes…”

Hamilton nodded slowly. “This makes complete sense. The necklace, the laugh, the face…” He looked at you. “I can’t believe I didn’t guess it before! I knew you acted just like a girl!”

You looked at Lafayette, and his face broke your heart. He was crying, the tears falling down his face. You closed your eyes, your face in your hands. You heard the bed creak.

Regardez-moi (Look at me).” You removed your hands from your face, and stared into his eyes. You could see the heartbreak, the disappointment.

“You lied to me, Washington. You lied to us.” He yelled, punching the bed. The wood splintered, and you jumped, quickly reminded of Thomas. The tears didn’t stop. “I trusted you, I told you everything, and you fed me lies. Vous nous avez fait paraĭtre idiots. Vous… je vous déteste, Washington. (You made us look like fools, You… I hate you, Washington).” Your heart dropped. It hurt, a lot. You felt horrible about it, but you knew you deserved to be cursed at and hated by them. You deceived your friends, and you were only worthy of the most insulting remarks.

Hamilton stared at Lafayette, shocked. “Hey Laf, don’t you think that’s too much? She must have lied for a reason, and not just to trick us.” Hamilton looked back at you. “I still trust you, Washington. Whatever gender you may be.”

“But she saw me naked…” Laurens mumbled, staring at his hands. Mulligan shook his head, and put his arm around Laurens’s neck.

“There was nothing good to see, anyway.” Mulligan replied, then smiled at you. “I trust you, Wash. No matter how much of a pervert you are.” You couldn’t help but smile at that statement. “There you go, that’s what I like to see.”

You watched Lafayette, and he shook his head.

“Tell me the reason why.” He crossed his arms across his chest, staring you down.

“Before entering the war, I was a maid. I didn’t lie about giving my money to my dad’s friend. They took me under their care, and made me do their every whim. Sometimes, if I didn’t do what I was told, they would hit me. I was the oldest, and my sister was my only sibling. She didn’t listen to them, and constantly made careless mistakes. Soon, I was told that she was murdered by one of the slaves that they owned. I knew it wasn’t the truth. I know they killed her. As I grew, I became friends with one of the slaves…”

“Sally.” Hamilton interrupted, and you nodded, continuing. “She taught me how to take care of everything in the house. I noticed that the man was stealing slaves in the middle of the night, including Sally. One night, I saw her crying, her clothes ripped to shreds. I didn’t even have to ask her who did it.” You winced at the memory, holding back your tears.

“A few months later, he was paying special attention to me. Complimenting me, encouraging me, and touching my face all the time.” You shook your head at the image of Thomas kissing the side of your neck.

“I had to leave, and Sally made sure that I was prepared to do so. She told me the only way for me escape was to leave in the middle of the night. I wasn’t sure, but the day the man told me that he was going to visit me that night, I knew it was time. Sally said that no one could know that I am a woman, or a maid, because they would send me right back to the plantation I escaped from. I wanted her to come with me, but she refused, not wanting the other slaves to be punished because of her.” You held your hands together. “That’s why I lied. I can’t be sent back there, I can’t. I don’t know what he’ll do to me.”

Hamilton, Mulligan, and Laurens stayed quiet. You knew they were shocked at your whole story, and at how much you lied to them about. You stood up, and went over to your things.

“I’m going to leave. I made a mistake lying to you, and I’m sincerely sorry about everything I put you through.” You walked over to the bed. You heard footsteps coming towards you, and you turned around, coming face to face with Mulligan.

“I’m not gonna let ya leave, Washington. We’re friends, and friends don’t let their friends go back into dangerous situations. Hell, you’re the only one that laughs at my jokes.”

“He’s right,” Hamilton replied, “Including the jokes part. We stick together. Right when you walked your ass through that opening over there, we were already best friends,” he tucked his hands in his pockets, his thumbs sticking out. “On the first day, you made me happy. You comforted me about my mother.” He chuckled, recalling the day. “You touched my arm, and I was confused. It… felt weird.” Hamilton blushed, looking down. Laurens rolled his eyes at Hamilton, and looked at you.

“We pranked the boys all the time! Remember when they woke up on the sand a few miles away?” You moved your head, thinking back to the joke. Lafayette panicked, cussing in French. Mulligan didn’t care, and fell right back to sleep. Hamilton, on the other hand, chased you and Laurens down. Laurens giggled. “You came up with all the ideas. I knew we we’re going to be good friends after that.”

“I… I don’t know what to say…” You said, putting your hand on your head. Lafayette, after his silence, finally spoke up.

“When I came here from France, I barely knew English. Mes amis ici (My friends here) were the ones who helped me every step of the way, I could not remerciez (thank) them enough for all that they have done. But when you showed up, everything changed. I… I had a companion that I could tell anything, without feeling… jugé (judged) about it.”

“Whenever I was upset or angry, you could see through les murs (the walls) that I put up. I thought that we became brothers. But when you just told us that you were mensonge (lying) the whole time…” It seemed like he struggled with the right words to say in English, so he said the next few sentences in French. Je ne pourrais pas le prendre. Je me suis senti comme notre rapport entier étais un mensonge. (I couldn’t take it. I felt like our whole relationship was a lie)“.

He looked at you, and smiled sadly. "But you did it for a reason, and I understand that. It is going to take a moment for me to forgive you, but I think I can. No, I know I can.” He held his arms open, as if he wanted to give you a hug. You stumbled over, rubbing away the waterfall that poured down your face. You fell into his arms, and he laughed, wrapping his long upper limbs around your torso. He moved your hair out of your face, and pushed it behind your ear. Your heart pulsated at his touch, and you blushed.

Mon amour, you are sitting on my leg.” His forehead was sweating, and you quickly jumped off, apologizing over and over again. He snickered, but you could tell he was still in pain. After a couple of seconds, you realized what he called you.

Mon amour…

You heard the tent door open, and saw General Washington walk in. You all put your hands to head, saluting the general. He nodded, and told you all to rest.

“I’m sorry men, but I need to talk to Major Lafayette for a moment.” We all marched out, leaving the two to talk alone. Once you made it outside, Mulligan pulled you under his arm, messing up your short hair. You laughed, struggling to get out of his hold. Laurens panicked, pulling Mulligan off you.

“Hey! You’re going to hurt Wash!” He complained, examining you. You moved away from Laurens, and tapped him lightly on the arm.

“I can handle it. I’ve handled it before, so I can handle it after what I told you.” You whispered, and he sighed, rubbing his freckled face.

“But still, we can’t just keep treating you that way, I mean-”

Mulligan tackled all three of you, pulling down into a pile. You all laughed and giggled, while Hamilton rolled his eyes at the man’s antics.

“You’re nonstop with this…”

Laurens pulled Hamilton’s leg, causing him to fall with you. A voice cleared their throat, and you all looked up from the pile. General Washington had a small smirk on his face. Hamilton blushed intensely, the first one to get up.

“Hamilton, Laurens and Mulligan, may I speak with you for a moment?” They nodded, marching off with Washington. You stayed behind, watching them go. A loud cough came from inside your tent, and you quickly ran in, making sure Lafayette was okay. He was, and he smiled at your entrance.

“Washington.” His face grew sad, staring at you. You walked over, touching his hand lightly.

“Are you alright, Lafayette?” He sighed, rubbing your palm.

“I must leave.”

“What?” You whispered.

Lafayette was sent to a hospital miles away, to tend to his injured leg. He protested to Washington about it, but the General insisted, making an unwilling Lafayette go. Meanwhile, Laurens, Hamilton and Mulligan were awkward around you, tending not to touch you or make vulgar jokes.

“Okay guys, we need to have a meeting. Now.” Laurens and Mulligan walked to the middle, without question. Hamilton looked hesitant, holding a paper in his hand. You glared at him, and he quickly followed the boys to the card table in the center.

“So, anyone want to tell me why you three are acting so strange?” Laurens looked at Mulligan, and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. How about you two?“ They shrugged along with him, and you rolled your eyes.

"You never invite me to drink with you anymore, you walked around me like I’m a disease, and you make sure no one is staring at me too much. Mulligan, you even got into a fight with a guy that made a joke about my face.” Mulligan nodded.

“Well he did say that you looked like a puss-” You held up your hand, not wanting him to finish that sentence. “No man can talk to a lady in that way.” He finished, crossing his arms. You face-palmed, sighing.

“I love that you care so much for me. Really, I do. But they think I’m a man, Mulligan. Of course he would say something like that. Besides that, I feel like you guys don’t like me anymore.” You played with your fingers. “You avoid me every chance you get.” Laurens looked at Hamilton, and then stared at you.

“We do, I just…Well, he told us not to tell you…” He mumbled, and Hamilton hit him, causing Laurens to fall on the floor. Mulligan pulled his hat forward, groaning.

“You’re an idiot, Laurens.” He murmured, his hat now covering his face. You raised your eyebrow, sitting up straight. 

“What are you talking about…” You questioned, suspicious. 

Hamilton hit Laurens too, and Laurens groaned, rubbing his arm. “Lieutenant Colonel John Laurens, what did Gilbert tell you?” You said sternly.

“He’s gonna kill me for this…” Laurens whispered, then looked at you. “He said to treat you like a lady. No drinking, no smoking, no touching, no rough-housing. And if we ever exposed ourselves to you again, well, that’s when he just glared.” You frowned.

Of course, you understood that he wanted them to treat you more respectfully, but setting guidelines is too much. You’re not a maiden in need of defending. You could handle yourself. You began writing a letter, Hamilton peering over your shoulder. You waved him away, writing quickly. You read over your work once to make sure everything was in order.

My Dearest, Lafayette,

I pondered everyday how you were doing, hoping you would come back safe and sound. How are you? Are you eating properly? Make sure to take care of your health! The boys and I talked frequently, and we’ve became closer than ever before. I grew to know them well, and know when their attitude changes toward me. 

This being said, I do not understand why they were quite distant whenever I entered the room, until oh lovely John informed me that you told them to behave in this manner. I knew I must address this quickly. I can take care of my well-being, and hope you do not tell them anything of the sort again. 

Our platoon is the first to travel to Valley Forge, where a battle is to begin. I hope to fight by your side, but I would like you to be at peak health before traveling such a distance. Be safe, we are eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Votre Ami Très Bel (Your Very Beautiful Friend), 

Private James Washington

I smiled, satisfied. “Your very beautiful friend? Don’t you think that’s pushing it?” Hamilton said, and you looked behind you, groaning.

“I told you to mind your own business.”

“No, you waved your hand. I just thought you were swatting an insect.” He said, a smug expression on his face. You threw a crumpled-up paper at him, and he ducked, avoiding the ball. “Ahh! Laurens, get her! She’s become rabid!” Laurens tackled you, and you both fell, laughing hysterically.

Hamilton grinned, then his eyes flicked to his writings. The smile slowly slipped away. He walked away to his desk, and began writing again, concentrated. Mulligan jumped in the pile, knocking the wind out of John and you. “Herc! You’re gonna kill us!” Laurens gasped, and Mulligan laughed, rolling off.

“Guys! Quiet down, I’m writing a letter to Congress.” Hamilton growled, dipping his quill in the ink jar. Laurens pulled himself off the floor, walking over to his friend.

“I get that you’re the general’s right hand man, but you could slow it down with the writing.” John might have forgotten that Hamilton and he were both Lieutenants. Hamilton scolded Laurens for not writing his letters on time.

Mulligan agreed, reaching out a hand to help me up. You took it gratefully, hopping onto your feet. “Yea, Alex, why do you write like you’re running out of time?” Hamilton ignored all of you, focusing on his work. 

You all knew he was leaving soon, to his wife Eliza. You never met her, but Laurens tells you that she’s a lovely woman. You suspect Hamilton is leaving early because Laurens was in a duel with Charles Lee. You jogged out the tent to take your letter to the postman. Once you caught up to him, he smiled, taking it from your hands.

“Thank you, miss.” He said.

“My name’s James, Sir. I’m a man.” His smile faded away, and he apologized, walking to the other men to pick up any more mail. You walked back to the tent, and Hamilton was packed up and ready to go. He shook and patted the backs of the two men. Once he walked to you, you pulled him into your arms, squeezing his body.

“It’ll only be for a few months, Washington. I’ll be back before you know it.” You nodded, letting go.

You touched his cheek, and messed up his ponytail. He groaned, rolling his eyes. He put his hands in yours, and you gave him a cheeky grin. “Have a safe trip, Alexander. How about you start making some babies? I want to be an aunt already!“ he laughed, blushing.

"I’ll work on that. See you soon.” he squeezed your hand once more, then walked out, a man on a mission.

You looked at the other two, and they stood there, glancing back and forth. After a few seconds of Hamilton being gone, Laurens hooted.

“Now that the adults are gone, time to drink!” Mulligan laughed, and put on his special black hat for the occasion. You rolled your eyes.

“Maybe Lafayette and Hamilton are right, drinking isn’t that healthy…” You trailed off, and Mulligan stared at you, shocked.

“Don’t tell me you’ve become stiff, Wash?” You shrugged your shoulders, a serious expression on your face. When you looked at their disappointed faces, you broke into a grin.

“Are you kidding? Time for drinks boys!!” You all yelled, your arms wrapped around each other as you marched to the bar.

Valley Forge

In winter, you all were commanded to March to Valley Forge. Lafayette was to commanded various platoons, including yours. Hamilton made it back in time for the March, because General Washington needed him. You prayed that Lafayette would make it in time so that you could see him. The letters being sent back and forth were very flirtatious, and it made you slightly nervous to see him in person. 

As you all marched towards Yorktown, Laurens broke out in a sweat. You touched his forehead, making sure his temperature wasn’t high. He smiled at you, kissing your fingers. You blushed, quickly moving your fingers away. He looked shocked at what he’s done.

“I… uh-”

“What the hell man! You know Lafayette and Wash have a thing!” Hamilton hissed, a little bit aggressively if you did say so yourself. Laurens apologized, and you shook it off, the slight blush still there.

“It’s fine, Laurens. Lafayette and I are just friends…” You didn’t even believe the words coming out of your mouth yourself. Mulligan snickered, glancing over at you.

“Yea, right. You guys are practically courting now.” Mulligan said that a bit loud, making some privates look over at you four. 

Hamilton sighed, his hand to his forehead. “Hell… Lafayette would be disappointed in all of you…“

Comment ça? (How so?)“ You heard a voice from behind you. You jumped, immediately recognizing that French accent from anywhere.

After Party Incidents (Hamilsquad x reader)

Tw: Attempted rape, language, alcohol, violence, blood(?) really holy fuck there’s a lot of triggers.

Word Count:2,208

A/N: Its been a while since i’ve written anything for a fandom but the Hamilton fandom got me in love again so. Yall this is triggery and really tell me if i forgot to tag something. Also I do request so hmu please!!!

- “Well shit,” you said from your place on the well-polished wooden floor. A group of people you didn’t know stepped around you and smirked. You groaned as one kicked your ribs and the laughter became louder. They moved on and you berated yourself for tonight’s string of bad and growing slowly more terrible decisions. You knew better after the third or fourth shot of… whatever the hell Angelica had handed you, but you drank it anyways. You suspected it was vodka, because any and all of your good sense had vacated your intoxicated mind. She and the girls had left after Maria vomited off of the third story balcony, a sight that had you in tears despite your sympathy. She was going to have a rough morning tomorrow, dealing with the headache and general after party hangover bullshit. At least none of you had classes the next day, a rare break at King’s College. But they left you in a hard position to get home. Maybe the boys, Alex, Herc, Lafayette, and John could get you. You were rooming with them after all. But it was something they’d tease you over forever and never let it go. You contemplated driving yourself, even if it was exceptionally stupid. You quickly shrugged off the idea. You’d figure something out, even if you were all alone. Suddenly you found yourself being jostled around, but, disoriented, you could only bat at the disruption. You heard a soft laugh, but shrugged it off. You knew most everyone at this party. Well, everyone except for one group of guys milling around the room, the same group that had laughed and kicked you earlier. They all gave you the creeps, major style. You expected Thomas or James or even one of the boys had moved you though and so you settled into to your new place on the cushy soft black leather couch. Monticello truly was a huge and wildly extravagant estate, and the mansion was usually immaculate, perfectly designed gold accented decor all in place. Today, though, it had been torn through by a tornado of drunk partying college kids. Usually even post party the place wasn’t this bad, but you attributed it to the group of new boys. You recognized one from Thomas’ debate group and assumed he and the rest were from one of Thomas’ other extracurricular activities. He was a beautiful social butterfly. But you couldn’t stay here for the rest of the night and you didn’t want to remain in the wrecked room with those creeps. “Okay,” you said to yourself, devising a game plan. Step one: get up. “One, two, three,” you counted, and hauled yourself up, car keys in hand. You struggled and swayed on your towering heels but you managed to stand well after a while. Of course as soon as you had accomplished that you felt yourself being shoved down on the couch. You assumed it was Thomas or your boys or even more likely James here to chew you out for even thinking about driving yourself home in your current state, but you panicked when a heavy body pinned your much smaller frame on the couch. “Hi there pretty girl, where were you goin’?” A grating male voice asked and you felt your already short dress hike up you thighs as you struggled against your captor. You gasped and tried to scream when a large dirty hand fell over your mouth and you couldn’t breathe. Finally you found some leverage and brought your knee up hard. The man above you groaned and instinctively went to protect his softer parts. You struggled to get up and dash across the room to the doorway. Before you made it down the hall, the other two boys in the creep’s group saw you. You poured all your energy into sprinting away to where there were at least more people, but before you made it to the room you tripped over an expensive woven carpet and went flying. You felt your head hit the creme colored wall hard and groaned as sweat and tears fell down your face. You leaned against the wall and curled your body into itself as the two men, plus the original attacker zeroed in on you and your vulnerability. “You bitch,” he hissed as he yanked you up and you cried out as he pulled your arm so hard you felt something pop out of place. The blow across the face caught you surprised and made your head even more fuzzy. Your entire environment was now in a dreamlike haze, the beautiful room blurring around you. As two of the men dragged you back to the couch you screamed and kicked so hard that your feet left the ground but they were three and you were one. A sudden cold hit you and you realized that your dress had been yanked at by the men until it bared your top and bottom. It bunched around your stomach painfully and you were slowly loosing the ability to kick, or think. As you felt the men’s hands move around your body you felt like you were being burned at the stake. Vaguely, you wondered what you would do after? You had no birth control, didn’t think creeps were big on condoms. Soon they must’ve gotten tired of the rest of your body because a hand touched the band of your underwear and you shrieked the loudest you’d been all night. Even over the loud party someone had to hear that. Either way it once again distracted the men as they focused on shutting you up. You cried silently and assumed that was the end, when the door they had locked was jiggled. “Hello?” A voice called from the other end. Your muffled screams were quiet though, and one of the men responded to the unknown questioner. Watching your attackers fearfully, you worked the gag out of your mouth and screamed. It hurt your throat and you taste blood so it had to be loud enough. Truly, more voices were at the door now and they were banging on it hard. The men smirked at each other. They had locked it a while ago. You screamed again, heard someone yell “Sorry Thomas!” and kick the door in. Herc and Lafayette stood in the wake of the splintering door. They ran to your side, John and Alex not far behind. They yanked the men off of you and Herc and John fell in on them, beating them relentlessly. After checking that you were alive and kicking, Alexander jumped into the fray too. Lafayette and James stayed at your side as the boys dragged the scummy poor excuse of a human mess out of the room. Vaguely, you wondered what the hell they were doing until Lafayette whispered your name and ran a gentle hand down your temple. "Wha-?” you slurred and looked at him confused, His soft fingertips had come away from your head coated in blood. Huh. You knew why everything was so blurry now. You must’ve hit your head harder than you thought. “Laf, I don’t-” you started but he quietly shushed you. “It will be okay. Here, James has returned,” his soft voice relaxed you slightly and you looked up in question. You hadn’t even noticed James had left, but here he was with a glass of water and a blanket that he wrapped around you carefully. You blinked, realizing you had still been very exposed. You looked up and thanked him for the blanket as he passed you the cool glass of water. “Never a problem, Y/N,” he smiled at you before he turned around and Thomas appeared. “I’m sorry, I know that I messed up and-” you cut off his panicked babbling quickly. “This isn’t your fault Thomas. You had no way of knowing,” you said softly. His stricken face softened and he sighed. “I’ve called the police. They’ll be here soon. Don’t worry,” he said but you lost the rest of his of his sentence as your breath quickened. You knew how this story went. The police weren’t known for being forgiving towards rape cases. Already you could hear the questions swimming in your ears, well what were you wearing and why were you drunk and why didn’t you scream louder at first. “Nononono,” you said freaking the fuck out. “Y/N, hun, calm down please. We’ll be here with you,” James said and Laf nodded. You were still terrified, but the idea of having back up here to help you gave you strength. “Okay,” you nodded and grasp at Lafayette’s hand. The next few hours passed in a blur. You remembered a female officer, thank god, coming and questioning you. She was exceptionally kind and you cried the entire questioning. She looked you in the eyes before she left. “You, are a damn brave woman. These bastards ’ll get what’s comin’ to them. There’s enough evidence here to put ‘em away for a long time,” she said before she went to give your story to the other police there. You were still in a haze as James cleaned up your sluggishly head wound and gave your boys very strict instructions not to let you sleep for few more hours. He laughed softly at your complaints and gave you a set of clean gray sweatpants to put on until you got home. When the boys came to take you home they took one look at your heels from hell and gently pulled them from your feet. Thomas supplied a pair of slippers and you leaned on Herc as you shuffled to his black two-door sportscar. John climbed into the back seat first and he and Laf helped you into the slide in after him. John was on your left, Alex to your right and you sighed and you got more and more drowsy. Laf looked back at you from the front seat and reached out for your hand, kissing your knuckles and you cuddled into Alex’s side. John tapped your knee softly along to the beat of the low music drifting around the car. The red and yellow lights of the interstate flew by, reflections of road signs bouncing by. You like to imagine they spiraled off into space and turned into stars. You must’ve said something about it because you felt Alex laugh. John snorted quietly and you met Herc’s crinkled eyes in the rear-view mirror. You knew you weren’t supposed to sleep, but you felt yourself drifting off anyways. The next time you cracked your eyes open, you were being gently pulled out of the car. You tried to stand, but your weak knees collapsed and Herc’s strong arms swept you up quickly. You heard John unlock the front door and Herc carried you to your room. He left and Alex wandered in after, eyes bright and worried. “Hey. Hey Y/N. Hi. You need to change,” he said, holding out one of his clean t shirts and what must’ve been John’s hoodie. “Okay,” you said drowsily and struggled with the zipper on the back of your dress until he approached quietly. “Can I help you?” he asked carefully and you nodded. He gently pulled the zipper down and turned around as you wriggled out of the dress and into the soft new clothes he gave you. You let out a sigh at how comfortable they were. “Thank you Alex,” you muttered and promptly collapsed into a boneless pile onto your bed. Alex laughed softly and helped you into the covers before sitting on the edge of the bed. “Hey Alex?” you asked and he looked up quickly. “Yeah Y/N?” “Can you stay here tonight?” you asked sheepishly. You didn’t want to be alone. You knew it was irrational, but you were scared the men would come back. That somehow they would escape and comeback for you. Alex seemed to understand, and he nodded. “Sure Y/N. I’ll be right back,” he said, patting your foot and disappearing out of the open door for a moment. You heard the boys moving around throughout the house and their hushed voices echoed. Pretty soon Alex returned with a smirk and you heard a large thump. You didn’t understand until John and Herc dragged a huge mattress through your bedroom door and set it next to your bed. “Mind if we join you?” Herc joked and you smiled up at him, sleepy and happy. “Of course. Pick your spot,” you said as the boys set up their places and Laf finally came in the room with a huge armful of pillows and a glass. “Ma chérie, would you like anything?” he asked as he handed you the drink and you shook your head. He smiled and nodded. “This will pass,” he told you before he dropped his entire armload of pillows over Herc and John’s head. They protested and you laughed, drowsy and content as you felt Alex and Laf climb on top of the covers on either side of you. “Thanks guys,” you said as you drifted off. It would take a lot to get over all this, but you had support. Tomorrow you would get up and face the world, your friends by your side.


The Great Gatsby Official Trailer 3

This needs to come out already. These trailers are amazing.