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Is there any cheap replacement for worbla?

Yes! You could use EVA foam, papier-mâché, cardboard, or craft foam.

If you needed a thermoplastic specifically, here’s an article of Worbla alternatives that includes prices:

Just make sure that if you use one of those, you follow the safety measures for it. Not everything on the list is as safe as Worbla.

- Mod Sky

All I wanna do is see us turn into a Giant Woman

I imagine this would be what happens if Garnet had to split up and you just gave them arts and crafts. That, or they’d make sappy valentine’s cards and just make out. I’m okay with both options really. 

You can also buy the design as a sticker or print, here!


Cardboard Junk ATC’s Mixed Media Art Tutorial - YouTube

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I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. What kind of diys do you have for that? Thanks!

Sure thing, here are some of my recommendations:

DIY Harry Potter Wall Art

If you need some fandom-fueled motivation in your life, this might be a fine addition to your room or office.

DIY Harry Potter Cardboard Mirror of Erised

If you’ve got the time, the resources, the room, and most importantly, the motivation (maybe with the help of the wall art above?), this would be more than awesome to have in the house. Greet your guests with this. Why not?

DIY Feather Pen

Ink pots and spills not required. 

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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The Roost WIP

I’ve got another Animal Crossing related project going on in my free time, I’m making a miniature version of The Roost! Or at least a part of it. I will be making a Brewster to stand behind the bar and I will be trying to make all the decorations and the rest of the furniture seen in this part of the cafe as well. This bit of text became a bit long so I have put the rest behind the read more.

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Ooooh, you guys wanna talk arts and crafts?  Let’s talk arts and crafts!

So here’s all the stuff you’ll need…

Paper and drawing supplies, cardstock, thick cardboard, craft glue, scissors, a box cutter, black acrylic paint, a paintbrush, mod podge, craft magnets, and plastic rhinestones.  Some of this stuff is probably already lying around your house, and all of it is available pretty cheaply at your typical craft store.

First, draw something fun!  It doesn’t have to be a GOOD drawing, because as everyone knows, the quality of any given piece of artwork rises in proportion to its proximity to a refrigerator.  (I GUESS you could print off some clipart or something too, if you want to skip the fun part.)

Cut out the thing!

Apply a thin, even coat of craft glue to the back of your drawing, and glue it to your cardboard.  The thicker the cardboard, the sturdier your magnets are going to be.

Cut away the cardboard around your drawing with a box cutter.  This can be pretty fiddly, so start with a fresh blade, and take your time.

Cut thin strips of cardstock, about the width of your cardboard, and glue them around the edges of your magnets to hide the corrugation.

Then paint the edges black.  This should be dry in just a few minutes.

Once your paint is dry, give your magnets a coat of mod podge.  This will give them a glossy finish, and help seal them against humidity and water damage.

Set them aside to dry for about 20 minutes.

When your mod podge is dry, flip your cardboard over and start attaching the actual craft magnets.  The ones I bought came with an adhesive on the back, but it wasn’t very good, so I’m using some more craft glue.

“But wait!  Don’t Ruby and Sapphire need their gems?”  BOOM PLASTIC RHINESTONES we are getting ALL KINDS OF FANCY

Then just beautify your refrigerator with your awesome new magnets!