Cardcaptor Sakura: At the Café

Since I finally got the clear file I wanted to make my own version of this scan. This was an illustration done by CLAMP specially to be used at the Cardcaptor Sakura x Animate featuring all sorts of appetizing foods themed to the series. As far as this illustration, you have your choice of Star cookies, fruit parfait and a macaroon tree.

Needless to say, Kero-chan is chewing away while Suppie-chan is under the influence of a sugar-induced high, heh heh. I struggled a lot balancing the colors on this one (too much yellow/green/blue) but maybe I shouldn’t have tried so much to aim for the small digital version– you can’t compare scanning quality versus a straight-from-digital-source scan! 

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

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What r ur thoughts on Tomoyo-chan?

Cardcaptor Sakura may be a confusing mess of tangled plotlines and complicated relationships but through this convoluted imbroglio shines one single beacon of absolute certainty: I love Tomoyo Daidouji 

Probably a perfect specimen of the proverbial “cinnamon roll” for she is indeed so wonderfully genuine in deed and intention. She loves costume design. She loves filmmaking. She loves Sakura. I love her.


Hey guys!  I finally finished my battle outfit design sheets for my CCS x TRC AU It was really tiring but fun doing the research, making lots of design drafts and drawing these out!  It was a challenge to combine the CCS and TRC clothing styles because both of them are so different!  The jackets were so fun to design~ It’ll be cool if they could be real jackets though

More art of this AU: Sakura Hime | TRC Syaoran


Cardcaptor Sakura “Stars Bless You” GSC figure CM.