cards of legend


I got a notification today informing me that TES: Legends is now available on mobile devices. So far the app has run quite smoothly, and the interface seems pretty close to the PC version. The game board is a bit small to my liking - a couple of times I had some trouble picking the cards I wanted, especially when I had full hand (I imagine this could be nice on tablet or any other device with slightly bigger screen, though). Still, it works reasonably well and hopefully the mobile version will be tweaked further to make it more convenient to use. Definitely something for me to play during bus rides and such. :)


Legends of Kaladesh pt 2

Baral, Chief of Compliance by Wesley Burt

Yahenni, Undying Partisan by Lius Lasahido

Saheeli Rai by Willian Murai

Sram, Senior Edificer by Chris Rahn

Kari Zev, Skyship Raider by Brad Rigney

Dovin Baan by Tyler Jacobson

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