cardinal high school

WTNV - Ep 30 - Dana


6. When Dana makes it out of the house she sees one these with a blinking red light at the top

8. The farmer was staring at a picture of a what?

10. Young children can learn about responsibility, empathy, and this from soul-merging with a family dog

11. According to the Night Vale SPCA this type of terrier doesn’t make a good family pet

14. Which head did Michael Sandero have removed?

16. Dana finds a photograph of this in the basement of the house

18. The woman who emerged from the house that doesn’t exist walked right ___ the scientists

19. How many dollars did the scientists offer Carlos?

20. This type of spaniel is not good breed for a family pet (2 words)


1. The Pikes Ms. Sandero was using had dead these and rodents on the ends

2. Stay tuned next for loud shortwave radio squelches, followed by a lifetime of what?

3. Dana goes through a door in what room?

4. If wishes were these, they would all run away shrieking and bucking, terrified of a great unseen evil.

5. Flora Sandero was installing pikes on the roof of what frozen yogurt shop?

7. Night Vale High School football team

9. Carlos’s fellow scientists wanted him to ring this on the house that doesn’t exist

12. Pine Cliff High School football team (2 words)

13. Who did Dana find in the house?

15. When Cecil first attempted to call Dana back his phone caught briefly on ___

17. Dana found an ___ ___ ___ and went through it to get out of the dog park

By the time I finished up Cardinal Hayes High School, the only school I could get into was New York University. I tried to get into Fordham and other schools like that, but my high school average wasn’t high enough. NYU was really interesting to me because, besides the Liberal Arts College, Washington Square College, it also had a program in motion pictures, television, and radio. This is very important, because today people think of film school as a place where you do nothing but film. This is not the case. Back in 1960 at New York University, the first two years were mostly liberal arts, and the film courses were very, very few. There was one in each semester in the first year; both were basically the history of film. Then in the sophomore year there were maybe two classes, starting with an introductory course dealing with the essentials of what a camera does and what a lens does and what film does. The third year you were able to make a three- or four-minute film, and then by the fourth year make a ten-minute film. By the fourth year you were spending a lot of time making films. So, by the time I started making my first short film in the summer of ‘63, I had put the passion that I had felt for religion into that.
Coco Peru "Feeling Good"

In case some of my younger followers that enjoyed my Quest for Tension Tamer tea haven’t seen this video, this is one I was really happy with… especially because the anti-LGBTQ meeting that was to take place, was for the time being canceled!!!

When Coco Peru receives an off color homophobic news-letter from her former high school, Cardinal Spellman High, she won’t go down quietly! Subscribe to my c…