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Pennywise x Reader smut


You weren’t the most confident of girls. You had always stayed away from boys in hopes of not attracting any attention to yourself. All the kids in your grade have either lost their virginity or done other things. Sometimes you feel the need to be touched in the most dirty of ways, but growing up in a very strict religious family, you were taught it was wrong until marriage with the right person.

You sit in your bedroom on a warm Friday night. You wear your favourite fluffy socks and a t-shirt as you study for a test due next week. Your parents have gone out to dinner, trusting you to take care of yourself.

You play with the ends of your hair, biting your lip as you concentrate on the large textbook and the information inside. You are so entranced in your study that you don’t realise your window slowly creaking open. Letting the slight breeze hit the curtains eerily.

From outside, Pennywise peeks into your room, staring hungrily at you. He has been stalking you for a while, fortunately for you it isn’t his hunting season. Instead, it is mating season for Penny. Since he is one of his kind on the Earth, he preys on innocent girls to fulfil his cravings. This season, it is your turn.

He takes your parents going out as his only opportunity to seize your delicate, innocent body for his pleasure.

A growl interrupts your studying, causing your head to immediately flick up to your window. A long, gloved hand creeps over the ledge of your window, pulling whatever creature it’s connected to further into your room.

You gaze in horror as a pale white face with orange tuffs for hair peeps into your room. It’s eyes shine a bright blue, it’s red lips curl into a large smile before one.. then two of its legs swing into your room and land on the soft carpeting of your floor.

The thing appears to be a tall, lanky clown, it’s outfit old and creased. It stares into your eyes, as if looking at your soul.

Entranced yet frightened, you freeze, mouth wide open and hands shaking. Suddenly, it’s lips pull down from its grin till it looks at you with a neutral, open mouth and hooded blue eyes. It creeps closer to your bed, it’s heavy feet thumping against the floor.

It was only till the clown is at the foot of the bed that you scream. You jump off the bed and try escaping through your door, only to have a large hand wrap around your waist and pull you back into a hard chest.

The clowns other hand places itself firmly against your parted lips, muffling your screams as you thrash around in its arms. Your screams only make the creature laugh loudly, your fear making his already aching bulge harder.

You feel his groin press firmly against your lower back, tears roll down your cheeks as his lips make their way to your neck, pressing kisses from your jugular to your earlobe.

“Do not be afraid little one, Pennywise just wants a little fun! And if you start screaming, Pennywise’s fun will be ruined, that makes Pennywise very, very, angry. Please do not scream pretty girl, it will be over soon enough.” His tone grows from playful to a low animalistic growl against your ear.

You nod slowly, just wanting this night to be over as fast as possible.

“Good girl.” He chuckles and releases you from his grasp, throwing you on top of the bed, and jumping on after, flipping you on your back. His gloved hands start ripping through the white fabric, slowly growing into large, sharp claws.

You lay still, petrified of what he was going to do next. You lick your dry lips, trying to remain calm as one clawed finger is placed against your collar bone, scratching it slightly and making little droplets of blood seep through the wound. Pennywise leans down and laps up the blood with his tongue, the feeling causing and unintentional moan to escape your mouth. The clown smirks against your collar bone, smelling the faint arousal from your panties.

Without another warning, he rips your shirt clean in half and disposes of it across the room. He stares down at your breasts, the nipples hardening as the cold breeze from outside flows through the open window. His eyes light up, raking up and down your body before landing on your pink lace panties. Those too are soon discarded to the floor.

“P-please don’t hurt me, let me go, I’m a virgin I don’t want this please!” You whimper to the clown, his hands running gently over your torso and around your breasts, tweaking the already sensitive nipples and making them glow a bright pink.

“Shush little girl, soon you will be begging for this…” Drool drips from his parted lips before landing on your aching pussy. Two of his claws retract back into his fingers before being placed against the folds of your soaking pussy, running over your entrance and your sensitive nub.

You let out a loud moan, the feeling of being touched so inappropriately making you shiver. Without warning, his fingers dive deep into your entrance, stretching you and causing pain to form as he pumps them in and out, curling them up against your g spot as he looks into your eyes once more. He watches you squirm and gasp at the pleasure and pain erupting through your body. You soon cry out his name and orgasm over his fingers.

“You’re ready now dear.” Is all he says before slamming his huge cock into your pussy, your walls hug his length firmly as he pounds into you relentlessly.

Your E/C eyes widen, tears fall down your cheeks as you bite your lip from screaming. The clown moves the fingers soaked in your juices against your lips as he fucks you, the digits pressing into your mouth and against your tongue for you to taste yourself. You moan around his fingers and look up at him with innocent eyes, loving the taste of your own pussy.

“Such a little slut aren’t you.. aren’t you!” He growls, expecting an answer. His fingers fall from your mouth, before wrapping his hand firmly against your throat, cutting off your breathing, letting only a slight amount of oxygen to pump to your lungs.

You grip his wrist tightly, gasping and moaning as his thrusts get harder and faster. His cock slides in and out of your tight entrance, blood covering his length as your cherry pops. He lets out his own loud moan as he throws his head back, sharp teeth glinting in the light of your table lamp.

Your legs begin to shake and your toes curl as soon an orgasm makes its way from your lower stomach and through your pussy, “P-Penny!” You cant help but scream as your walls tighten firmly around his cock, as he too cums deeply in you, his semen spilling out from your already full hole and onto the sheets of your bed. The monster begins to try pulling out, only to fail as your muscles contract against his member, keeping him firmly trapped inside you.

“Fuck.” He growls.

“Wh-what happened?!” You start to fret, “get out of me! Stop playing around!”

He takes his hand from your throat and pulls your thighs wider apart to look down at the two of you stuck together. “You have to relax.” He grumbles.

“How! I don’t know how! Help how do I-”

A firm slap is forced across your cheek. You stare, stunned, looking up at the angered clown. “Fucking relax!” His angered voice gets louder.

You nod and calm your breathing, he rubs circles into your hips, you feel yourself beginning to relax as your body begins to stop tensing.

Finally, Pennywise slowly pulls his cock from your pussy, more of his load seeping out of the now gaping hole. He giggles and pulls his pants gently over his cock before getting up and heading to the window, “goodbye, princess. Better clean up, I think I see daddy in the driveway.” The clown mocks you, sending a wink your way before jumping out of the window and disappearing, leaving you in a mess of yours and his juices, wanting more.

things to consider:

▪express gratitude and don’t take things for granted

▪include more fruits and veggies in your diet. you’ll feel much lighter and not so gross

▪appreciate nature! take photos, hike and go on picnics. feel the breeze, smell the flowers and pay attention to the beautiful sounds

▪spend less money and save up for the future, you’ll thank yourself later

▪don’t treat people like air. greet the ones who greet you, hold the door open for others instead of rushing inside, offer your help when needed and just be nice in general

▪hug people, hold hands and show affection but only if you and the other part are both comfortable with it

▪try new things! if someone asks you to participate in a competition then do it! if someone asks you to hang out then do it! you know you’ll regret it if you don’t go!

▪express your sexuality! want to have a lot of sex? have a lot of sex! want to try different types of sex? do it! want to wait till marriage? do it! a person who likes to have a lot sex is valid and person who decides to wait or never have sex is valid too!!

▪take care of your skin!! body!! hair!! teeth!!

▪explore your town! you’ll notice how different things are and look early in the mornings, in the middle of the day, late in the evenings and in the middle of the night!!

▪laugh at small stupid things!! learn to laugh at yourself!!

▪learn to appreciate yourself!! accept your flaws and move on! you don’t have to love yourself and honestly i don’t think anyone ever has fully loved themselves

▪read, read, read. reading makes you understand things better, you’ll write and communicate better and you will live more than only your own life!

▪learn something! whether it’s a language, math, another subject, a sport or another interest! attend classes or learn yourself or together with someone!

▪study the subject you actually want to study. work in the field you actually want to work in

▪stay informed. read the news and at least know the big picture of what’s happening around the world

▪cut out the assholes from your life. is someone draining or just simply a bad person? say goodbye and move on!

Small self-care tips

- shower and wash your hair. you don’t have to dry it if that’s too tiring, letting it air dry or wrapping it up in a towel feels nice!

- put on a comfy sweater and comfy socks. also a scarf if you’re cold! it makes you feel warm.

- do some laundry. even if it’s just the jeans and shirt you wore that day.

- clean up your study area. vacuum, dust, wipe it all down, declutter, take out the trash, everything! make it neat and nice.

- pet your dog or cat

- make yourself a cup of coffee or tea. hold it in both hands and start to feel warm and cozy.

- think about the work you have to do in a positive light. think about how good you’ll feel once its done!

- settle in with your warm cup and cozy clothes and get going! stay soft and light. don’t push it too hard, don’t clench your jaw, don’t be rigid. just stay relaxed and work slowly and calmly.

Honestly, I kind of have a headcanon of like…

Hunk and Lance are probably the best at taking care of themselves, physically. Even outside of the beauty routine Lance strikes me as pretty health-conscious. It’s just, here’s your leg pilots, they both have clear skin and moisturize and take good care of their hair and it’s nice.

Coran is normally pretty good, but isn’t above overtaxing himself because his workload just… never stops, he’s got to be on top of everything but he knows how to all-nighter responsibly and manage crashes so they’re less of a train wreck. This applies to his grooming as much as his health.

Pidge I think is pretty prone to cutting into sleep or missing meals if unchecked and having a Project. She will at least attempt to offset with junk food if not proper meals- though somebody else has to get the food usually- just waving something under her nose if she’s busy and hasn’t eaten in a while is usually all the incentive she needs to nosh on it. She’s pretty good at taking care of her appearance, though if in part because with the natural curl in her hair if she doesn’t at least brush it out in the mornings she will be eating it all day.

Keith will straight up forget to eat and his nutrition is entirely microwave meals I’m pretty sure if he stretches you can see his ribs through his shirt. He has like really good genes with his hair/skin but pretty much never takes care of it, boy pretty much wouldn’t know chapstick if it bit him and his hands are always beat up and full of dead skin and old scars. The real reason Lance is mad, like listen, dude, no amount of how stupidly naturally pretty you are is going to change the fact that the most demanding thing you do to take care of yourself is brush your hair and wash it like once a month.

Allura is a princess and princesses have expectations to be clean and pretty and proper and she sticks to that, but only so much because she spent her entire childhood as a super rambunctious high-energy kid who pretty much had to do sports and martial arts because that was the only way for her to tire out enough to sleep at night and it just fed her competitive streak. Your body is a temple? Her body is a sports car. She takes care of it because it is hard-won and check out this acceleration. She is here to Get Stuff Done.

Shiro is like a werewolf except instead of a wolf he turns into someone who makes bad life choices. Seriously he seems so responsible and trustworthy and he tries to be but out of the team he has the greatest familiarity with, and is most likely to consume, incredibly dubious caffeine mixtures while he has a headache. He will do things with coffee that Pidge might attempt only once in her darkest moments and regret evermore, only he won’t even blink. This is what the team needs right now. This is the burden of the Black Paladin.

Allura catches him pouring the equivalent of space red bull into his coffee and he just looks her dead in the eye, “Please don’t tell the rest of the team how I live,” and downs it in one go.

hi everyone! i’ve been dealing with depression since may 2017. though everyone here on the studyblr community seems to be well intentioned when it comes to advise on mental health, i noticed that a lot of people feel uncomfortable, knowing that a significant part of them may not have ever experienced any kind of mental illness – note that i used the term ‘uncomfortable’, not ‘angry’. sure drinking water is important, but how is that going to help me, mentally? 

you see, i got no other knowledge about the subject than my own experiences, conversations with doctors and basic research. i can’t guarantee any of this will be helpful to you, but i can share what i’ve been passing through and try to reach a more equal level to those who are also dealing with mental illness and school. here are some things to note:

settling a time for taking medicine

  • this one can sound just as silly as drinking water, though it’s very important to the right functioning of the medicine you’re taking. it’s simple chemistry and you’ll find better results by doing that. your doctor will advise you to do so, then listen to all of their reccomendations
  • ok, so you’re taking medicine and has settled a time for doing it, great! now, you should turn it into a task. write it down on your journal, programme a phone alarm, or even find an app for this, so you won’t skip the correct time for doing it
  • however, you’re probably going to skip time for one day or another, and it’s absolutely ok, since it doesn’t become something frequent!


  • well, sleeping is a quite complicated one: apparenty, depression can make you wether sleep too much or not sleep at all, and that’s s my case. i would wake up every night and spend 40-50 min awake. it took me 5 different pills until i found the one that made my sleep enough and regenerating again
  • report your sleeping problems to your doctor. sleeping medicine can lead your mind to some weird dreams, as it’s done to me, and your doctor will know how to handle this

doing stuff you like

  • depression is well known for making people uncapable of doing all the things they once were passionate about. i know. however, you have to keep in mind that you’re now starting a new phase, the getting better phase, now that you’ve been taking medicine and seeing the doctor. in time, maybe the day you start taking medicine or maybe not so early, you’ll return to do what gives you pleasure
  • make sure that your hobby doesn’t feel like an obligation and happens spontaneously 
  • maybe you don’t have a hobby, a hobby that feels like the stereotypical ones, like drawing, singing or playing tennis, and that’s alright: find something you do without any blame and stick to it 

studying for exams

  • this can be a great oportunity for you to try new studying methods. depression injuries your academic productivity, and by the end of the semester the only you wish is your school year to be over; then all you want is your notes to be efective
  • there are tons of study tips for your here on tumblr. don’t be afraid of trying a new note taking system or doing those vocabulary things that are so popular here
  • i know it doesn’t feel like the correct time for experimenting; you have to make it to the next year and shouldn’t get too excited planning what you’re gonna do, and then end up in a mess bigger than before. i have this thoughts frequently. but, during my last exams seasion, i was just so tired!!! i didn’t read every book, didn’t take revision notes that covered up everything in detail, but what i did felt effective
  • trust me, neither you nor these people on studyblr community can study everything to their 100%, even if they are mentally healthy. that’s impossible, so don’t push yourself too hard

receiving exams results

  • well, you can probably guess that this is about receiving bad results. good grades need no preparation for, in contrast to bad ones… erm, but we have to cover them up: your effort may not work. you may fail some subjects. it is a possibility, and it doesn’t mean that you should’ve done more or that it’s just a big picture that represents how you were never able to develop studying skills – sorry! i have these thoughts
  • you can always work on prevention. prevention from failing and prevention from feeling completely helpless if you do

letting your school know

  • you should consider letting your school teachers and headmaster know about your condition. this way, they’ll get to understand your lack of motivation and the occurrent classes that you’ve been skipping or simply away from
  • you can also get the chance to take tests at home or separately from the others, if that’s how you wish to

getting a legal absence

  • you can get a legal absence from school, if you understand that you’ll feel better at home. i decided it was the best for me to do and had my parents, doctors and school supporting my decision. if this is something that often cross your mind, make sure you have thought it through, then you’ll have to deal with all the bureaucracy, but hopefully it won’t take too long

final considerations

keeping a journal

  • the day i started taking medicine, i decided i would start a journal to monitor my feelings and simply write down moments or things i’d like to remember later on. both my psychologist and psychiatrist supported my idea. maybe you could enjoy doing so, or going for the things i did well today challenge

treating yourself

  • it can be a hobby. we all know how life is busy. if you just can find an hour when you can enjoy your body lotions, do some skin care or simply wash your hair, then lucky you are
  • though depression can depravate your want to do some of the self caring, you could find a way to reanimate these habits, when you do it only in order to take care of your well-being

starting a studyblr, studygram or a studytube

hobbies during bad days

  • i’m so glad i’ve got my hobbies to use them in my favour! they can feel pretty productive when i can’t function to the productivity patterns. my psychiatrist recommended me not to pin them to my weekly activities, so i wouldn’t have to worry about them. maybe this strategy suits you as well

i believe this is pretty much everything for now. ahhhh please let me know if any of this sounds helpful and thank you very much for reading!!! 

wishing you the very best on earth!!!

the sun signs as i know them…

aries - new shoes, cheeky smiles, long walks with music in your ears, fresh haircuts, bright eyes, honesty in the face of adversity, stay-in dates watching movies in bed, buying snacks for your friends

taurus - golden roses, checkered shirts, calm auras with hidden depth, a softness tinged with the coarseness of experience, loud laughter, not meeting with friends for ages but slipping into things easily when you do, self love culture

gemini - mischievous eyes, blood-spattered guitars, strong wind blowing through your hair, losing yourself in music, peace near the crashing sea, radiating deep love and care, secondhand clothes, growling rabbits

cancer - fierce loyalty, protective walls, walks on the beach on a cloudy day, laughing in the face of danger, pillars of strength, toothy grins, shelves and shelves of books from childhood, kid’s toys gathering dust

leo - dancing on an empty stage, laughing ‘til you cry, the scent of home, shouting from rooftops, retail therapy, collections, drinking on weekdays with friends, big dreams, craving hugs

virgo - either looking intimidating or like you know something no one else does, homemade costumes, calculating, clinging to safety, muted expressions, close siblings, thinking you’re always right, secret sensitivity

libra - flirting, expensive clothes, out-dated memes and humour, caring about your appearance, comfortable hoodies, social chameleons, wavy hair, candid photos, dancing in the dark

scorpio - shadows in a nightclub, wild hair, sparkling eyes, reputations, an eclectic friend group, discounts on expensive things, seemingly meaningless tattoos, loving yourself

sagittarius - watching the thunder turn into sunrise, bright red shoes, staying up all night with friends, empty bottles of vodka, ice in winter, watching cartoons and anime at 3am, loud music

capricorn - quiet and serious auras, guilty pleasures, buzzcuts, escaping realities, supporting parties, having to be right, thinking you’re bigger than you are, kind eyes

aquarius - lonely souls, fiery relationships, disliking hugs, hidden popularity, huge rucksacks and flip-flops, outdated fandom merch, striking hair, caring too much about what people think, cleverness

pisces - slightly too-long hugs, tentatively liking the occult, ride or die, clingy drunks, doe eyes, conspiracy theories, soft quiet, bright smiles, dreamy expressions, childishness

ok, this is my 2 cents and then i’m done lol: 

harry saying nothing rn is totally cool and fine IF he’s still on hiatus and not dropping an album in 10 weeks (or less). the registration of a touring company does show an intent, regardless of when it’s going to happen. so, i really hope he’s not putting out an album until after dunkirk. mainly because he’s so distanced from 1D fans right now and it makes him look like a person that i know he’s not. 

if he were to wait until after dunkirk, it would be perfect timing. he would have re-engaged his fans and also engaged new ones with dunkirk promo…awesome segue! 

and yes, i’ve been a total supporter of harry’s right to silence during this hiatus. which he DOES have and it’s totally copacetic IF he’s continuing hiatus until around when dunkirk promo starts. but to just not be engaged at all and then suddenly drop something out of NOWHERE and just expect everyone to buy it just because we’re here…seems arrogant and presumptuous and i don’t like it. 

so…in conclusion…i love harry TO DEATH, as if he were my own, but i don’t like this vibe right now. don’t get me wrong, i’mma still buy his album but…i don’t like the whole… situation (IF it is in fact, the real situation) and jeff should Do Better if this is happening Soon.


top 15 jeff/annie scenes (as voted by my followers):

15. annie is in jeff’s heart [urban matrimony and the sandwich arts]


*tries to be cute but ends up looking like this*

Some Positivity For My Trans Buds 💛

There is no such thing as being “not trans enough”.

To my gorgeous trans ladies:
💛You don’t have to wear makeup; it does not decide your gender. Your eyebrows and skin and eyes can be as cared for or as natural as you want. And your hair can be long or short, coloured or natural, it doesn’t matter.

💛You do not have to have a chest that isn’t flat. Some cis women have flat chests as it is, you are not defined by which curves you possess and which ones you don’t.

💛You do not have to have “girly” hobbies. You can do sports, play video games, watch football. It doesn’t matter if you don’t sew or play around with makeup. Only do whatever makes you happy, don’t do something just to fit more into the box of the female gender stereotypes.

💛You do not have to feel the need to go into a woman’s bathroom or anything else. If it doesn’t make you comfortable, don’t feel obliged to do so. You can stick with your familiarities and still be a woman.

💛You don’t have to be a straight woman. You can like whoever you want, and it doesn’t make you any less of a woman.

💛You are gorgeous and so brave. I love you all so much💛

To my handsome trans boys;

💛You don’t have to leave your skin plain. You can paint yourself with make up and play with it and make yourself pretty. Who doesn’t want to be pretty? And your hair can be any colour or length or style you want.

💛Your chest does not need to be flat. If you do not have access to a binder or a sports top or top surgery or anything to make your chest flatter- it doesn’t matter. Some cis men don’t have flat chests, and, besides, the shape of your body doesn’t define your gender.

💛You do not need to have “manly” hobbies. You don’t have to scream at the TV screen at football or anything, you can go ahead and enjoy your gossiping or your watching beauty videos. You can do whatever you want, and you don’t have to force yourself to fit into the box if you’re not comfortable doing those things and you enjoy other things.

💛You do not have to feel the need to go into the men’s restrooms. You can go wherever you feel comfortable, and if your comfort lies in familiarity, then you can go where you wish, and do what you want.

💛You do not have to be straight. You can have sexual attraction to men or whoever you want, it doesn’t make you less of a man.

💛You are so handsome, and so brave. I love you all so much💛

You’re all doing amazingly. Stay positive 💛

- Claude


Grady Travis (and the back of his beautiful head)

Snow corgi here to remind you that you are your own person and your body is yours alone to shape and modify the way YOU want it. There is no shame in breaking a mold you’ve grown out of or trying something new. Others may have a hard time adapting to it but they’ll get used to it, and if they don’t then those are probably not the kind of negative people you want in your life anyways. Either way you will be happier for being true to yourself! 

This corgi will be in the 2018 Corgi Calendar at weeaboutique soon!

RFA + Hands

1. Yossung

Definitely a gamer’s hand. His left hand slightly differs from his right since the fingertips are a little rough due to playing guitar when he was in high school (got this idea from the deep route chat stating that he used to play in a band before. I assume it was guitar). He holds your hands while guiding you to play his favorite computer game. His hand feels smooth against yours, with a slight rough feeling to it that you like. When your character dies, he brushes your cheeks saying it’s okay. He might be small and cute but his hands says “I’ll always protect you no matter what.”

2. Zen

Elegant, poised, graceful. What do you expect from a guy who has Godly looks? His hands are smooth and tender, without any sign that he’s lifting weights. When you hold hands, it’s like holding marshmallow cause it’s so soft. Despite having lady-like hands, it leaves a lingering scent of his favorite cigarettes that reminds you that he’s a man. Plus, it feels like satin that’s slipping off from you when he runs his fingers through your curves.

3. Jaehee

Often apologizes to you when her hands feels dry, as she stayed for long inside an air conditioned room, writing reports. Yet her hands are soft, her fingers are long and slender, you would never believe she’s playing judo with such delicate hands. She often pats you on the back and shoulder and her comforting touch make all you worries go away.

4. Jumin

Daddy hands~. Sorry, I mean, hairy in a nice way. Visible veins and defined knuckles. His touches might seem hard and heavy but on the contrary, it feels very light and careful especially when he’s running his fingers through your hair and when he holds your hands, he has a habit to rub his thumbs against the back of your palm, which feels a little rough and you can’t help but feel tingly about it.

5. Seven

Veins popping and running across his arms and hands due to his training as an agent and since it’s his most used body part. Typing for hours, and when tiredness hits him, his hands start to moist. Despite the fact that had gone under training, his hands are soft due to moistness. When you hold hands, it’s not an icky feeling cause it’s warm and soft. His hands are bigger than the average and can clasp both of your hand in his. Perfect for “holding-hands-inside-his-hoodie-pocket”. Plus, since he’s fast with his hands, you won’t even have time to react when he touches you here and there.



His grips are tight, as if he’s holding his camera, but that doesn’t bother you at all, cause you can feel the care in his hold. When holding hands, he finds your comfortable position and adjusts his to yours. His hands are a little dry, that makes your hand moist when touched, as if electricity is running through it. Oftentimes, he asks you to be his model and when your hair’s not in place, he sets it according to his tastes, and when he accidentally brushes your nape, chills run down your spine, in the best way possible.

7. Saeran

Visible scars on his hands due to self inflicted injuries when he was under stress, and some of it are already fading. He’s always keeping his hands to himself due to shyness and would rather hold it himself. But when he wants someone to hold it, he would tug on your sleeves and extends his hands. It was anxious at first, getting your hands wet and all, but eventually relaxes and holds you without any sign of letting go, because he’s afraid of you leaving him. 

CTTO of the pics.