care 4 me

  • morning me: i really need to go to bed earlier :(
  • nighttime me: lmao @morning me fuKC YOUR nEEDS (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

my tablet’s pressure died… 

see you all around after i’ve saved enough money 4 new tablet

1) I love Madi, I need to draw more Madi 2) Maybe she’s responsible for Silver’s pierced ears this season? I mean, his Piratey Fashion Choices™ have only improved since he’s known her, and her style is amazing, so… :’D

K, I don’t want to make people more devastated about the current situation of Yousana (including myself). But did anyone realize that in the whole scene of the girl squad watching the balloon squad work out (and Sana ogling at her future husband), Yousef only and only was looking at Sana (Aka, his future wife)? Like, the whole. Damn. Time.

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Thoughts for today

Me: Wow, I can’t believe we FINALLY finished the Noora plot on Tuesday. Now we can focus on Yousana rising.

Skam: *gives an entire chat about Noora and whether or not she’s moving in with William*


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Canon Yuuri: No matter what don’t you dare think of me as meek or as someone who can’t fight my own battles. That has destroyed relationships for me, and just because I have anxiety doesn’t make weak. 

Fanon Yuuri: uwu Victor my big buff bf protector can you take c-c-care of the bullies 4 me ;o;

On the topic of Mac’s Teeth

Alright so the hot topic of MacCready seems to be his his teeth. Love them? Hate them? Doesn’t really matter, cos it’s canon and they’re here to stay.

But why? Between all your companions, why is Mac the only one afflicted with awful dental hygiene? Well, there’s a bunch of reasons as to why Mac’s teeth are the way they are. Let’s explore this.

Note: it’s r e a l l y long and took me a few hours to compile but I really hope you guys find it informative and/or interesting.

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listen, its almost 3am and i still have homework to do but i had to draw this man. im sorry, im love him sm and i have no idea why

That text from noora literally ruined my mood. It would be so bloody obvious if she and yousef had started something and knowing julie that’d either be the case or something completely random happened and she’s just playing us. And I trust her but I’m also scared from what she’s capable to do and either way I’m tired of this, I just wanna see Sana happy.