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kali---fornia  asked:

I hate running so I wanted to find another source of cardio, and there is a kickboxing class that my gym offers. I was wondering if it'll tone my body (with lifting of course) and help my cardio?

Kickboxing classes are great, it will definitely improve your cardio and help you get stronger.

Since kickboxing is a full body workout, make sure you’re not having overlaps with your lifting sessions.

More fitness information:

Falling Underwater

Cas had always wanted to throw himself into his work and lifelong passion.  His chance to do so finally presented itself.  

destiel - 1500 - merman!Dean/professor!Cas

Carting all of his supplies to and from the boat was the hardest part of the research side of Cas’ job. He had only a few students that applied to the study abroad sessions and even fewer who actually made it with the academic and financial requirements.  This time around he had Hannah – a bright marine biology major, Samandriel – an accountant who was going back to school for ecology, and Haley – nickname: Hael who was a pre-med student.

It was about 6 in the morning and none of the students had even ventured out of their small motel-like living spaces, probably weren’t even awake.  This was their home for the three weeks they were settled on the little island. This was where Cas had dreamed of doing his research for his thesis, but because of familial complications had been forced to stay near home.

He rolled his eyes. He placed the tray down on the counter in the small nautical vessel and the two buckets plopped down onto the floor next to it.  He pulled the back of his hand across his forehead.  It was hotter here near the equator than back home in New York.

Of course, New York wasn’t really home anymore.  The complications in his family hadn’t turned in his favor.  He’d been disowned.  In a way, he was running away, but, in a different way, he was finally going home.

He’d dreamt about this place more than any other place in the world.  He looked around at the clear and shining water.  It was more beautiful than his dreams though.


Cas turned around at the voice.  

“Let me go!  I’m not some carnival piece!”  

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