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ALS ice bucket challenge- Joshifer Drabble

I just came up with this so sorry if it’s badly written I have to get to school!!!
But either way I hope you enjoy!!!!

Josh’s POV

The red lights appears on her camera and the recording officially begins.

“Hi I’m Josh Hutcherson.” I say at the beginning of the recording and then I turn to my partner in crime.

“And I’m Jennifer Lawrence. And we have both been nominated several times to do the ALS ice bucket challenge so we thought we should both do it together.” Jen says with a smile.

“Okay I’m up first, before Jen pours the freezing water on me, I would like to say I am giving $10,000 to ALS, and I will nominating my brother Connor and the whole basketball Union Kentucky team, good luck guys you have 24 hours. Off you go Jen.” I said as I sat on a seat in front of the camera and waited for my drenching.

“Okay.” Jen said nervously as she slowly lifted the heavy bucket of ice and water over my head.

A splash! The water and ice landed on my head and ran down my body and I froze to near death! “Holy shit!!!!” I said as I got up off the chair.

I ran around the small courtyard to cool down but that wasn’t helping either. My white top was clinging tightly to my body which was making me colder. All I could hear was Jen laughing at me. I decide to take my tshirt off so I wasn’t as cold.

“Joshua!!” Jen says as she looks at my bare chest. “Anyways it’s my turn now!” She says with excitement. “Okay I have also donated $10,000 to ALS, and I nominate my brothers Ben and Blaire, and I also nominate the whole Louisville Cardinals basketball team. Good luck everyone you have 24 hours.” Jen say to the camera.

“You ready for this Jen?” I ask as she sits in the chair in front of the camera.

“No but I have to do it.” She says as she gets ready for the coldness. I begin to laugh.

“Well good luck Lawrence.” I say as I grab the bucket of ice and water.

“Thanks Hutch.” She says quietly. I smile, god she’s going to kill me after this drenching. I lift the bucket so it’s above her head and begin to pour.

“Fuck!!!” Jen screams when the freezing water hits her body. “I mean gosh that’s cold!” She says after I finish pouring the bucket of ice and she realises what she just said.

Jen remains seated and she looks freezing but this is the perfect opportunity to pull a prank. I quietly grab another bucket of ice I had previously prepared and sneak up behind the frozen Jen. And then I begin to pour the second bucket over her head.

There is a lot of screaming. Then once I have finished pouring Jen realises what I had just done. “Joshua Ryan Hutcherson! How dare you!”

“I’m sorry Jen it was just the perfect opportunity.” She punches me in the arm. “Hey Jen we just completed the ice bucket challenge!” I say with a smile.

“We did! We just completed the ice bucket challenge!” Jen and I embrace. Then we turn to the camera. “Good luck to everyone else out there who is doing this awesome challenge for an even awesomer cause! We hope you enjoyed Josh and I doing the ice bucket challenge as much as we enjoyed making it!” Jen says with a smile then I walk over and turn the screen off making sure they still get a good view of my naked chest.

And with that the Joshifer ice bucket challenge was put on YouTube and seen by millions.