Teen Titans Valentines

So, the other day, someone wanted Teen Titans show Valentine cards, and the options were… not all family friendly. So, I threw some together that were ;)

please overlook the flaws… it was a rush job ;_;

All drawn by me, using my own stock for the fire, and there would be more if V-day wasn’t right around the corner. ;) Mas y Menos is coming up, though, as a friend helped me translate what I wanted said.

Please don’t remove my little watermark. I slaved over these to get them done fast. 

* I made up “xirfand’r” as a Tamaran word. Since Starfire and Blackfire were “Koriand’r” and “Komand’r”, I figured “and’r” meant “fire”, and I invented “xirf” as meaning “special loved one”. So, “xirfand’r” is like “boy/girlfriend.”


one more of Mas y Menos [link]