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What Poetry? I Don't Have Any Poetry (a poem)

What Poetry? I Don’t Have Any Poetry

The other day
I read about the poet
who got to read
and sign his books
at Harvard
his books of haiku
that aren’t haiku
just greeting card
love notes
dressed in little
cardboard cut-out
suits of sincerity
sickeningly sweet
if swallowed in
mass doses
and I said to myself
what a wonderful world
that he has to do that
and I don’t
because I sure couldn’t
face a crowd
with art like that
in my hands
not looking down
at all those eyes
expecting to hear
that might save them
that might forgive them
when all I have to give
is reality in pieces
so I’d learn
very quickly
how deep in my pockets
my hands could go.

Alfred F. Jones nearly passing out when he gets a telescope for his birthday as a kid.

Alfred F. Jones building a cardboard spaceship and suit and reenacting the first moon landing.

Alfred F. Jones winning the science fair with his Solar System mobile.

Alfred F. Jones’s first date being a picnic under the stars.

Alfred F. Jones correcting horoscopes in magazines.

Alfred F. Jones dressing as an astronaut for Halloween.

Alfred F. Jones getting an internship at NASA.

Alfred F. Jones being a space nerd.


Metal Gear Survive
PAX16 Demo Crafting Recipes


Wood (4), Cloth (2) = Bed

Poppy (2) = Morphine

Electronics (4), Spare Parts (2) = Boom Box

Cloth (6), Dye (Arctic White), Dye (Grey), Dye (Midnight) = Snow Camo Suit

Cardboard (6) = Cardboard Box

Silk (1), Bullet (8) = Bandana

Stick (2), Rock = Metal Gear

I hope Mercy gets a witch skin for Halloween 

Her staff can be a broom 

Pharah can have nothing cause Fareeha WOULD show up to a Halloween party decked out in her Raptora suit as her costume and 100% think it was perfectly okay ahalfhasfkalsjdaslkdjasda please blizzard 

give D.Va cardboard mech suit costume 

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Cardboard Suit in the Office (movie) 05 by KarmaAdjuster on Flickr.