care bear cousin


today i thought to myself, i wanna make toy franchise fan ocs but what if people think theyre embarrassing/cringey

and then i realized only god can judge me now i want them

so heres my tattletail oc (not a real toy line i know) my popples oc and my care bear cousins oc

cotton candy tattletail, pamper popple, and sweet heart tiger!!

On my last submission I said I don’t have any CB OCs. I do now.

Wary Heart Bat Wary Heart absolutely despises the negative stereotypes bats have. Too often are they depicted as these malicious creatures, when Wary Heart is the exact opposite. He would love to go down and show how great his species is. Problem is he’s just way too shy. Instead, he makes use of his cautiousness by always keeping a watchful eye around the Forest of Feelings.

Hard Knocks Bear Life can suck. Shit happens. Hard Knocks has no problem admitting this. However, she does believe that anyone can rise above it, no matter the circumstance. Her caring missions involve helping people who are going through dark times by giving them both the support and space they need.

And then there’s just myself as a Care Bear.

I’m not too fond of the tummy symbols, so I may change them later.