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“That is like a dream come true for a coach, because she will be the face of the team, we will build everything around here,” Dash Head Coach Vera Pauw said. “For a club like the Houston Dash with the facilities that we have, the professional organization that we have around it, the team needed a star like Christen Press. The fact that we were able to make this trade is fantastic. It’s really fantastic and I’m really looking forward to working with her.”

Press, 29, has been one of the most consistent goalscorers for the USWNT since earning her first cap in 2013. Over the last four-plus years, she has made 96 appearances and scored 44 goals, an average of a goal every 2.2 games. She added four goals in 2017 at the international level, most recently in a 6-0 win over South Korea on Oct. 22.

The forward earned NWSL Best XI honors in 2017 after she scored 11 goals and added four assists in 23 appearances, an average of a goal or assist every 133 minutes, or 0.68 goals plus assists per 90 minutes played. Her 11 goals ranked third in NWSL, and her four assists were tied for 10th-most in the league.

In four seasons with Chicago, Press has scored 36 goals in 68 appearances. She has earned NWSL Best XI accolades in each of the last three seasons and was a Second XI selection in her first season, 2014. Press and Becky Sauerbrunn are the only players to have earned Best XI honors in each of the last three years.

An Academic All-American at Stanford, the Los Angeles native was named the 2010 Pac 10 Scholar Athlete of the Year after double majoring in Communication and Psychology.


AWWWHHH Roo! Hope you’re out playing and making some new friends.

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루 라고 해용-ㅎㅎ
오자마자 매장 순회하시고
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오자마자 적응 잘하구 잘놀구 잘뛰구^^
칭찬해 👏🏻
언니들이 많이 사랑해주고 많이 안아줄게🖤
#모카야 너의 기린이 장난감 오또케~~~ㅎㅎ🤣
#호텔링 처음인거 맞지..?😅🖤
#달리기선수 루루루루루루!

wrathion and anduin

My mom just sent me a new picture of my younger sister who moved to California and she’s lost a lot of weight, but the most important part of that picture to me is just the happiness I can see her her whole entire body. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her be actually happy, and I’m just so glad that she’s happy. Last time I saw her that happy we were both kids, over ten years ago. I can’t even put it into words how much that means to me to see her be so happy.

I may be crying a bit, because I’m so happy for her. Also because I miss her. ♥

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I keep seeing references to an Amy/egos story, but I can't find it! Do you have a link or could you post it? 😃

Oh, boy, I should’ve known this ask would come XD It’s a multi-chaptered story, but I guess it is about time that I posted it here! Here’s the first chapter; I hope you like it!

MP Fanfiction - Independently Together

Summary:  Through a series of…diverse encounters, Amy is forced to face the fact that a relationship with Mark, by extension, means a relationship with his Egos. They have interesting ways of going about it, to say the least.

Chapter 1: Getting Warmed Up

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I'm waiting for my fav youtuber to drop some content yo

hopefully tomorrow. the video is recorded there’s just been some problems with the editing. my editor (alex i love you) has been really sick with an eye infection and a fever and is currently in poland where the wifi is awful so it’s taking ages for the videos to download and stuff. she’s coming back now tho and hopefully she’s feeling better soon so best case scenario there will be a video up by saturday

one day you are going to look for me in all the places you could find me before 
but i’m going to save you the trouble:
i’ll already be gone
—  DizzyDaisyThoughts