ok i’ve been thinking about this for a long time but if people on tumblr are so into astrology WHY ISN’T IT COMMON PRACTICE TO POST AND CIRCULATE RANDOMLY GENERATED TAROT OR ORACLE OR I CHING SPREADS BECAUSE I THINK THAT WOULD BE HECKA COOLER

like it introduces so much more chance into the equation

not only are randomly generated cards likelier to be more thoroughly shuffled than a tangible deck (and perhaps more clear of any energy because lol they don’t exist)

but essentially you’d be dealing with an unlimited number of decks and styles and who’s to say you couldn’t even for instance mix it up within one post?

then you also have the added chance factor of who you’re following or what tags you browse and what time of day you and the poster or reblogger are posting/viewing and how you or they might feel at the time u'all encounter the post

basically what i’m saying is that if you really want to use technology for fortune telling then THIS HOROSCOPE GAME IS WEAK AS FUCK ALRIGHT