cardiac mri


First of all, the screenshot. It’s flipped so we can read the text. Tony’s armor is analyzing his cardiac health, hence the MRI and CT heart scan he’s getting. His heart rate is a 148 BPM which is high. The scan is only 29% done so he’s probably getting updates on every part of his body (that’s why the torso segment is highlighted in the bottom right, because it’s on his heart right now). He’s nervous and feels he needs to check on his condition. He’s in trouble.

Second of all, Tony’s mental health is degrading. He’s never been in a very good place, he drowned his feelings and emotional reactions to his troubled childhood in the playboy lifestyle but after he was abducted by the Ten Rings he had a visible change. He came back very erratic. He held a press conference sitting down, destroyed his company’s stock value, and was already becoming consumed by guilt. In Iron Man 2, which takes place only 6 months after the original, Tony turns to alcoholism and has to deal with government pressure and the real possibility of dying. The Avengers leaves him with PTSD, causing him to gain insomnia and have panic attacks. He trades the quality of his armors for quantity, another sign of his erratic desperation. While the end of Iron Man 3 leaves us with a recovering Tony, the guilt he’ll feel for the Ultron program will likely bring him to his knees with the resurfacing and intensification of all his previous problems. Bring on Civil War, and the fracturing of the team, he’ll be a wailing, sobbing train wreck. By the time that movie’s over, he can’t trust the government (HYDRA infiltration), he can’t trust his friends (Civil War), he can’t trust his company (Obadiah Stane), and he can’t trust himself (Ultron). He’ll be a ruined man.

One of the coolest/wildest medicine days I've had

Things that happened today for my team and I:

Norwegian scabies

Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction, secondary syphilis

Five discharged patients, five on the list

Penile zipper trauma

Endocarditis visualized as a cardiac abscess on MRI

Made a man give up cocaine and meth

Consult to psych for: “persistent delusion: wizards”

This comment from my senior to another senior: “My team is crushing it, I got the baddest interns.”

Hell yeah. We ARE the best interns.

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