My wonderful friend Rita rihouston came up with amazing idea of a birthday gift for Greg Ellis. She decided to create full set of Wicked Grace game cards (card game from Dragon Age as you probably all know) and invited me to take a part in this project, along with other amazing artists. My job was to design set of Angels that included ten cards.

- second card of Angels suit, Wicked Grace card game from Dragon Age. Symbolism is rather obvious here, I think - arrows in the back and lillies as the symbol of innocense.

Card templates made by amazing Reellifejaneway2  She also created many beautiful cards!

Other participating artists: rihouston, therealmcgee, greendelle, moriesartworks, sephirona, Check their blogs and galleries cause they are wonderful people and talented artists!

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Once my Tumblr blog is complete, I will celebrate by offering a limited number of free card readings to a few of my lovely followers! 

Sneak peek —-> here

Also in creation is a joint project between myself and my Moon Magick Sistren, newmoongoddess and kyliebenjamins ~~~~ fulfill your curiosity here