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I don't know what my balance between strength, cardio, and flexibility exercises should be. How many times a week should I be doing each?

It all depends on your goals anon.

A good balance would be 2-3 strength trainings, 2-3 cardio sessions and stretch after every workout. Add some yoga if you really want to be flexible.

We only have so many days in a week so spend more time doing what will bring you closer do your goals.

Workout routines:


WOD 2/19

So today was supposed to be a day where I was actually going to go to the gym but it ended up snowing here last night and I woke up with 4 inches of snow in my driveway and it’s a long driveway. So I shoveled all the snow instead. Luckily Fitbit tracked it as a general sport but as you can see I got the heart rate up. I slowed down towards the end but seeing as how the calorie expenditure is the same as on a light workout that I do I’m going to take it as a win. Plus I’m so sore and tired now.

Remember kids, if you can’t make it to the gym there are other ways to get a workout in even if it’s slave work like what I just did. Snow shoveling was cardio, upper body, core, and back for me, and probably legs a little bit.



New video up on my channel - Link in the Bio! 😘 I’m not one to usually post pictures like this in my bikini, but I’ve been working out and eating good. I deserve to feel happy with myself 🙌🏽 This weekend has been filled with happy memories and good times, feeling so content. But craziness starts again tomorrow 😂 make sure to check out my video to see what I got up to this weekend, as an expat living in Thailand!


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