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Is there any cheap replacement for worbla?

Yes! You could use EVA foam, papier-mâché, cardboard, or craft foam.

If you needed a thermoplastic specifically, here’s an article of Worbla alternatives that includes prices:

Just make sure that if you use one of those, you follow the safety measures for it. Not everything on the list is as safe as Worbla.

- Mod Sky

Ooooh, you guys wanna talk arts and crafts?  Let’s talk arts and crafts!

So here’s all the stuff you’ll need…

Paper and drawing supplies, cardstock, thick cardboard, craft glue, scissors, a box cutter, black acrylic paint, a paintbrush, mod podge, craft magnets, and plastic rhinestones.  Some of this stuff is probably already lying around your house, and all of it is available pretty cheaply at your typical craft store.

First, draw something fun!  It doesn’t have to be a GOOD drawing, because as everyone knows, the quality of any given piece of artwork rises in proportion to its proximity to a refrigerator.  (I GUESS you could print off some clipart or something too, if you want to skip the fun part.)

Cut out the thing!

Apply a thin, even coat of craft glue to the back of your drawing, and glue it to your cardboard.  The thicker the cardboard, the sturdier your magnets are going to be.

Cut away the cardboard around your drawing with a box cutter.  This can be pretty fiddly, so start with a fresh blade, and take your time.

Cut thin strips of cardstock, about the width of your cardboard, and glue them around the edges of your magnets to hide the corrugation.

Then paint the edges black.  This should be dry in just a few minutes.

Once your paint is dry, give your magnets a coat of mod podge.  This will give them a glossy finish, and help seal them against humidity and water damage.

Set them aside to dry for about 20 minutes.

When your mod podge is dry, flip your cardboard over and start attaching the actual craft magnets.  The ones I bought came with an adhesive on the back, but it wasn’t very good, so I’m using some more craft glue.

“But wait!  Don’t Ruby and Sapphire need their gems?”  BOOM PLASTIC RHINESTONES we are getting ALL KINDS OF FANCY

Then just beautify your refrigerator with your awesome new magnets!

Peri Come Back

Three unknown Gems have been snooping around the barn, and Steven convinces Peridot to go investigate. Unsure if they’re friend or foe, Peridot crafts some cardboard limb enhancers to pose as her old role of a Homeworld technician. The three Gems reveal themselves as a Ruby, Sphene and Amazonite, scouts from Homeworld. Peridot tries to buy time by claiming to be a sleeper agent sent to infiltrate Earth’s defenses, but the Homeworld trio buy into the story a little too well and abduct Peridot to be returned to Homeworld. Will Peridot be shattered when the jig is up, or can Steven come up with a plan to get his precious green pal back?


Hi guys, long time no post. 
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I thought I’d share my glowing Goblin sword that I made in the spur of a moment for TKC a few weeks back. The whole thing was made in 1 morning and is made out of cardboard, craft foam, styrofoam, a small bit of worbla and fabric for the harness and a cheap dollar store LED.

Basically the main part of the sword was made to be as lightweight as possible. A piece of corrugated cardboard serves as the base with styrofoam to build out the hilt, a bit of cereal box cardboard curled into a tube for the handle and everything covered in craft foam for the details. One side of the styrofoam was hollowed out so I could shove in a small finger LED for when I wanted the sword to light up. The fabric on the handle was stained with fake costume blood to get the grimey look.

The harness is a rectangle of worbla with 4 strap that tie around my chest to hold it in place (marked in blue) and  2 prongs (marked in red) that poke through the turtleneck and fit into the corrugated slots of the cardboard sword base so I can easily pop the sword off and on (because having an 18″ sword sticking out of your chest doesn’t really work well for crowds… or doors LOL).

I would suggest reinforcing the slots in the sword a bit because after a full day of taking the sword off and on and walking around it started to loosen up and sag a bit and nobody wants a case of limp sword.

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask since I just gave a very quick rundown of the sword. Unfortunately I will not be able to answer any “how much does ___ cost” questions because this was almost all from scrap materials. The LEDs were from Dollarama and came in a pack of 6 (3 colours) for $1.50. The styrofoam was 3/4″ and the craft foam was the standard thin sheet.


All I wanna do is see us turn into a Giant Woman

I imagine this would be what happens if Garnet had to split up and you just gave them arts and crafts. That, or they’d make sappy valentine’s cards and just make out. I’m okay with both options really. 

You can also buy the design as a sticker or print, here!

one time in the second grade my class had a competition to see who could make an airplane which flew the farthest, & we were allowed to use any craft material (cardboard, construction paper, tape, glue, tin foil, wood, literally anything) & people made all sorts of really cool looking things but most of them were not in any way aerodynamic so they only went a few feet & I just made a regular paper airplane & I won cos it went the furthest


The Roost WIP

I’ve got another Animal Crossing related project going on in my free time, I’m making a miniature version of The Roost! Or at least a part of it. I will be making a Brewster to stand behind the bar and I will be trying to make all the decorations and the rest of the furniture seen in this part of the cafe as well. This bit of text became a bit long so I have put the rest behind the read more.

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How I made the TF2 Rocket Launcher

Here is how I adapted a Popzooka* into a TF2 Rocket Launcher


Here is what I used:

  • A Popzooka or a gun shape of some kind.
  • Craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Packing Tape
  • Cardboard
  • Spay paint
  • Hot Glue and hot glue gun
  • Scraps of fabric

I used craft foam to create the big opening at the end of the gun.

Here it is cut out and attached.

Then I applied strips of foam and create the bell shape at the end of the gun.

I covered the four ways off the top of the bell to the bottom.

Then I used pieces of foam and filled the rest of the spots. Then I used packing tape carefully to get a smoother finish. This is going to make the gun look a little damaged/ imperfect which is what I am going for.

For the top of the gun I used cardboard, tape and hot glue. I used the natrual bend of the cardboard to bend it in to a cylinder. I made a smaller cylinder for the handle as well. Inside the cylinders I placed small scraps of fabric so when I grabbed the piece it wouldn’t break. I attached the pieces with hot glue and tape.

I added a small “scope” out of cardboard and added craft foam to the end of the handle to make it so my hand wouldn’t slip off.

Now we paint:

I used black spray paint and some brown/ tan acrylic paint.

Once a few layers were on I took Modge Podge and sprayed it all over to keep the color and all the pieces smooth.

This is all pretty simple and here is the final project! (sorry for the stupid face)

Much love,

Guardian Cosplays

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Hello!! I'm on mobile so I apologize if this has been asked before, but are there any tips on making Enoshima's crown? Thank you!

yyyyyyyyyes hold on lemme get you some refs and tutorials!

i asked


for some help, considering he’s made several mastermind crowns in his time. he sent me the following advice:

”materials are:

  • Thin pressboard, thin cardboard, or craft foam.
  • A thin headband that matches the color of your hair/wig. ((id personally suggest hairclips– this kind.))
  • A toothpick
  • Fabric, preferably shiny ((id suggest something that has a velvety look to it.))
  • Polyester stuffing or polyfil
  • Resin or plastic rhinestones ((you need four big blue ones, around 8 rhinestones, and whatever number of arches youre making, half of that number should be small blue stones and the other half small red ones. then you need four small red stones and four small blue ones for the cross. also, you CAN get colored rhinestones, which would work well for the smaller gems.))

it’s basically made out of thin pressboard (notebook backing??). you just make a small circle with it, about 3inches in diameter. and then you cut 8 strips, a little less than 1/4inch in width. ((you don’t have to make 8, make whatever amount you think looks nicest.)) you hotglue the strips onto the circle evenly spaced. and they should all bend up to a small circle at the top.

you make the cushion by honestly just……taking a piece of fabric, putting polyester stuffing in it, and gluing it shut. shove it inside the circle and glue it there, and then press the circle with the strips down on the top of it and glue that.

for the little cross on top its just more pressboard glued to a toothpick thats shoved through the top of the whole thing.

as for measurements, the 8 strips should be 4.5 - 5 inches in length and a little less than ¼ inch (3/8 inch in specific) in width. the initial circle/band/whatever you start with should be about 3inches in diameter (about 9.5 inch circumference)”

my own comments are as follows–

don’t forget to paint all of your structure pieces with a gold metallic paint before attaching your gems. i personally recommend using as little hot glue as possible, and trying for other crafting glues– hot glue leaves threads, yknow? unless you make sure to keep it very clean looking, avoid it for the structure. (you may need it for attaching the gems, though.) you can just sew the little fabric insert, its just as simple and probably a lot less messy. i also suggest using hair clips instead of a headband for junko specifically– its hard to use a headband with pigtail wigs sometimes. it depends on how your wig is structured. (i know my junko wig couldn’t use a headband, haha…) like i said, a velvet type of fabric works nicest, but anything shiny works. just…maybe avoid costume satin.

the big blue gems should be placed on the band across from each other– one on the front, one on the back, one on the right, and one on the left. two rhinestones should be in between each blue gem. the small gems go in the middle of each arch, and then on each point of the cross on top. (four on each side of the cross.)

if you’re gonna use hairclips, and they aren’t staying glued to the base of your crown, try sanding the top of the clips so that they have a more grainy/grooved texture, then gluing. a grooved surface sticks easier! (and clip the clips onto some wax paper while you glue them so they don’t glue shut.)

aaand…that’s about it? whew. that went pretty in depth. thanks again to @demonicdivagation for the advice!

-mod n