Day 3 of The Hetalia Extravaganza 2017 @weekofhetalia

Theme: Kingdom

Aesthetic | Hetalia | FrUk | Cardverse

anonymous asked:

What ended up happening in the Cardverse AU? You left it on a major cliffhanger, with Arthur at knifepoint and all...

Part One / Part Two / Part Two and a Half

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FrUK Week

Theme: Day 1- Cardverse / Lavender

Rating: T for sexual references and mild innuendo

Notes: First drabble, first contest entry! This story borders lime-y territory, so be on the warning for that! //this is the closest I will border NSFW, just to let you guys know– Hope you enjoy!

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hong kong and china for this scribble because it’s also the lunar new year!

yesterday was my first time at ALA, usually i only ever go to AX but this time i wanted to try going to a con where i wasn’t going to 1. wait in line for half my lifespan and 2. be sweaty and disgusting while talking to people. btw if anyone knows who’s in these pics feel free to tell me so i can tag them or something… more commentary under:

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Guess who finished @kyokyo866 and @lambofthelions ‘s Diamantalia? Now I can officially say I’M HYPED. Seriously I love this take on cardverse, and it’s nice to see a cardverse game not solely focused on Spades!

I did a redraw of the portrait in the hall, and by the way that scene with Francis showing it to Matthew absolutely fucked me up. I tried for a more oil painting look, though I’m not too sure if that worked out in the end. XD