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BACman! Class 1 Antiarrhythmic (Na+ Blockers) mnemonic

I love visual mnemonics! Here’s one to help you remember the effect on the AP duration of the different Class 1 Anti-arrhythmics from: - visit the site for the full description. 

Also remember that:

when the Batmobile is broken down, BACman has to take a slow CAB.

from strongest binding strength (ie slowest to release) to weakest (less time spent bound): 1C<1A<1B.
Class 1C are the slowest to dissociate and their blocking effects can accumulate over multiple cardiac cycles - contraindicated in post MI.

Class 1B Bolts outta there, and is Best for post-MI.

External image

  • The BACman face silhouette is the normal curve. See the phase 3 of the curve to apply the mnemonic:
    • IB antiarrhytmics show the line Before the (normal) face.
    • IA antiarrhytmics show the line After the (normal) face.
    • IC antiarrhytmics show the line Cara (spanish world of face), because is the same as normal in phase 3.
  • Antiarrhytmic type I Meds menmonic (3 words each one):
    • Before you started eating healthy (salads): Lettuce + Tomatoes + Mayo
    • Current you eat so so (fries): More + Fries + Please
    • After you will eat so fat: Double + Quarter + Pounder