New Exercise Split

Going to try out a new exercise split at the gym this week because I’m not seeing the results i want… need to up the cardio too!

Monday: Chest, Biceps & Cardio

Chest: benchpress, pushups, chest press, dumbell press

Biceps: seated curl, bicep machine, standing curl, pull-ups

Cardio: 25-30 mins LISS treadmill

Tuesday: Legs, Abs & Cardio

Legs: leg press, weighted squats, lunges (raised & barbell), leg extension, leg curl, deadlifts

Abs: crunches, leg raises, twists, in&outs

Cardio: 20 mins stepper

Wednesday: Cardio

HIIT cardio: rower, treadmill, cross trainer, bike

Thursday: Shoulders, Triceps & Cardio

Shoulders: dumbbell press, kettle bell shrug, front raises, alternate press

Triceps: rope pull down, tricep machine, skull crushers

Cardio: 25-30 mins LISS treadmill

Friday: Back & Cardio

Back: seated row, lat pull down, pull ups, bent over barbell rows, deadlift

Cardio: 40 mins LISS treadmill

Saturday & Sunday: Active rest