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The Musical (Steve x Reader) AU

You should read the other parts before reading this!

Chapter 1: Hot Mess
Chapter 2: Connections

“You look beautiful, princess.”

“I’m not a princess, mommy.” Addison waves her scepter in your face. “I’m a queen.”

“Oh,” You bow your head. “My apologies, Your Majesty.”

Addison gives you a nod of satisfaction, and hops into her car seat. You buckle in her seatbelt, trying to carefully avoid ruining the hair you’ve spent nearly two hours curling. To say Addison has a difficult time sitting still would be an understatement, it’s more like nearly impossible.

“Mommy, can I have juicebox?”

You open up your purse, and of course just like most mothers, you find a couple juiceboxes. You thank your laziness for not wanting to clean out your mom bag. “Sure thing. I have apple, peach-”


“I do, but you can’t have grape juice right now.”

Addison scrunches her eyebrows together, and loudly huffs her breath. “Why?”

“Because if you spill it, you’ll ruin the dress mommy spent way too much time on.”

Addison’s glare wavers for a moment before she lets out a small sigh. “I’ll have apple juice.”

You raise your eyebrow and look up from your bag. “You’ll have apple juice, what?”

“I’ll have apple juice, please.”

You give her a small smile and pass her the juicebox. “That’s better.” You give her a soft kiss on the cheek and close her car door. You jog to your side of the car, start the engine, and head off towards the school.

Tonight’s the big opening night of the spring musical. Each class has a skit and a song that they preform. Steve had assigned Addison to be the Queen of the kingdom. You haven’t been told what song they’re performing, or even what scene they’re doing. All you know is that your daughter is playing a Queen, and that she apparently has to have the most elaborate gown ever.

The drive to the school mainly consists of Addison repeating the three lines, and you stealing glances at her through the rearview mirror. Seeing her so focused on her role brings a proud smile to your face. As you pull into the school parking lot, you hear Addie tapping on the window like a mad man.

“Mommy, roll down my window please!”

You look into the mirror and see her frantically waving through the window. You oblige, and roll down the window.

“Hi, Steve!”

Your eyes widen a fraction as you look out the passenger side window, and find the man who causes your daughter to act crazy. He stands at the trunk of his red, Volkswagen Hatchback, trying to juggle a couple of boxes. He looks over to your car, only to see Addison’s waving arms. A large smile works it’s self onto his face. “Hi, Addison.”

Addison lets out an adorable giggle as she looks back to you. “Can you park beside Steve?”

You grin at her very obvious antics, and pull the car into the spot right beside Steve. “Here you go, Your Majesty.”

“Thanks mommy!” Addison takes off her seatbelt, and grabs her sceptre. “Can open my door, Steve?”

“Honey,” You look back. “You have to call him Mr. Rogers.”

“It’s okay,” Steve opens the door and pokes his head into the car. “I’m used to it.” Hey says with a genuine smile.

You give him a small nod as he closes the door, and get out of the car. You walk around the side and find Addison on her tiptoes, peering in to Steve’s trunk. “What’s that?”

Steve reaches over her shoulder, and picks up a box holding a sparkling object. “This is a surprise for later.”

Addison’s eyes widen in curiosity as she jumps to sneak a peak into the cardboard box. “I can keep a secret!”

“Well,” Steve stacks it under another box. “This surprise is for you, so you’re going to have to wait.” He begins to stumble with a small box, and Addison quickly step in to take it.

“It’s okay, I can carry this.” She looks to him with the cutest smile she could make.

“I can carry-”

“Steve, let me carry this one teensy weensy box.” Addison begins to walk towards the school. “I’m a big kid!”

Steve watches as she walk into the school, shaking his head in amusement. “She sure is something.”

You stand next to him and let out an airy laugh. “Try being her mom.”

Steve gazes over to your face with an admirable smile. “You’re a fantastic mom. You’ve raised a great kid.”

Your lips form to a satisfied grin as you look back to the school doors your daughter disappeared behind. “I like to think so.”

The two of you stare at the door for a moment, before he reaches back into his car. “Mind helping me with a couple of boxes?”

“Of course not.”

He places some boxes on the ground, full of props for all of his students to use. You reach for one, but a glimmer catches you attention. You look over to the box that holds a supposed surprise for Addison. “If you don’t mind by me asking,” You tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. “What’s the surprise?”

“Oh…” Steve places a couple of boxes on the ground, and looks to you with a timid expression. A small blush creeps up his neck as he pushes a hand through his hair. “I just made something for Addie.”

You smile and place a hand on his forearm. “What is it?”

“It’s silly-“

“Steve, I’m sure that she’ll love whatever it is.”

He takes a moment before answering. “I made her a crown.” He opens up the box to reveal a large, beautifully crafted crown fit for any queen. It’s gold-like frame contains jewels of all colours. “I know it’s-“


You look to Steve with a look that could only be described as pure adoration.

Years have passed since you’ve yearned for the touch of someone’s lips. You’ve been so devoted on Addison that you’ve never thought about welcoming another man into your life. You haven’t had a very good track record, and that has always stopped you from having relationships. The absolute last thing you wanted was to let someone into your family’s life, and to completely ruin everything. The thought of Addison having someone as her father figure terrified you. What if they were to leave just like her father did? You could never do that to her.

Somehow, after all of that, you still experience this overwhelming desire to throw away all of your morals. All of those morals that have kept you and Addison safe for six years. You’re willing to throw them away for Steve. 

It’s clear to you now that he loves Addie, and that’s the only sign you need.

You feel a creeping fear crawl through your body. Your insides coil and writhe like a wrung cloth. Your brain screams at you to either take the chance or miss out on this opportunity. You release a shaky breath of air, making your decision.

You bring your hand up to Steve’s cheek, him watching your every move, and brush the back of your hand lightly down his skin. With his eyes fixated on yours, he brings his thumb to the top of your cheek as he rests his hand against the base of your back. Your heart stutters to a stop as the heat of his hands sends soft sensations around the skin he touches. His hand glides up your back, and makes it’s way to your hair. He grasps the locks of hair and pulls you closer. His eyes twinkle, making your heart beat at a dangerous speed. Your body feels weak with desire and the only thing keeping you standing is the firm hold Steve has on your body.

You move your face closer to his and whisper, “Kiss me.” 

His lips ghost over your. You feel his breath against the your heated skin. As he moves closer, you hear the sound of kids laughing in the distance. You two quickly pull away from each other, remembering where you are. 

You stare up into Steve’s bright, baby blue eyes, and they sparkle in a way you never witnessed before. You can’t help but feel a strong wave of disappointment wash through your body.

“[Y/N],“ His mouth his left partially open as he realizes what had just happened.

“Come on Mr. Rogers,” You sigh out, as you lift up a box. “We have a musical to attend.”


Next Chapter: Camping

Camping (Steve x Reader) AU

You should read the other parts before reading this

Chapter 1: Hot Mess
Chapter 2: Connections
Chapter 3: The Musical

“What was I thinking?” You open the bottle of tylenol, and fill up a glass of water. You lean on the counter as you rub your throbbing temple. Releasing a lengthy sigh, you close your eyes, and place the pill onto your tongue. You take a huge gulp of water and swallow the pill, anticipating it to soothe your pounding head as soon as possible. Unfortunately after reading the bottle, you quickly learn that it will take another hour of your relentless headache until the drug will kick in.

You let out a small groan as you walk into your, much too bright, living room. You sluggishly turn off the light, allowing a welcomed darkness to takeover the room. You lay down onto your plush couch and wrap yourself in a thick, warm blanket. You reach for the TV remote to turn on some sort of background noise, hoping that it will block out your thoughts.

Thoughts of Steve.

You cover your eyes with your arm as you grunt in frustration. “I’m such an idiot.” You mumble to yourself.

It’s been two days since you had made a complete fool of yourself.

“Who the hell tries to kiss their kid’s teacher?” You groan, “An idiot that’s who.” You silently thank the universe that Addison isn’t here to witness you in such a rough state where you resort to talking to yourself. At this current moment, Addison is happily roasting marshmallows over a campfire probably built by the man who you can’t get out of your head.

Her class left this morning to go on a one night camping trip to watch tonight’s meteor shower. You were supposed to have gone and chaperone the trip alongside Steve, but instead you called in “sick” late last night.

You know you’re completely over reacting, but you can’t seem to shake off the feeling of complete utter embarrassment. You allowed yourself to give into a moment of weakness, and now you’re suffering because of it. “This is why we swore off guys, [Y/N].” But as cheesy as it sounded, you thought Steve was your exception.

You do realize that what’s happened doesn’t mean that your chances with Steve are gone. All that happened was that you finally clued in. You aren’t meant to kiss Steve Rogers.

After using the past two days to think everything over, you’ve now come to the conclusion that you and Steve are a bad idea. A mom dating her child’s teacher? That’s a joke on it’s own. Addison would receive so much backlash from all of this. She would hear it from students, teachers, and even parents. Everyone would assume that Steve’s just playing favourites, and that could end up hurting Addison.

After all, Addison is your main priority, and no man will ever change that.

After several more minutes of thinking, you decide to call it in for the night. You much rather escape the world for a few hours in a deep slumber then sit here for any longer thinking ‘What if?’.

As you walk up the stairs to your bedroom, you hear the phone ring. You quickly drop the blankets from your shoulders and jog towards the receiver. The caller ID says your name and number. You stare at the phone in confusion for a moment before remembering that you let Addison borrow your cell phone incase she needed to get ahold of you. You quickly press the talk button.


“Hi mommy.”

You let out a small breath as you begin to pace around the living room. “What’s up, sweetie?”

“I want to come home.”

“Why’s that?” You begin to walk towards the kitchen to grab your keys. “Did something happen?”

“No,” You hear a small rustling sound. “I just want to go home.”

“Are you sure you can’t stay until the morning? Don’t you want to watch all the meteors?”

“I miss being home. I want to be home with you, mommy.” You can just imagine the small pout she has.

“I’ll be there in twenty minutes, okay?”


“I love-“ You don’t get to finish your sentence before she hangs up the phone.

You move the phone away from your ear and place it down onto the countertop. You take your purse off of the dining table, and put on a sweater. You look down to your outfit, not caring that you’re still wearing pyjamas, and hurriedly exit the house. You lock the door, and scurry to your car. You put the keys in the ignition, and speed off to the campgrounds.

Throughout your drive, you focus stays on the road as the same few top 40’s songs play through the radio. You can’t stop yourself from feeling like a terrible parent during the whole ride. Addison has never left the house for an overnight trip before, and that’s why you had originally signed up to chaperone. You should’ve known that something like this would’ve happened. Addison’s never had the opportunity to get to know many people before she started school. With your family cutting you out of the picture, and her dad leaving, it’s always just been you and Addie.

Reaching the camp grounds, you let out a long exhale of breath and park the car. You exit the vehicle, and search for any signs of a rowdy group of grade-schoolers. In the distance you spot a large open space with sparks of vibrant, orange flames. You proceed to walk towards the glowing fire you spot burning in the clearing. Laughter and singing begins to fill the air as you get closer towards the group of kids. A couple of girls are looking through a telescope, searching for planets, and a group of children sit around the fire roasting marshmallows.  A few kids say hi to you, recognizing you as one of their friend’s mother. You send the kids a wave as you continue to search for your daughter.

After a few minutes, you recognize a certain little girl lying on a blanket, staring at the stars. You let out a small breath as a smile works it’s way onto your face. You head off towards Addison, but the closer you get, you realize that there’s someone lying down beside her.

“I don’t see anything.” Addison states. You raise an eyebrow in curiosity as you proceed to walk closer. You try to keep out of her sight, wanting to overhear whatever she’s talking about.

“You’ll just have to keep on waiting.” A deep voice says next to her, and you instantly know who she’s talking to.

“The shooting stars should hurry up, because I’m tired, Steve.”

His voice holds a gentle tone as his eyes fixate on the stars in the sky. “They’ll be here soon.”

You stand next to Addison, feeling like you’ve heard enough. “Addie,” Both Addison and Steve jump at the sudden sound of your voice. Both of their eyes widen as they trail over to you. “Are you ready to go home?”

Steve looks down to Addie with a raised eyebrow. “Go home?”

Addison looks back and forth between you and Steve with an expression that could only be described as a deer caught in headlights. “I’m gonna go and eat marshmallows with Peter now.” She speedily stands up and runs towards her classmates.

“I should’ve known.” You sigh out.

Steve looks up to you, still extremely confused by the situation. “What just happened?”

You run a hand through your hair. “She called me here with no intentions of coming home.”

“She called you?”

“Yeah,” You have to give credits to your devious daughter, because one day she could be a fantastic actress. “She said she was homesick.”

Steve shakes his head in amusement as he looks back up to the sky. “Of course she did.”

You awkwardly stand in silence for a moment before deciding that it’s time to leave. “Well, I guess I should get going.”

“You don’t have to.” Steve gazes over to you. “Why don’t you stay and watch the meteor shower?”

You stand there trying to analyze his facial expression, but the light of the fire only lights up minimal features. “I think it’s best if I head out.” You turn around, and start to head off to your car. You only make it a couple of steps before a hand softly grabs your wrist. They slowly turn you around, making you look at them. You’re instantly met with the vibrant blue hues of Steve’s eyes.

“I want you to stay.”

You release a quiet sigh. “I don’t think that’s best.”

“Why not?” With every sentence the two of you speak, you subconsciously begin to come closer and closer to each other.

“Because what happened the other day was a mistake, and I’m sorry for-“

“Don’t apologize, [Y/N]. It wasn’t a mistake.”

“Yes it was, I shouldn’t have-“

“I wanted it to happen.” He confesses, “It just wasn’t the right time.”

“It’s never going to be the right time, Steve!” You nervously bite your lip, trying to avoid his eye contact. “You’re Addison’s teacher.”

“Only for another couple of months.”

“And then what?” You realize that all you’re doing is trying to persuade yourself out of this. Being with Steve is both a risk to you and Addison.

“What do you mean?”

“Addison’s going to be accused of being the product of favouritism. I don’t want the other kids thinking that she has an unfair advantage.”

“I treat all my students the same, and us being together isn’t going to change that.” Steve lets out a breath of air and rubs a hand over is forehead. “People already think that we’re together, [Y/N]. No one questions when I spend a little extra time with Addie.”


“I’ve been told so many comments from nosey moms about how we are the perfect couple. My coworkers have noticed, and even my boss has.” His eyes search your face for some sort of reaction. “Hell [Y/N], I know we would be one too.”


“Addison even wants us to be together, so honestly what’s stopping us?”

“I don’t want Addison or me to get hurt, Steve.”

“And I don’t want that either.”

You look to Steve’s eyes and find all the answers you need. Just the mere gleam of his eyes sends away any apprehension you’ve been holding onto.

Taking your silence as a good sign, Steve gently brings his hands up to cup the sides of your face. “Are we on the same page?” He asks shuffling closer, making your bodies nearly touch.

“I hope so.”

His hand moves up to stroke your cheek, then he closes the distance and presses his lips against yours. Your heart hammers against your chest even harder then it days before, as butterflies flutter throughout your body. He deepens the kiss, making you wrap your arms around his neck, holding him tight. You kiss him back with an overwhelming feeling of passion, desperate to be as close to him as possible.

Steve’s a risk you’re willing to take.

Next Chapter: Intentions


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I love this cardigan so much.  I bought it as a reward for turning one of my finals in on time–that might seem excessive, but with all my chronic illnesses, turning something big in on time is really hard.  It’s not the most practical thing ever, because of the shoulder cutouts, but it fits my aesthetic super well.  And it’s stealthily Star Wars themed!  I love fandom stuff that goes beyond just “Graphic Tee With Nerdy Joke, Probably Only Available in ‘Unisex’ Cut Which Is Fine for Some People But I Don’t Always Want to Look Like a Rectangle”.  I have plenty of those!  I want something different!  So I really love the Star Wars Her Universe/Hot Topic collaboration and I had my eye on this Rey cardigan since it first came out.  (I actually bought another Star Wars-themed cardigan as a reward for turning another final in on time that semester, but I ripped it immediately and haven’t fixed it even though it’s been, like, a year.  It’s totally fixable.  I’m just lazy.)

Okay but the greek gods as high school stereotypes

Zeus is the homecoming king, date-rapey, wears crowns to school half the week, football star, wears a lot of red clothes, daddy issues, dating Hera but mad cause she won’t put out, cheats, has fathered 3 kids but payed the moms off, unliked by fathers, doesn’t read, “No you’re stupid” “I know you are but what am I?”

Hera is the super protective, top of the class, teaches home ec to underclassman, willingly takes the robot babies for fun, vintage sundresses, homecoming queen, loves reading, abstinence advocator, 

Athena is tiptop of the class, v v smart but will fuck you up, wears blazers, vegan, will not hesitate to tell you she is vegan, started chess club, is president of chess club, is the only one in chess club, Quiz bowl, 

Apollo is designated gay guy, throws the best parties, always lit, super tan, spends summers in Tahiti, really likes hummus, shitty poetry slams at the local bars, “come to my poetry slam Tuesday night!” Drums on everything, takes more time on his hair than his homework

Artemis, super gay, wears a lot of jewelry, blogs all night, skips school for first day of hunting season, wears white camo, eats meninists for breakfast, loves the bell jar, dog person

Dionysus wears Hawaiian shirts 24/7, drinks before school, does everything but heroin because that is too far, water bottles filled with vodka, dabs ironically, puts Monster in his coffee and drinks it, spends all his money on booze, eats two bags of Doritos a day

Poseidon– captain of the swim team, ironically doesn’t like fish, has sea food allergy, has a shark stuffed animal, wears board shorts to school, talks about surfing but can’t surf, talks with Californian accent but is from Ohio, “radical”, bucket hats, orange spray tan, cried watching finding nemo

Hades, oldest but his family hates him, wears nothing but black, still in the scene phase, secretly likes Justin Bieber, girlfriend goes to a different school, “you wouldn’t know her”, spikes hair every day but always brushes it out because “it doesn’t look good”. every day. “welcome to my twisted mind” blog title, guyliner, joined theatre as a joke, is really good at it, under appreciated, watches one tree hill in his free time

Persephone– flower child gone goth, irrational fear of pomegranates, dog person, “It’s complicated” relationship status. only drinks long island ice teas, flower crown and punk edits, wears crop tops and ripped jeans, in love with my chemical romance, cosplay youtuber

Aphrodite– settler in the relationship, cheating on her boyfriend, tells people she is in an open relationship, has had so many abortions her next one is free, wears pink ever Wednesday, spends all her money at Victoria’s secret, Instagram famous, personal relationship with Kylie Jenner, wants to be a model, wears crop tops and skater skirts, makeup youtuber, “I was the sidechick”

Hermes– meme trash, works in school office, wears cardigans, on the track team, studied abroad, afraid of heights, wears nike sandals with socks, wants to be a doctor, tweets for a living, Dabs unironically, trolls everyone

Hephaestus– Girlfriend is cheating on him, reacher in relationship, loves star trek, relates to Spock, makes model airplanes, mommy issues, kind heart, hard worker, pure cinnamon roll. wears a lot of flannels, and work boots 24/7, hates his brother Ares, only reason there is a handy cap entrance, 

Hestia–Possible arsonist, dad is an asshole, cozy fire aesthetic, slut-shamer, obsessed with disney movies, always has tea, wears cardigans, “too hot for you” mug, still sleeps with a stuffed animal at 18, best tipper

Demeter – mom friendTM, seasonal wardrobes, texts you to make sure you ate, loves a good nude lip but is always down for a plum, goes by Demi,, hates when people rhyme her name with things, has a life style blog, minimalist.

Hypnose– Deadass, sleeps all day, failing all classes because he doesn’t do his homework, anxiety, loves camomile tea, loves catcher in the rye, binge watches a new tv show every week

Ares– only drinks fireball, head of the wrestling team, tried to fight teacher, will fight you, will fight his dog, will fight your dog, claims to have wrestled a bear, motorcycle, also wears guy liner, has a designated detention seat, calls the principle by first name, really good with little kids, makes a child army, WOW, rage quitter, texts Hephaestus that he stole his girl 24/7

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