This is written for the INVINCIBLE round of capim-tinybang. Check out the art, it’s awesome!

Also a fill for my bingo card, square “transformation”.

Steve kissed him, hot and sweet, and Tony all but melted into him. He regained enough sense to pull Steve inside his bedroom–good night kisses were all fine, but he thought they both wanted more tonight.

“We actually waited three dates,” Steve whispered against his mouth.

Tony laughed. “Does it count if the first two got interrupted?”

He kissed Steve again, and again, and again, his hands running over his body. Steve pressed him against the wall, reached up to open his buttons– Tony froze.

Steve backed away in a split second. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

Tony pressed his hand to his shirt over the RT, another layer between it and Steve.


Steve stood perfectly still, his hands down. He had a careful, worried expression, and Tony felt terrible.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. He was so stupid. Steve had seen him shirtless before, many times; even after he got the node. It was always related to a mission though, and so it was different. It was never about them, their bodies; he knew no one would stare at his scars and the piece of metal set into his chest.

Steve deserved better than Tony’s broken body.

“What for?” Steve asked quietly. “But I am–I’m sorry if I scared you. I know the RT is important, I didn’t think.”

What was he going on about? The RT was–oh. The realisation dawned on Tony. “It’s not that,” he said flatly. “I know you won’t hurt me.”

Something clearly relaxed in Steve at Tony’s words.

“But,” Tony continued, “it’s–it’s not pretty.” He closed his eyes tight. He didn’t want to see Steve’s reaction, the moment he would understand and leave.

Tony heard steps. He expected the sound of the closing door next, not a touch of Steve’s hand on his face.

“Look at me,” Steve asked, and Tony never learnt how to tell him no.

He opened his eyes. Steve looked serious, but not angry. “You’re beautiful,” he said. “All of you, Tony. Your eyes. Your lips. Your hands. You’ve got all these little scars from soldering and welding–” Tony closed his fists as Steve talked “–and they’re you. The RT keeps you alive. Do you think it’d scare me?”

“You’re an artist,” Tony whispered. “You–”

“Yes,” Steve said. “And you’re a piece of art.” He sounded honest.

“I have scars,” Tony said.

“So do I.”

It was different, Tony wanted to protest. Steve was perfect. Tony obviously wasn’t.

“You’re beautiful,” Steve repeated. “You objectively are. But it doesn’t really matter. Do you think I want to be with you for your face?”

Tony stared at his wall. A picture of the original Avengers was there, him in the armour. Many people had, but–Steve was different, and when he put it like that … And it’s not as if Tony was ashamed, not really, it was just …

“No,” he answered. Steve stroked his thumb over Tony’s cheekbone. “I want to be the best for you,” he admitted.

“You already are,” Steve said. “We don’t have to do anything tonight–but I want you to believe me when I say I care about you. A lot. And your scars don’t matter.”

Tony didn’t deserve him.

He couldn’t answer. After a few seconds, he reached out and pulled Steve closer to himself, hid his face in Steve’s neck. Steve’s arms circled him, and he held Tony in a warm embrace for a long time.

The Spiderman kiss became the rage after the first of the Spiderman series of movies showed a thoroughly soaked Kirsten Dunst planting an upside down kiss on the deliciously boyish Toby McGuire. And even if your boyfriend does not have the power of a superhero which can dangle him head downwards from the top of the building…

Warning: During the filming of this episode, as aforesaid, the randomizer I use went a bit on the fritz. Therefore, I had to reroll the initial result I got for both the immunity selection and the murdered selection, to ensure as fair a situation as possible. From a consistency point of view, the people those selected turn out to be may seem a bit unbelievable, but I assure you, none of the rolls were doctored or biased in any way. I haven’t cheated in previous MMBC endeavors; why start now?


Okay to help me through college I am selling my childhood. All cards minus legendaries are a 1$. Lengendaries are 4$ and ho oh is 5$. The coins are 50¢ if you buy a lengendary or five cards I will throw one in for free.

More cards here:

Oh yeah, so in case you didn’t know I play this idol game called Tokyo 7th Sisters and it’s great and all. But there’s a character named Sakaiya Yumeno who, get this, is canon lesbian.

No, I’m not talking easily headcanon’d or commonly portrayed as playful with girls. I’m talking about a character whose actual bio mentions her attraction towards women and even has a Super card (above) featuring her gushing over her newly purchased yuri magazine proudly labeled as such on the cover.

Your move, every other idol franchise. I expect a Love Live! SIF event with Nico and Maki on a date and at least 25 iM@S Million Live cards portraying girls kissing.

I’m officially in retirement until I have to go back to a part time gig and it does feel freeing. It was a long, amazing, overwhelming week with lots of ‘we’re going to miss you so much’ and ‘you’re doing the right thing, you’re going to be great at that!’ and ‘you’ll be back, right?’ and ‘everyone comes back, you have to come back’ and cards and hugs and kisses and my team took me out for a huge going away party at a local bar and I was happy to sit outside and sip on a glass of rosé and enjoyed some celebratory feels  and I went home at 10:20PM like what is that about I am in bed by 10 usually and the next day my director showed up hungover along with most of the soft wovens team cause they decided to go to two more bars after and didn’t get home until 3-4am but they brought McDonald’s hashbrowns and sodas for everyone and I spent my final two days running around, trying to train my replacement (who is a friend of mine) on everything that I do which made me step back and go ‘woah I do a lot, this is crazy’ while trying to onboard three new hires and finish up whatever I could before my last day and had lot of big feelings and then I received an email that there were flowers for me at the front desk so I went to pick them up and started crying cause my bestie had sent me flowers on my last day, saying ‘happy retirement’ and it was so perfect and important and started to go around and said my final goodbyes and I tried not to cry but started crying again when I hugged one of my dear friends goodbye who has really been my rock at work these past 8 months, and tried to grab all my last items together and rushed out the door with Res and said bye bye bye to my job of three years and went to a fantastic movie with C and had some tasty celebratory tacos and then spent an AMAZING day in Cape May with my bestie visiting an alpaca farm and biking around and hanging on the beach and went into the ocean which I haven’t done in years and really felt lucky and full of happiness and relief and then checked my email and one of my directors had surprised me with two tickets to the One Direction show in Philly as a thank you gift and GUYS I’M HAVING A MOMENT , A WEEK, A LOT OF EVERYTHING, AND NOW I’M SEMI-RETIRED AND HAVE TO FOCUS ON THE NEXT STEPS AND THAT’S SUPER SCARY BUT ALSO EXCITING AND I’M JUST FEELING ALIVE.


To add context, during Ren-Fair, Me, KK, and Ni-Bi were strolling around, when I stopped to look at something. While browsing, I heard a very discernable kissing sound coming from right behind me, and turning around, I see my girlfriend, KK, kissing our friend, Ni-Bi, on the forehead. KK was quick to explain that she had just confused Ni-Bi with one of her younger cousin, but we were all in a bit of shock at the occurrence.  

To say the least, it was an experience.