Incredibly Affordable Readings!

I’ve lowered all the prices on my readings as I really need rent money! :,)

All readings are delivered digitally so there is no shipping charge and my international followers (outside the US) can partake! :D 

Herbalist Consultation: $7

Dream Interpretations: $6

General Palm Reading: $6

Bone Reading: One Bone Cast: $1

Bone Reading: Five Bone Cast: $3

Rune Reading: One Stone Cast: $1

Rune Reading: Five Stone Cast $3

Pendulum Reading: Two Questions: $1

Pendulum Reading: Five Questions $3

Tarot Reading: One Card Draw: $1

Tarot Reading: Five Card Draw (Love) $5

Tarot Reading: Five Card Draw (Self) $5

Tarot Reading: Five Card Drawn (Situation) $5

Psychic Poetry Reading: $2

Detailed Psychic Poetry Reading: $5

The crystal/mineral of the day is Pink Tourmaline. Pink Tourmaline assists with forgiveness which releases painful vibrations from the heart. By releasing your are cleansing yourself and opening yourself up to more love from the universe. Yhi si from Rachell Chamam’s Crysal Reading Cards. Blessings, Lourdes