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Cards Against Supernatural: Tonight's Kick-Off Time Brought To You By... Well... Um... Heh-heh... Ya See...

It was the most apropos sponsor because [whispers] the CAS Smut Deck v2.0 has made its comeback! Buckle in, players - it’s gonna be an interesting evening.

****** SUNDAY APRIL 30TH - AROUND 6:30/6:45 P.M. CST ******

[Yeah yeah, a bit earlier this go round]

If you see this? You’re invited. ALL SPN Family members who are at least 16-to-17-years-of-age are welcome! No need to RSVP, just come on down.

Post with instructions + password will go up closer to game time.


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anonymous asked:

In the Tokyo Ghoul trump cards I heard the card that Touka is feature in means that she is always searching for a soul mate.

Well, because playing card meanings aren’t really based off of anything in particular (unlike tarot meanings), my quick google search came up with a whole different spread of often contradictory meanings for the Ace of Clubs. However, both metasymbology and thecardsoflife agree that people associated with the Ace of Clubs have “a desire for a deep and lasting union with someone who is emotionally compatible”.

This very much fits Touka, who values her relationships and what she considers to be her ‘family’ (biological or otherwise) above all else as a result of her abandonment issues. While she has formed several strong unions with various characters like Ayato, Hinami and Yoriko, she has clearly selected Kaneki as her soul mate, given the deep similarities between them and how beneficial their presences are in each other’s lives.


The Sisterhood of the Suits are complete! I’ve been slowly churning these out giving them a bit of flavor for each character! I’ll link to the older post that have process pictures if you are interested!

Queen of Spades - Queen of Diamonds

Queen of Clubs - Queen of Hearts

Sorry for posting these ladies so much! I’m so proud of how these turned out!

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