Here I come, flying
On wings of cardboard
Crafted in my most creative moment
To rise and soar and rise again
On currents of exhaled
See my arms open wide
My green eyes searching for you
Reach up, reach up,
graze my belly with your aching fingers
And listen to my laughter echoing through the trees…
Follow, follow, follow, I cry
And I will lead you to the place where you may rest
In my warm arms
And listen to the rapid beating of a heart well used to laughing.
Hold my hand and jump with me to the place of no regrets
Do not look for sorrow in the bushes,
But run fast and free though life with me.
We are in the middle of life now,
No longer the youngest,
Or prettiest, or strongest of our kind,
Yet we are wise.
We see the end of life on the horizon and know,
That regret is worthless;
That infinitesimal moments matter
When eyes meet,
And passion bursts into being
Out of nothing,
From nowhere,
A gift. All rights reserved 2015


The Imaginative Cardboard Creations of Dosshaus

Zoey Taylor and David Connelly of the artist collective Dosshaus created House of Cardboard, a series of photos showcasing the interior of a retro-style home constructed out of the humble material.

Besides the model, Taylor, everything you see in the images from the furniture and her outfit to more intricate pieces like a violin and a record player was hand-crafted completely out of cardboard, paint, and glue. Looking closer at objects like the camera and the typewriter, you can’t help but marvel at the immense amount of creativity and care it took to craft each item.

Featuring an amazing amount of details and an intriguing mix of realism and cartoon-like style, House of Cardboard looks like a series of images taken straight from some wacky, alternate realm of the ’50s. Stay up to date with Dosshaus work by following them on Twitter.

All content copyright Dosshaus © 2016. Posted with permission of the artist.

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I am forever looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle so today while cleaning I came across a whole bunch of cardboard cereal boxes and thought to myself, “ there has got to be SOMETHING I can use these for!” a few minutes of searching brought me to which shows how you can use old cereal boxes to make post cards for you and the kids!

Other ideas I came up with are:

  •  Hand cut gift tags
  • Christmas gift tags for gifts
  • Recipe cards
  • Stay-flat mailers or stability cardboard when mailing paper items
  • Business cards? Nothing says I’m environmentally conscience like a hand stamped business card on a box of Lucky Charms!

What other uses do you have for Cereal boxes? Please share!