Tarot Cards and Their Meanings

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  • Ace: Beginnings, birth, energy, self-image, new opportunities
  • 2: Potential, planning, choices, contemplation
  • 3: Long-term, foresight, putting things into motion
  • 4: Rewards, celebrate good times (come on!), teamwork, home
  • 5:Competition, conflict, brainstorming
  • 6: Praise, self-confidence, recognition, role model
  • 7: Defense, threat, perseverance
  • 8: Progress, energy, swiftness
  • 9: Perseverance, wounded, guarded
  • 10: Responsibility, burden, stress or success
  • Page: Adventures, inspiration, ideas, journey, desires
  • Knight: Risk-taking, experiments, travel, fun, passion
  • Queen: Creativity, independence, friendly, optimistic, beauty
  • King: Leader, pride, energy, charisma, passion


  • Ace: New feelings, awakening, imagination

  • 2: Equality, respect, harmony, sharing

  • 3: Friendship, celebration, fun

  • 4:Withdrawal, indifference, boredom

  • 5: Sadness, mourning, disappointment, regret, suffering

  • 6: Kindness, caring, memories, childhood

  • 7: Fantasy, illusion, creative brainstorming

  • 8: Travel, retreat, spirit quest

  • 9: Contentment, host, wish fulfillment

  • 10:Happy home, shared love, peace, family

  • Page: Sensitive, gentle, Imaginative, kind

  • Knight:Romantic, flirt, artist, emotional intensity

  • Queen: Empathetic, sensitive, emotional, psychic, mother

  • King: Wise, calm, emotionally mature, father


  • Ace:Truth, intellect, communication, clarity

  • 2: Standstill, mediator, indecision

  • 3: Loss, sorrow, betrayal

  • 4: Rest, mental restoration, reflection

  • 5: Defeat and self-defeat, irritability, arguments

  • 6: Support, moving, retreat, mental healing

  • 7: Gathering information,mental tests, strategy

  • 8: Helpless thoughts, limiting beliefs, excuses

  • 9: Worry, anxiety, insomnia, repressed thoughts

  • 10: Finished, closure, give up

  • Page: Curious, student, intellect, thoughtfulness

  • Knight: Debate, explorer, rushing, revolutionary

  • Queen: Truthful, self-aware, teacher, intellect

  • King: Objective, intelligent, assertive, fair, logical


  • Ace: Healthy beginnings, investing, grounded, opportunity

  • 2: Play, changes, multitasking, adapting

  • 3: Planning, employment, teamwork, assistance

  • 4: Stable, saving, cautious, boundaries

  • 5: Unstable, illness, supportive friends, lack of security

  • 6: Charity, generosity, giving back, assistance

  • 7: Assessment, trial and error, editing, feedback

  • 8: Repetition, precision, commitment, meaningful work

  • 9: Luxury, discipline, earned rewards, fruits of labor

  • 10: Wisdom, home, wealth, legacy, home

  • Page: New project/job, Student, new studies, cautious

  • Knight: Loyal, dependable, hard working, practical

  • Queen: Mother, Fertile, down to earth, nurturing, protective

  • King:Wealthy, successful, loving father, stubborn, practical

Major Arcana:

  • The Fool: Trust, Beginning, open minded, innocence
  • The Magician: Will, personal power, intention, resourcefulness

  • The High Priestess: Inner Wisdom, Meditation, spirituality

  • The Empress: Mother, creativity, nurturing, sensuality

  • The Emperor: Power, structure, stability, father

  • The Hierophant: Responsibility, knowledge, teacher, belief system

  • The Lovers: Sexuality, union, love, cooperation

  • The Chariot: Determination, Control, momentum, competence

  • Strength: Courage, Strength/ inner strength, survival

  • The Hermit: Guidance, wisdom, perspective, solitude

  • Wheel of Fortune: Luck, expansion, destiny, change, movement

  • Justice: Ethics, law, balance, fairness, accountability

  • The Hanged Man: Release, waiting, surrender, sacrifice

  • Death: Regeneration, ending, closure, transformation

  • Temperance: Experimenting, creating, combining, compromise

  • The Devil: Limitations, attachments, commitment

  • The Tower: Sudden shock, chaos, destruction, questioning beliefs

  • The Star: Renewal, peace, optimism, boundlessness

  • The Moon: The shadow self, dreams, confusion, intuition

  • The Sun: Playfulness, acceptance, personal growth, enthusiasm

  • Judgement: Transition, maturing, reviewing

  • The World: Integration, connection, wholeness, completion, options

Hey guys! It’s been a long time but I’m working on some posts for later. I’m probably am going to work on a reversed version of the cards for next time. Thanks for reading!- Samantha

A lot of witches talk about Tarot, about the questions you can ask, how to cleanse your cards, how to memorize their meanings, and more.

However, rarely have I seen any witch talk about just sitting down with your cards and chatting with them.

In this way, I mean not having a question to ask them beyond, “Whatcha wanna say today?”

This, unbelievably, is how I developed a relationship with my Tarot cards.

To read Tarot, you don’t have to have a question before you begin. Sure, if you have a client then having a question is the best course of action (and is needed); however, if you’re having a one-on-one and are trying to develop your relationship, sit down with your cards and treat them like you would a friend.

Start a conversation.

Ask their opinion.

Tell them about your day.

Let them tell you about their day.

(And on and on and on, ya know)

Your cards are more than just cards. They are more than a business proposition or venture. They are more than just a tool for you to use whenever you deem them appropriate.

You grow, they grow. You stop talking to them, they will become silent too.

So, talk to them. About nothing, about everything. And watch your relationship grow exponentially.