care 4 me

Sam, gesturing at T’Challa’s suit: “how do you even get into that?”

T’Challa, smirking: “you ask me nicely”

  • morning me: i really need to go to bed earlier :(
  • nighttime me: lmao @morning me fuKC YOUR nEEDS (•ฬ€แด—•ฬ)ูˆ ฬ‘ฬ‘

“…and cease being human.”

Re-watching season four and realizing exactly why Beatrice was so attached to that baby doll, it seriously breaks my heart. She just shatters after Bojack throws it off his deck the same way she did when her father threw hers in the fire after she contracted scarlet fever as a child.

“Someday, this will be a pleasant memory.”


So we had a 90s Party

1) I love Madi, I need to draw more Madi 2) Maybe she’s responsible for Silver’s pierced ears this season? I mean, his Piratey Fashion Choices™ have only improved since he’s known her, and her style is amazing, so… :’D

K, I don’t want to make people more devastated about the current situation of Yousana (including myself). But did anyone realize that in the whole scene of the girl squad watching the balloon squad work out (and Sana ogling at her future husband), Yousef only and only was looking at Sana (Aka, his future wife)? Like, the whole. Damn. Time.

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