cardio surgeon to be

exo hospital! au

Baekhyun: everyone’s favorite nurse, gets gifts from patients all the time, has been proposed to about 5 times, secretly plays games in the on-call room

Chanyeol: head of trauma, always has two pens stuck somewhere in his thick and curly hair, wears the biggest circle glasses you’ve ever seen 

Jongdae: head of cardio, he makes his surgeons do most of the work, typically in his office whining about paperwork, but goes to check up on his patients every second he can

Jongin: head of pediatrics, always carries at least 5 lollipops in his pocket, he only goes to the cafeteria during chicken days, goes to the neurology department very often 

Junmyeon: head of plastics, a sad widow, still keeps a picture of his ex-husband in his wallet, treats his whole department to meals

Kyungsoo: head of neurology, angel with the patients but satan with the interns, holds a daily ‘conference’ with head of pediatrics 

Minseok: chief of surgery, wears a different tie everyday, lives in a mansion across the hospital, complains about his staff but loves them very much

Sehun: anesthesiologist, reads fashions magazines during the surgery, flirts with the hot nurses, face of the hospital 

Yixing: head of general surgery, is usually confused all the time but not when he’s in the OR, works hard, but gets roasted by his peers, they love his reactions

Grey’s Anatomy appreciation day.

Today is the day to appreciate:

The dark and twisty leading lady, who can be both a mom and an amazing surgeon.

The sassy Cardio-Godess, who stayed focused on her carrier and made her dream come true.

The evil spawn that ended in peds and showed that he will never give up on the people he loves.

The model that showed she belongs as a surgeon and showed that there’s nothing wrong with getting emotionally involved with a patient.

The sweet, nerdy 007 that became a soldier and gave his own life to save a stranger.

The virgin Mary, who became a trauma soldier.

The pretty boy, who showed everyone wrong and who will never forget the legacy of his teacher.

The Nazi, who’s actually the softest little muffin.

The badass resident, who dances in her underwear, ended up in Ortho and found herself.

The kind, positive peds surgeon, who can be hard when she has to be.

The world class neuro surgeon, who was just a guy in a bar(with amazing hair).

Satan, who turned out to be smart and kind and funny and ambitious.

The manwhore, who turned out to be loyal, smart and a great mentor.

The badass trauma surgeon with a heart of gold.

G.I. jane, who married a total stranger to save his life.

The lost daughter, who teaches us that it’s alright to like to be alone and that if you feel like an outcast, you’re not the only one.

The wise teacher, who became their equal.

The little sister, with a photographic memory and her heart in her vagina. 

The ‘Other’ dr. Shepherd, who became the boss of her brother and has a lot of things she needs to manage. Also, she’s a freaking superhero.

And the next generation, who will follow their predecessors’s footsteps and become great doctors:

The princess, who lived in her car.

Grumpy, who is dedicated to her education and very loyal to her superiors.

And the anesthesiologist, who wanted to do more. 

Ooooh… and also…

Follow Your Heart

Title: Follow Your Heart
Fandom: Once Upon A Time (TV Series)
Pairing: Emma Swan/Regina Mills | Evil Queen
Rating: G… I have not written a G fict in so long. Whoa.
Links: AO3 & FF.Net  (Coming Soon)
Warnings: None. It’s super fluffy.
Summary: Regina is taking little Robyn for a follow up.
Notes if I continue this: I’m thinking that it’s going to be flangsty. See, in my head, though its not revealed here, Regina is an ex cardio surgeon, which an accident caused her to lose her ability to perform her job. So that will be a factor.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, or whatever the hell else. They belong to Disney, ABC etc, etc, I claim no rights to copyrighted material, and this story is purely for entertainment purposes.
Masterpost: Here  (Coming Soon)

Originally posted by swanemma

“Aunt ‘Gina?” the little ginger haired girl piped up from the backseat, kicking her feet absentmindedly as she looked at her aunt in the rearview mirror.

“Yes, my sweet pea?” the girl’s aunt replied. She was dark haired woman with a light olive skin tone and dark chocolate color eyes. She smiled at the little girl that she was her whole world. And until she returned her little sweet pea to her mother, the girl was.

“Why do you always do that?” the little girl asked.

“Do what?”

“Put on the ‘fume. Mummy says it’s only for special times,” the girl explained. “And we’re just going to the doctors.”

The little girl heard a woman bark laughter through the speaker of her aunt’s phone. And she knew immediately that she was talking with her mom.

“Yes, Aunt Regina,” her mother said. “Robyn has a point. Why are you putting on perfume, Sis?”

“Zelena…” Regina warned.

“Oh!” Little Robyn piped up. “Is it cos you like Dr. Emma? Mummy says…”

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New OCS Heart System developed by TransMedics for Heart transplantation

Studyblr Introduction

Hi, Studyblr community! I’m Simran, 14, a sophomore in high-school. So far it’s been almost a whole week of school (tomorrow’s Friday).

The classes I’ve chosen are:

⍆ Honors Chemistry

⍆ Honors English 2

⍆ Honors World History

⍆ D.I.M. (Digital Interactive Multimedia)

⍆ Geometry (regular)

⍆ IB Theatre (schedules are messed up so I’m in Theatre 2 for another week)

⍆ French 2

⍆ Physical Education (P.E./Gym)

I plan on attending an Ivy League College (I have my aims way too high lol); I want to become a Cardio Thoracic surgeon(!!); I’m very sarcastic and funny if I know you/shy if i don’t know you; I’m into Bollywood and K-Pop music; my handwriting sucks so don’t expect very pretty notes from me BUT(!) expect tons of helpful reblogs!

Most of the studyblrs that inspired me are:

@areistotle | @etudestial | @elkstudies | @arystudies | @studybuzz | @katsdesk | @thepurplestudies | @mildstudies | @moleskinestudies

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Surgeon Au

Oikawa- The hot neurosurgeon who is loved by all his patients.

Iwaizumi- The nurse who keeps Oikawa in line and eyes him like a hawk when he genuinely flirts with patients.

Kageyama- Head Orthopaedic surgeon who hangs out around the nursery BC he is stressed and babies are cute.

Natsu- Patient who has a terminal illness but is usually upbeat and loves to play with the doctors.

Hinata- Big brother of Natsu who is at the hospital all day from the start of visiting hours to the end because he wants to spend as much time with her as possible.

Tsukkishima- The patient who comes in for chronic back pain and there is probably something genuinely wrong with him but no one can figure out what it is.

Daichi- Cardio surgeon that is the chief of surgery.

Yamaguchi- Intern that wants to go into cardio and studies under Daichi

Nishinoya- Well reknowned cardio surgeon who scares his wet nurses when he’s super quiet and in the zone of his work.

Narita- Priest that comes in every day to pray for the wounded and ill. Most doctors are sceptical of him but he’s a genuinely nice guy.

Asahi- Patient that comes into the emergency room at least once a month because he hurt himself from being too clumsy.

Ennoshita- Intern for orthopaedics, currently living with Kinnoshita.

Kinnoshita- Rich med student that won’t stop asking Ennoshita questions.

Kiyoko- Nurse that everyone likes but is afraid to go near. She’s good friends with Yachi though.

Yachi- Peadiatric surgeon who has become close friends with Kiyoko. She talks to Kageyama a lot because he hangs around the nursery and the first time she saw him there she thought he’d scare the babies.

Bokuto- Patient who was fucking around and tried to launch himself off of the roof so now he has cracked ribs and some internal bleeding.

Kuroo- Helped Bokuto try and launch himself off the roof and regrets it 100℅ and is super worried but the nurses keep telling him Bokuto will be fine.

Kenma- Usually seen with Hinata at the hospital. People don’t seem to notice him as much, but he doesn’t mind. Let’s Natsu play his ps3 or ds whenever she wants.

Tanaka- No one knows who he is but everyday without fail he brings Kiyoko her favourite lunch.

Lev- Intern and wants to go into Peadiatrics.

Yaku- Head of Peadiatrics and keeper of Lev.

Ukai- Cafeteria manager

Takeda- Journalist who is often kicked out of the hospital for disturbing patients. He always apologizes though.

importantpeachdestiny  asked:

Hi I would like to be a cardio surgeon in the future and I was wondering what I should major in uni biomedical science biopharmeceutical or health sciences? A lot of people are saying to go into health sciences because it's easy and you have a better chance of getting accepted to med school. What should I do

Hi there, thanks for the question! Cardio surgery would be amazing, and I’m loving your drive! Now I’m not entirely sure where you are from, so this could impact the answer. But I’m just going to offer some general advice based on living in Australia ☺️

Although health science may be easier, it may not offer you all the prior knowledge another degree can offer before med school. If you want a degree with solid foundational skills and knowledge for med school, I would recommend Biomedical Science 💕

Within Australia, students who complete an undergrad degree before med school have to sit the GAMSAT (graduate medical school admissions test), and that is based on English skills/interpretation of text and science understanding in chemistry, physics, and biology. To complete the science section well, biomed would offer you the best chances. However, if you decide to pursue health science, make sure you are willing to do some personal study to catch up on information you may have missed! x

Choose the degree that you are going to enjoy the most. You will get a better GPA if you are genuinely interested in what you are learning. Take some time to consider what area/classes interest you the most and go from there. Biomed does offer the best science knowledge; however, if you’re uninterested in the degree then I’d recommend choosing another that you will actually enjoy.

I hope this helps xx


Video about different surgeries for Heart Failure!

hi there! my name is katie, and here is a little introduction to myself/my studyblr :^)

so i have been following and admiring the studyblr community for a while now. finally, a few days ago, i decided to create one for myself! i really enjoy the self-care-positive and focus-oriented attitudes that i’ve seen, along with the adorable notes and study strategies on my dash. i’ve tried some already and they really do help!

facts about me:

  • katie, 15 year old sophomore, pisces
  • my middle name is literally spelled wrong on my birth certificate (not even joking) and i think that fact serves as an accurate description for my life
  • i aspire to become a surgeon (fetal, ortho, or cardio) or biomedical engineer! either way i definitely want to go into medicine. 
  • some of my other academic interests include political science and government, mandarin, psychology, biology and social justice 
  • my favorite netflix shows are stranger things, grey’s anatomy, prison break, scandal and the office
  • proud member of the LGBT+ community
  • i hate heavy rap music but it helps me work more quickly 
  • i LOVE the neighbourhood!

okay this was so long i applaud you if you read all of it! anyway,,,

my goal with this studyblr is to enjoy school more and to improve my grades overall. i was inspired by wonderful blogs such as @studyign , @studie-s , @elkstudies , @studybuzz , @dyslexicstudying , @studyrelief , @focusign , @studydiaryofamedstudent and @eruditekid , just to name a few!

so glad to at last be apart of studyblr!


This is my maternal grandmother, Beatrice. She was the middle of three children and gave up her dreams of being a painter to study pharmacy and support her family after her father died. She was one of two women to graduate from her program (that’s her with her class in the bottom photo). She raised five children while working and supporting my grandfather in his busy career as a cardio thoracic surgeon. She will be 91 this July. She still gives tours at the Johannesburg Gallery and teaches older learners at the University of the Third Age. She also replies to all of my Facebook photos with emails.

Following all of these medblr blogs is absolutely incredible. Being at the age I am with what I feel like is an unknown world of both opportunities and struggles, it’s amazing to see all of you guys out there doing what you do. This year especially I really started doubting if I could do this, if I could handle my aspirations. But you have each contributed to the mending of my broken down and depleted confidence. I thought the day was gone where I would say that I wanted to be a cardio thoracic surgeon or pediatric oncologist. But you guys changed that. You guys are my inspiration to keep going for that white coat. Your stories and words and advice are all things that helped reignite the passion in me to pursue the dream I’ve always had. Getting to experience your journey along with you guys is such a blessing. Thank you for allowing me to look into your world. Thank you for being our future and being as inspirational as you are. Your personal and medical acumen is extraordinary, and I hope to be able to save lives just like you one day.

(Special thanks to almostdrchelsearar for being the first medblr blog for me to come across, and for your kind words in answering my question. You’ve impacted my life in a way that I can’t even put into words right now. Even though a response on tumblr may not seem like much, your reply made my entire day and I’ve been telling everyone who will listen about it since then. Thank you for taking time out of your day to help me. So much love and support for you!)

bangtan as doctors

because sm950728  asked me 

seokjin: nurse or plastic surgeon

yoongi: no nonsense general practitioner- he’s seen the worst of the worst 

hoseok: geriatrician bc he’s good w/ older people

namjoon: neurosurgeon 

jimin: physical therapist or a nutriitonist

taehyung: pediatrician 

jeongguk: cardio thoracic surgeon