Poe  Language Headcannons

okay though .. but Poe  Dameron speaking Spanish  (or  whatever language   dialect  most  resembles it in the  future)  because his  parents  did. Though he  doesn’t  run into people  who speak his language often, he likes to keep it sharp and  often will speak to himself in his mother  tongue   and he’s proud of  because  it  makes him feel like  he’s honoring his parents  and his culture. Though it isn’t uncommon  in intense  situations to hear  him cursing his enemies and his  team mates  gently jibe at him to   translate for everyone.

It also isn’t uncommon for him to revert to his mother  tongue  when he’s  very sleepy  or injured  so his squad has started to slowly but surely pick up the  language.

With  Finn, he’s never been very good with languages- he can’t understand  droids or wookies,  but  when he hears Poe one  day  sweetly  talking to bb8 in this  new language  he’s  fascinated- he wants- no needs  to know  what it is, he has never heard anything so  rhythmic and  flowing  before.

So as he and Poe  grow  closer he   encourages Poe  to speak his  first language even though it’s  perplexing to him,  but sometimes Poe will smile and  call  him “carino” or “hermoso”  or  “guapo” and Finn starts to put two and two together. He laughs  at Poe’s under  breath off hand comments, and hears him curse  when’s he worried or finn’s favorite- is when he  finds Poe  reading these ancient earth authors-  curled up in the  x wing  reading   Federico  Garcia Lorca,  and reciting his poetry to himself  and Finn and Rey like his mother used to do to him,- much to  Rey’s confusion and Finn’s amusement..Luis  Cardosa  y Aragon, Artuo Arias, etc are all people Finn comes  to know about

And over time  Poe finds himself speaking less  English and more of   his mother tongue around Finn-  

Until one day  the  two are sitting together, their last night  together  before a  dangerous mission and the  two are just  enjoying  each others company  when all of a sudden Finn leans  over and kisses Poe and whispers “te amo” and Poe is kinda stunned for a minute… He  finds  his  tongue and replies  “yo se”


The teacher shes talking about in this video is now the assistant principal at MY high school so I need to share this. (Also this isn’t me in the video)

“I am 28 years old and have been waiting years to get up enough courage to report a teacher for sexually abusing me for years. When I finally got up enough courage to report her, I found out that the statute of limitations was up and she will never have to pay for the things that she did to me.
I decided to call her and make a video to let the public know what kind of person is around their children. Her name is Andrea Cardosa and works with your children at Alhambra High School in Alhambra, Ca.
Please help spread the word that this person is out there "helping” YOUR children!“