I really enjoyed drawing these and I’ll draw more another day uwu. As always thank you for your ideas, you guys are the best! Hope you all like it ;)

Btw, if you want to “adopt” one of them, just tell me and it’s yours (give them a name and a story… all of that <3)

My favourite is the vulcan/klingon hybrid. I bet she’s super strong and disciplined (not all klingons are uncontrolled and violent for no reason) but very passionate and… kind of romantic.

I also have a problem with the cardassian/aenar one because aenars need cool weather, but cardassians need hot weather so ????

I firmly believe all cardassians are wearing wigs, every single one of them, it’s just super fashionable rn to wear a greasy black wig over their bald lizard heads, all of them, even garak, even dukat, and gul macet is just that guy who went the extra mile and got a stick-on beard, all for the sake of Fashion, you cannot convince me otherwise

In all the various wonderful and hilarious “Garak is shocked and horrified by humans” stuff out there, I feel like figure skating has REALLY been overlooked.

“Are you telling me your species has decided filling an arena with ice, strapping blades to your feet, and then spinning and leaping on the slippery surface is considered an acceptable form of recreation?!?!”

“You make sound so dangerous!”

Isn’t it??

“Well…yes, I suppose.  But most of the more dangerous moves are only attempted by those who have been training since childhood.”


cardassian uniform redesign - i always felt so meh about the cardassian uniforms cuz they feel like they could just be doing… so much more. it’s really hard to tell what officers ranks are too, which i feel is kinda ridiculous given how keen cardassians are on hierarchy. 

plus……..capes and battle skirts. that’s my jam. i honestly think my reasoning was, “how can i make dukat more pompous? oh, a cape, that’ll work”

the garresh - basically ensigns - get to keep the original design. gil get a pauldron upgrade to denote that they’ve received at least one promotion. that pauldron gets another upgrade for glinn - a layered pauldron and a green battle skirt. dalin get the double pauldrin and the battle skirt, this time in gray or black, and a half cape. guls get the full cape. legates get…everything: a full cape with wrap around, the double pauldron, and an ADVANCED battle skirt in green.

honestly i just liked how this update made it very easy to see an officers rank, and exaggerated the “roman” look the cardassians have going on.

reasons we can’t trust shit that elim garak says about cardassian culture, literally nothing that comes out of his mouth re: cardassians is trustworthy:

1) this seems trivial but is not to be discounted: he is a troll. he will often just sort of say things in order to fuck with people.

2) he is a known liar, and may have reason to lie about cardassian cultural practices

3) but most importantly, he most likely has a lot of fucked up and incorrect beliefs about cardassian society, for various reasons:

  • 3a) he was a member of the most dangerous branch of the cardassian government’s propaganda machine, the obsidian order. it seems to me that one of the jobs of the order is to suppress dissent and sedition, and to surveil cardassia’s citizenry. he seems to be a true believer of this propaganda machine, idealogically. he is a true patriot and trusts the state overly much, and seems to project that viewpoint on cardassia as a whole. for example, the cardassia literature in which people lead “selfless lives of duty to the state” is……. well, my guess is if they did things that were not that, it would probably be censored, yet garak presents it as “this is just how cardassians are.”
  • 3b) he had a deeply unusual and traumatic upbringing, in which he was trained to be a tool of the cardassian state, that probably warped his view a shitton. it may be another reason why he is a true believer in the cardassian state.
  • 3c) he was a member of the ruling class. this is implied over and over again by his actions and mannerisms, and also by his backstory. his main hobby is discussing literature, which is the most upperclass hobby available to him without actually spending tons of money (since he is, you know, no longer a member of the ruling class), he is careless with expensive things (i don’t think i’m the only one who flinched when he ripped the dress in profit and loss, thinking “no garak i know you’re used to being rich but you’re not anymore!!! you can’t do that!!!”), he complains about bashir eating too quickly, saying he ate as though he didn’t know where his next meal was coming from and claiming that cardassians did not eat this way, even though it’s canonically confirmed that famines happen on cardassia, and most importantly, he was a high ranking member of the obsidian order, meaning he was both politically powerful in the panopticon police state of cardassia, and probably quite rich. the ruling class cannot have an accurate opinion on the culture of the masses, or how society affects them.
  • 3d) as a corrolary, almost none of the cardassian characters we ever meet are trustworthy observers of cardassian culture. members of the obsidian order of course fail 3a, high ranking members of the military fail 3c, and all members of the military fail a modified version of 3b because they are trained to be patriotic soldiers and are often true believers of the cardassian propaganda machine.
  • 3e) the result of (3d) is that the only even potentially reliable witnesses to what cardassian society and culture are really like that we ever meet, are rekelen, hogue, natima lang, ulani belor, and gilora rejal. now, lang, belor, and rejal are all explicitly members of the intellectual class which makes them still somewhat suspect.