Don’t believe the hype. This overdramatized nonsense about having wimpy “cardio legs” is ridiculous. My legs are strong, they are muscular, they are thick, and they run like the wind. I do strength training also but everyone knows I’m a cardioholic and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It doesn’t matter what your preference is– as long as you’re putting in work, you are a winner as far as I’m concerned! Keep pushing, folks! #cardiofreak #cardioqueen #iliketomoveitmoveit #livetorun #runnergirl #runnerforlife #nonstop #stronglegs #cardiolegs #lovemylegs

Nobody is born FIT! 😁👍💪👊 Warriors 😠🔪 earn that shit! Beast 🐯🔥🔥 until your last breath! #theultimatefitspo 🔥👊👊👊👍💪😁 btw is it weird that I listened to Lil Wayne - Lollipop and MIA - Bring the Noize on repeat for about 30 mins of my 90 mins on the #stairmaster!? Whatever #cardiolegs bae 😁👍👊 #weRUNtheNight xo - DWRECK