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On this day, in 1895, Richard Cushing was born in South Boston.

Cushing was ordained a catholic priest at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Roxbury in 1921. He spent his entire life serving in various positions in the Boston area, first at St. Patrick’s in Roxbury, then at St. Benedict’s in Somerville before before taking a position at the Society of the Propagation of Faith.  In 1944, the Catholic church named him the Archbishop of Boston, and 14 years later, in 1958, he was named a cardinal.

 Richard Cardinal Cushing was known for his involvement in social and political issues as well as his emphasis on ecumenicism.  At the City Archives, we see evidence of his involvement in the Mayor John Collins records. Cardinal Cushing corresponded and met with Mayor Collins about issues related to housing, poverty, race relations, and ecumenicism.  The above photograph was taken in 1963 at the groundbreaking of Boston’s New City Hall.

  Richard Cardinal Cushing and Mayor John F. Collins at groundbreaking ceremony for City Hall , 1963 September 18, Mayor John F. Collins records, Collection (0244.001), Boston City Archives


A little divine intervention for the Maple Leafs courtesy of the Vatican and a Toronto Cardinal.

Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins let his Toronto pride shine through Thursday, sporting a personalized Toronto Maple Leafs jersey in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican.

“It’s safe to say there are more than a few Toronto Maple Leafs fans in the pews of our parishes in the Archdiocese of Toronto,” said Collins from Rome on Thursday. “This is a fun way to let  them, and all Catholics in our diocese, know that I am thinking of them at this time. I am truly proud and humbled to serve them all.”

Photos: Emanuel Pires

“The truest compassionate mercy is a compassion that challenges, that leads us to where we need to be. A doctor who is trying to help someone, a physician of the soul, needs to see what’s there but needs to be of service to the person who is struggling by helping them to be healed and if you look upon the model of the church as a field hospital in the world, the first thing is to receive people but that’s only the first thing. The second thing is to help them become what God wants them to be.“ - Cardinal Thomas Collins