cardinal columns

Hey guys, remember when I told you about censorship for my school newspaper due to an article about rape? You know, the one where we didn’t do anything wrong?

Yea it’s still going on and we’ve been trying to print our next newspaper for the past week but our principal finally told us that we have to take out an article about the junior class trip we recently had because he didn’t think our source gave us permission when he obviously did. Also, he wants to take out a picture of a boy standing against a wall with duct tape over his mouth with the title “Principal Approved?” and our principal is upset because we didn’t state his name, but in the AP style for journalism, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Our principal and superintendent have absolutely no journalism background and have no fucking clue what they’re doing. I’m ashamed of them.

They call us children and yet they can’t handle the truth and take over a week to figure out two things so far.

We have a petition, message me if you’d like to sign it. It’d really help us a lot to keep us going with this fight.