Ever After High Cards. Dragon Games

by tanaka_joker on flickr


  • # 23-1 Apple White. Dragon Games
  • # 23-2 Raven Queen. Dragon Games
  • # 23-3 Holly O’Hair. Dragon Games
  • # 23-4 Poppy O’Hair. Dragon Games
  • # 23-5 Darling Charming. Dragon Games
  • # 23-6 Mira Shards. Dragon Games

Behold: nine musical-themed Valentine’s Day cards, made by me!

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Happy Chinese Lunar New Year! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful year of the Monkey ♥

With the year of the monkey kicking off, Sanzang has purchased a monkey doll for good fortune. She’s very happy with the purchase, but what she doesn’t know is that the doll was overpriced. Don’t tell her she got ripped off!