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there’s an article floating around talking about how trump’s speech and celebrations are going to be “kept short” and it’s being presented as ‘oh, he can get right to work if he only goes to 3 balls instead of 11 like obama did!’

he’s planning to take the weekend off.

the number of people attending his inauguration is far less than half that of obama’s.

his original plan was for something far flashier, something to keep the nation “glued to their tvs”- but then he couldn’t get anyone to perform.

his speech is being kept short because no one can catch you in a lie if you don’t actually answer a question. it’s harder to sound unprepared if you do the bare minimum.

obama celebrated because people wanted to celebrate with him. not for the cameras, not for the reputation, but for the people. he’s the first president of color we’ve had, it was and is worth celebrating!

trump is not. and he’s claiming that he “doesn’t need pictures from 11 separate balls” because the media will be content with 1 or 2. the media doesn’t need “drawn out, elegant speeches”, just soundbites and news clips.

but that’s the problem, that’s the difference: trump cares about the media, not the people. he wants to look good, but doesn’t seem to care about doing good.

Sometimes people deserve a second chance, but be wary of who you give it to. Sometime when you give a second chance they then expect a third, and a fourth.
—  8/365 //c.a.t
I don’t know.
Maybe they’re right.
Maybe the you that I knew
doesn’t exist anymore.

Or maybe you’re buried beneath
the weight of all that’s happened to us
just like I am.

All I know is that despite
wherever you’ve gone,
(or maybe I should say
whoever you are)—

my foolish heart still hopes
you’re taking care.

‘Taking Care’

103/365 • © K.V.

Writing From The Ashes series


“You were the nights I spent partying to stop thinking about the best 3 months of my life. No, you were the flirting and grinding against strangers to a song I don’t even know the name of. Or maybe you werer the screaming wrong words to a song while dancing shirtless on top of a table. Perhaps the wobbly run I had to make to the bathroom when I thought my insides were about to turn out. But you weren’t the one who held my hair back when I puked in the toilet. You weren’t the one who carried me to bed afterwards. You weren’t the one who drove me home the morning after, giving me 2 advils along with a glass of cool water. You aren’t the one I’m in love with anymore”

- S.T. (Day#108)


like you, i’ve lost people i care about

54/365 Days of Outlaw Queen