cardigan corgi


I know I’ve had a ton of people ask me before - what do you mean by “in coat” or “out of coat." 

Well, here’s Tess after her first major puppy coat shed. She’s never had a major shed before, and she went all out - dropped every bit of undercoat and every bit of top coat in less than three weeks. Ohh boy. On a high note, she’s got great structure under that coat! Lovely girl! On a low note, no shows for us for a bit until she grows it back – right now, I’ve been teasing her and telling her well, yes, it’s bikini weather, but wow, seriously, you went all out on the hair removal. XD 

Kind of neat to see though, isn’t it? Dramatic difference in look with no coat! 


Yesterday miss emmathebean and I went hiking and swimming at a nature preserve.  We got super muddy and were able to clean off in the creeks!  Super thankful that emma’s mom took pictures of me!  Hope we can do it again but man I was worn out when I got home!