First off it should be duly noted that we had a guest diner with us tonight, fellow blogger and part-time Matthew Broderick impersonator Cardiffoto.

Tuesday’s meal: Meatballs with spaghetti
This meal uses a classic recipe stolen from Jamie Oliver (I gave him a proper nasty glare and everything).  Its uses italian sausages for the meatballs which not only bring a fantastic flavour but makes it super easy to make.  Just remove the sausage skin and make the sausagemeat into balls.  Served with a simple tomato and basil sauce. Easy.  
However, as were trying to be a bit healthier (well I am) I sneaked wholewheat spaghetti onto the plate.  Fez doesn’t like wholewheat products as he believes they make him fall asleep…
Anyway, hoping he wouldn’t notice I served up without mentioning it. Epic fail. The Pet realised straight away and failed to keep schtum! 
Luckily, the sleep gods have been kind as somehow he is still with us! 

Fez’s score and comments: 6.3/10 “The meatballs were razz but I have an aversion to brown rice and pasta cos it makes me tired”
The Pet’s score and comments: 9/10 “I enjoyed mine, gave it extra point cos it had cheese with it.”
Cardiffoto’s score and comments: 8/10 “A simple dish with a twist”

Final thought: You’ve gotta fight for your right to wholewheat. 

Sunday din-dins!

Saturday was a no go for cooking as we were busy celebrating Wales winning the Triple Crown in the Six nations tournament and then I was djing to annoying drunkards after that so food was pretty much a rustled up in minutes number.

After djing, I got back to a flat full of partying rugby lovers and so I enjoyed a few tipples before passing out.  You know what that means - Sunday hangover - and there’s only one cure for a Sunday hangover. The roast dinner.

By the time I passed out Saturday night I already had a Sunday roast in my head thanks to James Morgan-Rees aka Cardiffoto.  We were planning to visit his abode but the early rise required for James’s farmers market venture didn’t occur.  Fair enough, Sainsbury’s it is then! I’m not backing down now!!!

Sunday’s meal: Roast beef with roast potatoes and parsnips, mustard mash, swede and carrots, peas and homemade gravy.

Comments and scores:

Fez’s comments and scores: 9/10 “Lost a point for no yorkshire puddings”
Cardiffoto’s comments and scores: 9/10 “Thats what Sundays are made for" 

Final thought: I’m stuffed! Special thanks to Cardiffoto for making the mustard mash and carving the meat.