cardassian occupation of bajor

The Klaren - a Cardassian headcanon

headcanon: a religious Cardassian splinter group known as the Klaren took it upon themselves to aid the Bajorans during the Occupation and later the Maquis in their cause to protect their colonies in disputed territory

they believed that what the military was doing exactly mirrored what it had done while claiming the equatorial lands of the ancient Hebitians for the State

they marked themselves with a black lightning bolt to symbolize two deities - Arik'Asha, ruler goddess of the deepest circle of hell, responsible for meting out punishment, and Vakar, god of lightning and storms - to symbolize the swift justice they would perform on oppressors

they introduced themselves to those they intended to help wearing no armour and wielding no weapons, and if they were unwanted by those they wanted to assist, they would then leave behind whatever supplies they could spare

their name, Klaren, is that of a concept in the Hebitian belief system equivalent to that of a guardian angel

(inspired by information found here)