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There was plenty of white terrorist flavored bullshit at the prepper expo, as I expected. There were booths dedicated to helping you create homemade silencers or converting semi-automatic weapons to full, and a goddamn 55 pound bag of 98% explosives grade ammonium nitrate?! I sure hope anyone who buys that shit gets followed home.

But! There were also a considerable number of booths dedicated to sustainability, medical care, green farming, and wilderness survival. Lots of solar panels and books on environmental harm reduction. I bought a magnesium and flint fire starter because it’s a little more fun than flint and steel, as well as a pack of DrinkSafe cards.


the glendower gang + instagram → ronan

Henry is pretty famous on Instagram and gets the whole group into it. Ronan texts like hell, Blue, Henry and Gansey start a hashtag about how handsome is Adam (#aDAMN), they all use the comments section as a group chat, and they miss Noah A LOT.

They all post (except Henry, ‘cause he is a Blogger™) poor quality pics sometimes, but hey, that’s what normal teenagers do.


Disney; Toy Story/Westworld AU

Woody, the Sheriff in town, starts to notice things about the outsiders. Oddities. Devices he’s never seen before, sayings that make no sense. Bo Peep, Madame at the Saloon, starts having dreams. Terrible dreams. And Jessie, Woody’s niece taking care of the family farm, has hallucinations about a man named Andy. Or she thinks they’re hallucinations. 

It’s only when an outsider crash lands on the farm do things start to make sense. Buzz Lightyear, thinking he’s crash landed on a different planet, starts meeting the people of the town. Refusing to believe they are the same, it’s only when all 4 of their stories start to intermingle that Woody and Buzz realize there’s more to their world than meets the eye. They are the exact same beings, but why is it they seem to be from different eras?

Nothing you say will convince me that this isn’t exactly what Frisk and Papyrus did when Sans finally fessed up to Tori.  Sunglasses and all.  Also yup, going to shipping hell in style, I don’t care, they’re too cute.


Untitled by Gabriela Tulian
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Please say hello to my Bullet Farm boy: Jacket!!! Kukkii and I have collaborated two Bullet Farm OCs and Jacket is one half with Squire being the other (Kukkii should have his ref sheet up soon). 

Most amazing art done by: kukkiisart

I’ve written all of Jacket’s character down below so please read about him if you’re interested! :)

[[Click here to read about my other War Boy OCs]]

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The mercs as high school teachers

Medic: Sex Ed, AP Biology, AP Anatomy, after school science club (just hang out eat pizza and disect the left over frogs)

Soldier: US history, US politics, football Coach, they guy who makes everyone say the Plegde of Allegiance everyday

Heavy: AP literature, wrestling team coach, teaches self defense courses to students a few times a year

Demo: World Religions and Cultures, medieval club, Mythology, AP Chemestry

Scout: Physical Education, Track and Field coach, Baseball Coach

Sniper: Geography, AG Department (farming/animal care), driving classes, after school excursions club

Spy: Foreign Language, Art History, Fine Art, Theater, Phycology, after school Foodie club

Engie: Physics, Auto shop, Mathmatics, Robotics club

Pyro: beginning Chemistry, Home Ec., Anime/video game/film club

If Indra felt Trikru was “owed” 17 deaths for Finn’s attack, why isn’t Farm Station “owed” anything for their people slaughtered by Ice Nation (supposedly Lexa’s subjects) when they first crashed and later at Mount Weather? Oh yeah I forgot - because Grounders get to kill whoever they want without repercussions and since Grounder fans don’t care about the Farm Station people, neither should anyone else.

Midwestern Killjoy Headcannons

•jackets are an insane necessity, like you need multiple or you wont survive the winter.
•theres a lot of climbing trees to either escape or snipe dracs
•in large farmland areas you will find the occasional joy hiding in an old farmhouse and farming deep in the back lots to hide their crops from the patrols
•LOTS of cars. Like we produce so many cars up here that the joys would have acess to a lot if scraps and parts
•reliance on nature for food not pumped full of drugs
•joys with all their bright hair and piercings farming and caring for farm animals
•old middle of nowhere diners being turned into radio broadcast centers and stops for supplies


This is our incredible friend Mouse. When we first met him, he was terrified and alone, trapped in a filthy stall at the horrific Hudson Valley backyard butcher operation, with no water and no access to the outdoors.

Making matters worse for Mouse: An untreated injury had left his right rear leg withered and unusable. This is an especially difficult problem for a pig; as he grew, the strain of Mouse’s weight would no doubt cause his other legs, particularly his only functioning hind leg, to break down.

Fortunately, we work with the incredible doctors at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, and they set to work on a plan to help Mouse have a better quality of life and get around more easily.

Early on in the process, Mouse had a CT scan that created a 3D image. The Cornell team then took that image and used a 3D printer to create a model of his leg to help them create a plan for the surgery.

Treatment for Mouse has included a surgery that involved cutting the tendons to release the leg — so it would come down straight instead of curling up tight against his side. The doctors also performed a procedure to lengthen the actual bones of the leg. That procedure included the breaking of the bone and the adding of rods in between, plus an outer apparatus that could then be manipulated to slowly lengthen the space between the two bone pieces. This was done slowly to allow the muscles and tendons to adjust and stretch and not tear. In between the rods, new bone was able to grow!

Mouse also underwent surgery to remove his hoof, which was damaged beyond repair. That may not sound like a good thing, but it was — it made his next stage of treatment possible! 

Throughout this process, Mouse has received incredible care from his veterinary team and regular visits from Farm Sanctuary staffers. The scared little pig we met three months ago has blossomed into a happy, charming boy who loves his human friends and enjoys a good belly rub (as you can see in the video above).

Recently, Mouse entered a new and exciting phase of his treatment! He’ll have five weeks of daily physical therapy sessions using a new brace with a tennis ball at the end to approximate a hoof. During these sessions, his amazing veterinary team is essentially giving him walking lessons – hopefully, helping him learn to put weight on his leg and keep it straight. This is no easy task for a pig who probably hasn’t had the use of all four legs since he was a young piglet – but Mouse has made great progress so far and remains in great spirits. How he responds to physical therapy over the coming weeks will determine what the next steps will be for this sweet boy. Wish him luck! 

liftingtheveiltarot replied to your post “you say we ‘care’ for farm animals as if what we do to them is…”

I lost 15 followers after I answered a question about my veganism and I said it wasn’t a lifestyle for everyone & it’s none of my business how others lead their lives. I want nothing to do with people like this, it’s like they’re brainwashed and incapable of empathy for other human beings.

I think I happened to be online and saw that ask, that makes me so sad. If you show empathy and understanding to someone’s situation you can help make their diet as eco-friendly as possible for them, but that’s not always veganism, and it’s really unfortunate that enough get so caught up they don’t realize that. On one hand I understand why some have such strong feelings on it, but I’m not going to kill myself and don’t think others should die just because some websites said our needs are nonexistent. :/

I appreciate you. <3