hong kong and china for this scribble because it’s also the lunar new year!

yesterday was my first time at ALA, usually i only ever go to AX but this time i wanted to try going to a con where i wasn’t going to 1. wait in line for half my lifespan and 2. be sweaty and disgusting while talking to people. btw if anyone knows who’s in these pics feel free to tell me so i can tag them or something… more commentary under:

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A Story for Victoria Ch.5: The Archives

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Story Summary: The land of Fabulacor is divided into four kingdoms: Hearts, Spades, Clubs, and Diamonds. Guided by their goddess, Fortuna, the subjects of these Four Kingdoms live, laugh, and love. However, hiding in the shadows of the past there are truths known only by a select few. Enter young Victoria (Monaco), who loves to hear her Nana’s fantastical stories of a time long gone. Join Victoria and those she loves on a journey to discover the truth behind the greatest tragedies of Fabulacor’s past as well as what it means to sacrifice, to love, to wish, and to hope.

Chapter Summary:  9 years have passed since Victoria’s parents were killed in the Clubs’ Kingdom , and now she’s taking her first steps back into mystery.

Here we are again! Welcome back! I hope all of you like this chapter! As I’ve said probably a dozen times now, I like this chapter a lot because it’s the first chapter that diverges considerably from the format the story has followed up to this point. I hope I still maintain the feeling a lot of you have seemed to like about the story despite the change. 

As a reminder, liking/reblogging this post will guarantee that I tag you as one of ASfV’s Fated Fans in the post for the next chapter. I was a little sad to see that a few of the readers who started from the beginning didn’t reblog the post for chapter 4, but since so many fell away I’m thinking it was a problem of not seeing the post and (hopefully) not a total loss of interest. Because of that, there is one blog I recognize from previous likes/reblogs that I tagged this time around, but after that I’ll go back to leaving them off like I promised. 

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A messy comic page sketch. This is after the Zigwigs take in the boys. Long story short Matthew loses one of his contacts while playing with Alfred and catches the attention of Francis. Later to quell Francis’s curiosity he corners Matthew and in attempts to get a better look. Sacred out of his mind Matthew resits which results in a slight struggle that ends with Matthew’s magic intentionally going into deference mode cutting Francis’s face. Scaring him for life Francis is enraged (he’s very touchy about his looks) and retaliates by kidnapping both Matthew and Alfred. The Bonnefoys quickly sell off Matthew to Ivan before Vash or Elise even figure out where the boys have gone missing. They keep Alfred who they recognize as Arthur’s son (No one knows that Matthew is Alfred brother/ Arthur’s son out side of Spades castle due to keeping Matthew’s Ace status safe.) as prisoner for leverage on Arthur.

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