cardboard guns

Overwatch Skin Idea:

Budget Bastion

Bastion, but made out of cardboard boxes. His guns fire packing peanuts and when he goes turret form or tank form, you hear the sound of a bunch of cardboard boxes being bumped around. Has floppy physics on the dangling flaps of some of his boxes.

His bird is a pigeon.

His healing animation is just a human hand popping out of the boxes with duct tape and taping all over.


Scheintod gas pistol

Manufactured in Germany c.1910′s - no serial number.
12mm Scheintod gas cartridge, single shot socket-mounted barrel, Flobert-style frame and grip, blued spur trigger and hammer, nickel finish on the frame and barrel, vulcanite grip.

A gentleman does not kill people, he gas them. Or at least that’s what the reasoning behind the Scheintod brand pistols seems to have been.
Firing irritant powder with specialized brass and cardboard cartridges, this gun is a single shot variant reloaded by unscrewing the barrel from its bayonet mount, much live with a Queen Anne flintlock pistol.


Just watch it.