Angelarium Tokens and Collectible Cards

If you’re a Magic fan and you also like Angelarium, I’ve made some custom tokens featuring artwork from the series as well as some a bunch of additional art from fellow Magic artist Jason Engle.


There is a starter deck that features 28 unique tokens that are all useful in Standard (CLICK TO SEE ALL 28) as well as a couple bonus tokens that are only available as a bonus inside the Anglarium collectible card set (pictured above).

For those of you that need a lot of a single token, I’ve made some expansion packs that have 10 copies of certain designs. They even come with 2 special color variants.


Alright guys. STORY TIME!!

I went to the store today because I needed more food. I’m in college right now and I’m what is mostly considered an RA (Resident Assistant) (Here at my school its called Community Advisor). So as everyone knows Valentines Day is comming up and being in the working position I’m in I decided to get my girls some cards and candy. I was about to pick up cards about nerds or something then I spotted these. I instantly pick up a box of these and Monster High ones so one roommate can get MH and tge other gets EAH. Whatever is left after the ones for my staff I’m keeping.