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For the launch of Volume 50 of the manga, Mashima made these cards chibis 50 characters in the series cosplaying. I’m gonna post all of them here!

1. Natsu as student.

2. Lucy as doe

3. Happy as…Moses?

4. Gray as warrior

5. Erza as a Chinese warrior

6. Wendy as ninja

7. Charle as….strawberry.

8. Gajeel as police

9. Lily as adventurer

10. Juvia as Dominatrix

11. Mira as priestess

12. Lissana athlete

13. Elfman as househusband

14. Cana as a geisha

15. Makarov as a rider

16. Gildarts as bullfighter

17. Levy a swimmer

18. Laxus as rebel yakuza

19. Fried as a goalkeeper

20. Evergreen as rocker

21. Bickslow as skater

22. Hisui as maid

23. Loke as intergalactic police

24. Virgo as dancer

25. Sting as waiter

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