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How to make a pumpkin head

Since I defs didn’t want to carve a real pumpkin to put on my head and get nasts pumpkin insides all over my hair I decided to paper mache one. Unfortunately there was no good tutorials anywhere so I will share my trial and error knowledge.

First I got some supplies: 1 Punch balloon (they’re rounder and larger they regular balloons), some paper mache stuff in a bag, cardboard, a glue gun, paint, sculpey clay, tape, some news paper and some water and flour mixed together.

I then put at least three - five paper mache layers of newspaper with flour water on the balloon. I also measured my head and left an opening at the bottom. (NOTE: Don’t put tape on the balloon and try to peel it off after you’re done paper macheing, RIP)

After that’s all dry I put glue gunned some cardboard onto it to give it some pumpkin like ridges.

Then I filled the gaps between the cardboard and the newspaper with the paper mache in a bag stuff. Wait for it to dry. (Note: Don’t pop balloon until the paper mache in a bag stuff is dry cause it holds a LOT of water and your paper mache project will sink, RIP) After that I popped the balloon and lightly dampened the top with a sponge and water until it was wet enough to slowly press down into more of a pumpkin shape.

After it’s all dry I taped a stem I made out of card board on the top and put another layer or two of newspaper mache over top.

More drying wait time (you can use your oven on the lowest setting to make it dry faster) then I sanded it down and cut out a face with an exacto blade.

I added a little bit of backing behind the face on the inside with the paper mache in a bag to give it more of a 3D look which wasn’t that noticeable but oh well, it kidna worked… After all that stuffs done I painted it all white otherwise the newsprint would bleed through and make my colours not as bright, I also added some sculpey clay to the brow area to give it some more emotion in which I used an iron to dry it with cause it was too late to put it in the oven with paint all over it (Note: Put clay on before painting).

I sprayed it with a sealer before painting colours on it cause I find acrylics do weird things sometimes. After it was all dry I begin to paint.

I also painted the inside a red and added a kinda head rest thing on the inside since when I pushed the top down it made an uncomfortable point at the top when putting it on your head. Then once it was all dry I sprayed it with some more sealer, added some cool stuff like stitches with some ribbon and blood which I used nail polish for a shiny effect and put in some lights which weren’t very effective when my head was in the pumpkin but that’s okay, it still looked cool.

And that’s that!

Hope this helps some people, Enjoy!

This creepy man tried to steel my little brother’s hair because he had some kind of hair fetish but I caught him and he tried shooting me with a cardboard gun that shot poker chips. But before he could that, I knocked him out and stole all of his money.

You all loved the acorn candles so much, I figured I would share the pillar candle I made along with it… almost the exact same ingredients.

Moon Pillar Candle

• Old wax pieces
• Lavander
• Hemp string (or wooden dowel)
• Glue gun
• Cardboard tube from a paper towel roll
• Solid metal, waterproof base like a pasta sauce lid

》 This one is a little more labor-intensive on the set up. You want to hot glue the tube upright against the base. I also glued my hemp string down to the bottom and stung it up through the tube to the top… when I poured the hot wax in that glue inside came loose and screwed up the wick SO consider glueing the wick both outside the tube and up underneath… or use a weight… or just don’t pull the wick after you pour the wax? That’s why my candle has both a hemp wick and a wooden dowel. Use LOTS of hot glue for the tube to be sure it’s tight against the lid and won’t easily come loose when you pour in the hot wax.

》Then heat the wax. Again, a wax burner or using an aluminum can inside an old pot works well for this. Once the wax is fully melted, stir in the lavander and pour it quickly into the tube. USE HAND PROTECTION because this wax will be hot and you will feel it through the tube. Pouring quickly is essential, if you go too slowly it will heat the hot glue and soak the cardboard and you’ll wind up with a big mess on your hands. I guess this is where I note that our cardboard tube was about a quarter inch thick and pretty sturdy. I’m not sure if this will work with, say, the thickness of a toilet paper tube. If you want to try that maybe coat the inside of the tube with something water resistant or waterproof first.

》After the wax is poured, center the wick (try not to pull it, as mentioned before) and place it somewhere to set. This will take several hours. Once you walk buy and it’s cool to the touch, leave it for another two hours before attempting to remove from the tube. To remove from the tube, gently peel the angled corner at the top (think “can of biscuits”) all the way to the bottom. This one took a little longer than the acorns, but tada! Here’s your new, recycled material pillar candle.

☆ Size will vary based on the mold you use, the one pictured is about 14" with 1" diameter. Works just like any other pillar candle and gives you twice the use from your candle wax. ☆


Scheintod gas pistol

Manufactured in Germany c.1910′s - no serial number.
12mm Scheintod gas cartridge, single shot socket-mounted barrel, Flobert-style frame and grip, blued spur trigger and hammer, nickel finish on the frame and barrel, vulcanite grip.

A gentleman does not kill people, he gas them. Or at least that’s what the reasoning behind the Scheintod brand pistols seems to have been.
Firing irritant powder with specialized brass and cardboard cartridges, this gun is a single shot variant reloaded by unscrewing the barrel from its bayonet mount, much live with a Queen Anne flintlock pistol.

Overwatch Skin Idea:

Budget Bastion

Bastion, but made out of cardboard boxes. His guns fire packing peanuts and when he goes turret form or tank form, you hear the sound of a bunch of cardboard boxes being bumped around. Has floppy physics on the dangling flaps of some of his boxes.

His bird is a pigeon.

His healing animation is just a human hand popping out of the boxes with duct tape and taping all over.

Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic (Touken/Tousaki): Treat and Trick

Ao3 | FFN | under the cut (4368 words)


  • I was having trouble coming up for anything for the last day of Touken Week so…FOR U, ANON :’D
  • Busy weekend meant I couldn’t finish this before Touken Week finished, but…eh. It’s really fun for me to write in the continuity of that Touka/Sasaki AU, so here’s another fic in it! Let’s say it appears after “Usagisland”? Prompt: Halloween
  • Hope you enjoy!


“I’m glad to see you two have become best friends in such a short time,” Touka says dryly.

“Oh, Nee-san — I — I wouldn’t say best friends,” Hinami stammers, covering her cheeks.

“I wouldn’t either,” Sasaki agrees. “But maybe, Fueguchi-chan, we could be…vest friends?”

He points at the two of them. Hinami gasps and tugs at their clothing.

“You’re — you’re right! Vests! Vest friends! Nee-san, can you believe it?!”

“Somehow, I can,” Touka groans. “Let’s get in the costumes already.”

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Word Count: 847
Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Fluff, combat

Love Interest: Harley
Note: this is a little AU where you break Harley out instead of Joker and etc., etc., etc.

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I sat on my knees on Harley’s bed, messing with her hair. She was reading another one of her novels. She said she wanted to try something different with her hair instead of her normal pigtails, and that’s where I came into the picture. I was currently putting her hair up into space buns, but instead of bobby pins 
I just used two hair ties for each bun. I managed to sneak in something for her, but I couldn’t just hand it to her.

That’s also partly why I chose to do her hair, I’d just sneak it inside of one of the space buns. She was always asking for sharp objects, and while I don’t use them I save them for Harley. l carefully pulled part of her hair in the left space bun aside, and hid the small chain. I then got to work on the right one, planning on hiding the second item in there. I had also brought a sharpened pencil that was just small enough to hide in her hair without anyone seeing it.

“I can’t see myself ‘cause they don’t allow mirrors in here, but I bet I look awesome.” She said with a smile.

“It’s my best work.” I spoke dramatically, falling into her lap.

“I’ll admire it while it lasts.” She spoke back, dramatically placing a hand on her forehead.

“Alright, Y/n, visiting time is over.” One of the guards spoke, beginning to open the door.

“I’ll be back for ya tonight.” I whispered to her.

“Come on, get outta there!” One of the guards yelled.

“Or what?” I questioned innocently, “You’ll hit me over and over and over until you get tired, and then pass me onto someone else?”

“Just hurry up.” The guard spoke, rolling his eyes.

“I’ll be waitin’, puddin’.” Harley said, kissing my cheek.

I kissed her on her forehead before skipping out of the room, the guard handcuffing me before I could take a step further out of the cell. He took me to my cell and I stole one last glance at Harley before she faded from my line of sight. They let us visit one another as a request from me for helping them along with the others. They don’t know about my abilities, and I’ve kept it that way. I’ve been waiting for the right time and tonight is that time.

Harley and I were acquaintances when she was out in Gotham, and it was only when I was wheeled out with the rest of them that I found out she was in the same prison I was. Along the way her and I fell for one another, and now we’re sort-of-secretly girlfriends. I planned to bust her out tonight along with myself, and my abilities will aid me. I could turn invisible and walk through solid objects, and if I was touching someone they could share my same abilities.

The guard opened the door, releasing me from the cuffs before shoving me inside. He instantly slammed the door shut, and I heard it lock. I smirked, patiently sitting in my bed and waiting for sundown. I planned to take her and I to one of the shipping containers I have. Inside of the container is normal cardboard boxes stuffed with guns and other assorted weapons. There’s a special empty spot that will lower when I tap the right tune onto the walls.

Underneath the shipping container is my secret hideout of sorts. Nobody will find us there, because only I know the location. I built it myself, granted it did take a while to make. Underground there’s everything anyone could ever want, there’s even a pool there. I smiled as I thought of the two of us hiding out down there. I got up as I noticed the sun was down and night was here. I crept to the door, using both of my abilities.

I effortlessly shoved myself through the door, smiling as the coast was clear. I shoved the rest of me into the hallway, quietly making my way to Harley’s cell. I snapped the neck of the first guard, raising the attention of the rest of them. They instantly went into Harley’s cell, figuring she did it somehow. She just smiled as they came closer, stabbing the nearest one with the pencil. She was able to use it one more time before it broke. Then, she defaulted to her chain.

“Hey, babe.” I said, now in the cell but still invisible.

“Hiya, Puddin’.” She greeted back, making me smile.

I snapped the neck of the guard nearest to me, looking over and seeing that Harley had finished all but one off. He her in a choke hold, and I went behind him and tapped his shoulder. He looked back, loosening his grip a little on her, and that was enough for her to escape. I punched him in the face, and she snapped his neck. I smiled at her, taking her hand in mine, and turning her invisible.

“I said I’d be back for ya.” I said and I heard her giggle.

“Let’s blow this joint, puddin’.” She said, and with that, we left.

They never did find out how the hell it happened.


Just watch it.

this world really needs more brotherly sweden and denmark (or viking trio for that matter) for example

  • playing silly juvenile pranks on each other
  • having mini wars with toy swords and nerf guns and cardboard armor
  • having mini wars with real swords and real armor and accidentally injuring themselves
  • getting lectured by finland and pretending to look ashamed but really just making faces at each other when he’s not watching
  • going to each other’s houses when one is away on business and moving around all the furniture
  • going out for drinks together and genuinely having a good time
  • confiding in each other about their respective love lives
  • denmark babysitting sealand when sweden is busy and finland can't 
  • going to museums together and reminiscing/laughing at exhibits
  • flicking paper footballs at each other during world conferences
  • forgiving each other for all the terrible things they or their countries did in the past and moving on with their lives

brotherly denmark and sweden