Did another row of noncanonical Wings of Aetos trading cards. This set is for the Eoghan, pronounced “Owin,” who is a a jelly-like punk. This makes him basically the opposite of Deacon, a chrome greaser.

The stats on the the cards are mostly nonsense, but I tried to keep them character-specific nonsense. I also tried to come up with appropriate class names, including the ultimate forms.

BTW, any scholars of Latin out there? I’m fairly certain I got “ovum metalli” and “ovum limi” correct, but I’d like confirmation on that. Thoughts?

American History Next

Here in America, we’re good at lots of things, like freedom and liberty and deep-fried potatoes available 24/7. And also card games about time travel. Looney Labs, makers of about four thousand forms of Fluxx - the game where the rules keep changing - also created a card game about changing the past. Chrononauts comes in a couple varieties, from world history to Back to the Future (of course), but since this is the Fourth fifth of July, the picture depicts the Early American edition.

In the game, everyone’s given a secret identity that represents the alternate history they’re trying to get back to. Maybe in your world, Abraham Lincoln didn’t die. Or maybe you don’t remember the Alamo because it never happened. Your goal is to flip over “linchpin” events, which ripple through history and provide the paradoxes you patch up with your darker timelines. This primary mechanic is so original in the world of tabletop entertainment that the designers own a patent for it, something actually quite rare in the industry. It’s a brilliant quirk that opens up a new type of gameplay, and the design of the cards - with different colors designating the different paths of history - makes it instantly intuitive.

Perhaps in an alternate reality, we celebrate the Second of July, as Founding Father John Adams legitimately predicted we would. Perhaps in another one, we don’t celebrate at all, since we’re still British. But as a red-white-and-blue-blooded American, I wish you a Happy Independence Day, and I’m happy that’s how things played out.

Explaining Planeswalkers to a non-mtg playing girlfriend

Mike: “I got the original five planeswalker figures!”

Christine: “I thought YOU were a planeswalker?

Mike: “It’s complicated. It’s more like you summon them to fight for you.”

Christine: “So it’s like you call up your friend and you’re like ‘Yo! Ted! I got something for you to do.’ and Ted’s like ‘Ugh, ok’ and then whenever Ted dies he’s like ‘sunofabitch I’m out’”