French police force Muslim woman to strip because of ‘burkini’ law

In three beach towns in the south of France, mayors have banned women from wearing “burkinis”—aka full body swimsuits with head coverings often worn by Muslim women—from its beaches. Though they cite French secularism and the idea that women are being forced to “hide their body” unfairly, the laws instead allow the government to dictate what is appropriate for women to wear.
This is no more apparent than in photos of French police surrounding a woman wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a head covering on a beach, and forcing her to strip.
things are worse for muslim women in france than you probably thought

so i haven’t really seen anyone talking about all of the shit that’s going on in france 

and even though i’ve taken 7 years of french classes, they failed to adequately inform me the extent of the absurdity that is french behavior towards muslim women (oh sure, it was briefly addressed, but definitely not with any depth)

so let me give you some facts about the way that france works

basically, much like the US, france has the idea of separation of church and state. and while the US has interpreted this very loosely, france is very very intense about it. the rule is this: if an institution is run by or associated with the government, no “obvious” religious symbols are allowed within it, and no one is allowed to express their religion

things that are not considered “obvious” religious symbols: cross necklaces

things that ARE considered “obvious” religious symbols: headscarves, burquas, hijabs, etc

this means that no one is allowed to wear hijabs:

–in public schools

–in government buildings

–while employed by the government

this means that muslim women get to choose between wearing a hijab to school and free education. this means that muslim women who wear headscarves aren’t allowed to run for public office. this means that muslim women have to choose between wearing a headscarf and working for the government. presumably, headscarves are also not allowed when you go into a government building for any sort of welfare

however! in case you thought this was anything resembling fair or reasonable, let me disabuse you of that notion

despite this separation of church and state, a number of christian holidays are mandated legal holidays, such as christmas and the 15th of august (Assumption, i think). by contrast, employers are under no legal obligation to give muslims any special accomodations for ramadan

additionally, burkinis(bathing suits designed for muslim women who wish to wear a burqua) are now banned on some french beaches, which has absolutely no legal basis as public beaches are not government spaces and you cannot regulate what someone wears to a beach (especially when legally women in france aren’t required to wear tops on beaches). and this rule has recently been VIOLENTLY ENFORCED, with police patrolling beaches and throwing women wearing burquinis off of them, or, in at least one case, making a muslim woman REMOVE HER BURQUINI ON THE BEACH

so in case you weren’t already aware tht france is violently islamaphobic, now you are

note: i’m not muslim and i’m not french, i’m just living in france for a bit. i don’t know all the legal codes, but this is what i’ve learned so far from talking to native french people. please correct me if i’ve misrepresented something 


#milesawayfromcivilisation is a collage series that calls into question some of the shaky values purported by so-called ‘liberal’ western democracies. The pieces in this series form a satirical Guidebook, that aim to expose the redundancy and blatant racism behind #France’s recent burkiniban.  

These works are dedicated to a woman called Samia, who was forcibly made to undress herself this morning on a public beach in France. Samia wasn’t wearing a ‘burkini’ - she wasn’t even going for a swim. The fact that her arms, legs and hair were covered were proved to be sufficiently threatening to have her forcibly undress herself in public.

- © Mouna Kalla-Sacranie, ig:

An French Imam shared this photo on Facebook in order to encourage dialogue about the French ban of the burkini on beaches, asking why these nuns can freely wear what they please [which is very similar to the burkini in the first place] while Muslim women are fined, forced to undress, and forced off the beach?

As a result? His Facebook was banned.

As if it wasn’t already clear enough, this new law is specifically meant to target, demonize, and punish Muslims and Muslims alone. It has nothing to do with “French values” [although I mean, colonialism, massacre, and ethno-supremacy have always been core French values so this shouldn’t be surprising~*], and is simply another manifestation on the government level of the rapidly rising hatred/fear of Muslims and Islam.


Nice, France, August 2016.

Woman fined by police and forced to remove her top because she was not “wearing an outfit that represent good morals and secularism”.

Nice is one of 15 towns in France to ban the Burkini, citing public concern following recent terrorist attack.

Several other women have been fined and asked to remove their clothes or leave the beach this week for wearing a burkini, a headscarf or hijab, or other fully covering clothes that look “Muslim”.

“The Nice tribunal ruled on Monday that the ban in Villeneuve-Loubet was “necessary, appropriate and proportionate” to prevent public disorder after a succession of jihadi attacks in France.

The burkini was “liable to offend the religious convictions or (religious) non-convictions of other users of the beach,” and “be felt as a defiance or a provocation exacerbating tensions felt by” the community, it added.” (via The Guardian)

The ban is being challenged by the Human Rights League in the France’s highest administrative court.

French police make woman remove burkini on Nice beach
Authorities in 15 towns have banned burkinis, citing public concern following recent terrorist attacks in the country
By Ben Quinn

“The idea that men with guns forced someone to strip on a beach in any other context would b considered sexual assault - not in France where racism towards Muslims warps all notions of basic personal rights -to ones body, religious expression, freedom of movement (being at a fucking beach) and so on. Absolutely vile. These are the same cops that punish protesters and strikes against the state of emerge and laws. Standing up to islamaphobia concerns all of us, political clarity, confidently taking the side of the oppressed is more urgent than ever today.” - Yasemin Shamsili (CARF Activist)