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Well, since we have a few hours, thought I’d do a compilation of the banner for RWBY I’ve done.

So here are all the RWBY banners I’ve made. As someone asked in the individual post, please feel free to use them as phone backgrounds or computer backgrounds, which ever you wish.

I hope you have a great day and enjoy Volume 4.

  • Blake/Ren: *Trying to read in peace.*
  • Cardin and his team: Hey Fairy and Furry. It's is our table. Why don't you two beat it Before-
  • Ren: That's their job. *Turns a page of his book*
  • Cardin: Huh? *He raises an eyebrow, Noticing it getting hotter and flashes of light behind him and his team.*
  • Blake: And they are really good at it. *Blake turned a page of her book when Cardin hears his teammate scream followed by loud bone cracking and smashing.
  • Cardin: *When He turns around he immediately begind to sweat as she see Nora and Yang both sparking with lightening and flames as his teammates lay on the floor with broken legs.* Oh fuck.
  • Nora: Soooooo Cardin. You called MY BOYFRIEND a fairy huh? *Nora Smiled as she rested her hammer on her shoulder.*
  • Yang: And MY GIRFRIEND a Furry? *Yang also smiled with red eyes as she cracked her knuckle.*
  • Cardin: I... I...
  • Nora: Yang Would you like to do the honors of BREAKING HIS LEGS? *Nora Asked her friend Sweetly.*
  • Yang: Oh Nora You are too kind. But lets share shall we. After all, *Yang replied just as sweet as she cocked her gauntlet.* He's got three.
  • Cardin: Th-Three?... oh no. *Cardin whimpered before screaming in pain as Nora and Yang processed to break his legs and third leg.*
  • Ren: *Meanwhile Ren and Blake sit unphased by Cardin's screams as they raise their cups of tea.* To out girlfriends.
  • Blake: They be the best whom we love so much. *Blake said tapping her cup with Ren and take a sip.*
Nora! I've got a list of dares for you. 1, Get a lock of Yang's hair. 2, Steal Oobleck's thermos. 3, Steal Coco's glasses. 4, Steal Ruby's cape. 5, Steal Qrow's flask. 6, Break Cardin's legs. (Sent by revengehunter01)
  • Cardin, his eyes wide, slowly backing away: Wha...what the hell? What the hell happened to you!?!
  • Nora, her clothes torn and covered in bullet holes, while her skin has burn marks, cuts, and heavy bruises, slowly stumbling towards a terrified Cardin: Must....break...legs....
  • Cardin, up against a wall as Nora comes inches from him, only to collapse: Oh! Oh....oh thank Oum...
  • Cardin, takes a giant sigh of relief and slowly begins to tiptoe away, but stops shortly after, slowly looking down to the hand grasped onto his leg, his voice shaky:
  • Cardin: You're such a wimp, Jaune.
  • Jaune: good golly fucking gosh my dude could you be any more generic of a bully
  • Jaune: like bro my guy buddy
  • Jaune: could you maybe at least come up with original material instead of relying on after school special tier tactics
  • Cardin:
  • Cardin: Did you just criticize my bullying tactics?
  • Jaune: i dunno did i frickle fuckle stutter?
The Lie Ren tag has been full of doom and gloom, so have some fluffy Ren headcanons
  • Ren very rarely laughs, but Nora claims that when he does, he is unable to even chuckle a little bit without snorting. (Ren venomously denies this… even though it is totally true.)
  • Ren has been known to fall asleep in the most inconvenient of places, Including but not limited to:
  1. Leaning up against the front of another student’s locker when they needed to retrieve their weapon for training. (It was Jaune’s.)
  2. Face down in a library book that two other teams were waiting to use to take notes.
  3. Standing up in Team JNPR’s shower long enough to successfully use all of the hot water when Jaune, Nora, and Pyrrha all still needed showers as well.
  4. Sitting up against Team JNPR’s dorm room door making it impossible for anyone to either enter OR leave without waking him, unless of course they wanted to use the window.
  • Nora once dared him to use his semblance on Dr. Oobleck “just to see what will happen if he chills out for a bit”. He did it. They both have been forbidden of speaking of the incident under penalty of being “transferred to Atlas Academy”.
  • Ren has a very dry and cryptic sense of humor sometimes. He once deadpanned to all of Team SSSN that he had killed a man with his bare hands. They still haven’t figured out if he was joking, and are all too scared to ask.
  • Ren is one of the best marksman in all of Beacon Academy, able to successfully snipe someone in the eye with a rubber band from across the cafeteria. Cardin still has not figured out who shot the rubber band.
  • Since he is a good bit shorter than the other guys at Beacon, and subsequently weighs a good bit less, Ren was once picked up and launched at an Ursa by Yang. It was actually a very effective fighting technique, and they both are more than willing to do it again if the opportunity arises. Ruby and Jaune nicknamed this attack the “Flying Sunflower”.
  • For the Beacon yearbook superlatives, Ren was voted “Best Hair” in the male student category, just barely beating Fox Alistair for the title. Neither boy could care any less, but all of their teammates, especially Nora and Coco, thought it was hysterical.
  • And lastly, students at Beacon have been known to get completely lost in Ren’s eyes when talking to him, to the point of missing most of the conversation. Ren is used to this. It happens enough to where he expects it from certain people. What Ren was not expecting was for it to happen with Jaune “lady killer” Arc. As soon as Jaune realized what he was doing, he awkwardly walked away, spending the next two weeks in deep self analysis questioning everything he thought he knew about his sexuality. Things were rather tense in the JNPR dorm during this time for reasons neither girl understood. No one speaks of it.

  • Cardin: You know, Russ. There's a way to get out of everything.
  • Russel: Oh yeah? What if some chick was comin' at you with a knife?
  • Cardin, laughing: Easy! Pull out the bread and cheese and her womanly instincts will take over and she'll automatically start making you a sandwich!
  • Yang, coming into the common room from the kitchen with a butcher's knife in hand: Sorry, what was that, Cardin? I couldn't hear you.
  • CRDL: -unmanly screeching as they bolt from the room-
  • Cardin: Hey, what do you call a blonde with half a brain?
  • Rest of Team CRDL: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Cardin: Gifted.
  • Yang: *glares*
  • Jaune: *glares*
  • Sun: *glares*
  • Rosalie Hale: *glares*
  • Tai: *glares*
  • Glynda: Don't just glare, get the boy! *sends him flying into a wall*
  • Later that day...
  • Ozpin: Mr. Winchester is in the infirmary with broken ribs. Any explanation, Glynda?
  • Glynda: *sips coffee*
Team jnpr antics
  • <p> <b>Jaune:</b> hey velvet why don't you and your team hang with us today<p/><b>Velvet:</b> umm sure if your ok with it<p/><b>Nora:</b> yea plus we all need the alibi<p/><b>Coco:</b> why we need a alibi?<p/><b>Jaune speaking french on the phone:</b> <p/><b>Velvet:</b> whats going on here?<p/><b>Jaune:</b> you see my dearest friend velvet do you know the saying about karma being a bitch<p/><b>Velvet:</b> yea<p/><b>Jaune:</b> our bully Cardin is about to find out on top of being a bitch she is a great sniper and a crazy older sister<p/><b>Sniper fire in the distant:</b> <p/><b>Cardin yelling:</b> aww my knee!! Someone get help!!!<p/><b>Coco:</b> .....we need to hang out more<p/></p>