colored some doodles in ;_; i drew them just for the record, now ive officially drawn them kissing and can proceed with my regular life again… mwah mwah

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It’s saturday here and that means that #sexlaughterhonesty week is coming to a close. This week has been a huge success. So far there are nearly fifty pieces on the Masterlist, rare pairs, original otps, multi-fandom, a variety of pairings. Monday was just swamped in the best of ways with all the headcanon sharing. I can honestly say I didn’t expect this week to receive the participation that it did, and I would like to thank all of you.

For our readers, if you’ve loved something, or connected with something this week, please let the writers know. Everyone has worked so hard and sharing on these topics certainly takes courage that should be rewarded.

Today is a Wild Card day and also the last day for you to get your fics and art sent in to me. In the interest of time zones, you have until sunday morning 10:30 am (my time, EST) which is coincidentally when I will be resuming #pony sunday and carrying on with our regularly scheduled programming. I will update and repost the masterlist then as well as adding it to the main #sexlaughterhonest link on my page. Don’t worry about the reblogs, I will stagger those out over the next week, so your work won’t fall through the cracks. 

I have a couple of reposts scheduled today from the week mostly things not on the fic/art masterpost that I want the weekend crowd to see. Don’t forget to check out the master to make sure your work is listed. If you sent me something prior to midnight EST last night and it’s not on the Masterlist then I did not get it. Message me, please.  I really don’t mind. In fact, I appreciate it. Everyone has worked so hard this week, I don’t want to miss anything.

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don’t tell my friends but legit the saddest thing about leaving Japan has been turning in my national health insurance card and kissing goodbye the only period of my life I’ve had assurance and ability to take care of myself if I were ever to be hurt.


Sending out a bunch of kiss cards today 💋 get your signed kiss card at

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I had a dream last night that I met a girl at my moms spa and she gave me a bunch of kiss cards. No every times she’d even get near me she’d kiss me and take a card and it was just so sweet. Then after all my cards were gone I got sad and she just went “those cards were fake, I just didn’t know how to ask you out…..” So then we ended up dating and kissing a lot more without the cards and I was so happy…..until my mom burst in my room saying I was gonna be late for practice.

Thinking about the kiss and Akashi’s plan again! Obviously when Akashi asked for Ushimitsu to give him the timebomb card a few chapters prior, he was risking his life to make sure Ushimitsu would stay alive. He really wants save Ushimitsu, and that’s of course emphasized by his decision to fake the kiss card.

If Akashi was only worried about staying alive, all he had to do was return to timebomb card to Ushimitsu. Ushimitsu would have accepted any card Akashi gave him, and if meant Akashi wouldn’t die, he’d so it happily.

If all Akashi was worried about was killing M-F, once the timebomb card was in Ushimitsu’s hand, he was guaranteed to be taken out. There would have been a good chance that he would have picked the timebomb card simply out of necessity, and not wanting to grab the insta-kill 7.

But, Akashi knew about M-F’s ability to read other people. He’d been able to kill Mert by pulling 1 of 2 cards, and given his nasty personality, if M-F figured he was being tricked into lose-lose situation, he would have likely pulled the 7 on purpose, so he could take down Ushimitsu with him.

It’s for that reason that Akashi makes it a huge production and kisses Ushimitsu. He keeps bickering with Ushimitsu just to get M-F worked up about matching his Q and to distract him so he doesn’t actually think about whether or not he’s being deceived.

It’s got nothing to do with Akashi saving his own life or taking out the bad guy, and everything to do with keeping Ushimitsu alive.

And also maybe just a little bit of, “wow, if this plan doesn’t work out for whatever reason and Ushimitsu bites the dust, I will feel super guilty about not kissing him even though I promised.”

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(hell yeah i love Yuri/Jessica)

Who picks the restaurant on date night: JESSICA

Who stands outside with a radio over their head after a fight: Yuri af

Who Instagrams everything they do together: Jessica for sure

Who insists on wearing couple’s sweatshirts: JESSICA

Who proposes and how: Yuri pops the question while they’re fucking, and on accident, like she just can’t wait and right at the climax of the moment she’s like “I wanna get married”

Where they honeymoon: FUCKIN’ NEW YORK IDK WHY

Lyrics that remind me of this ship: “Everything you do I do adore.”

What their Christmas card looks like: cheesy kisses on the cheek

A random headcanon: Yuri is obsessed with dogs, and she’s always begging to get one, but Jessica says not until they get married. But she only says that because she wants to marry Yuri ASAP because she lOVES HER

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F,J, and K if you are up to it.

F: Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

From Prolonged Exposure:

“’m not good at saying things,” Bucky whispers after a while, his head on Clint’s shoulder, hands still gripping tightly around Clint.

“It’s ok,” he soothes.

“Not good at sex either,” comes next, “but I can do it for you, if you want, I can.”

Fuck, these two… Clint understands them now, gets it, everything they didn’t say aloud, but communicated clearly. Clint’s just been too blind to see.

“I don’t want sex,” he murmurs, and it’s true. He wants this, instead, to hold Bucky tightly, and laugh at Steve’s stories. “But I like hugs, and kisses,” he cards his fingers through Bucky’s hair and receives nods in returns, “and cuddles.”

“’m good at those,” Bucky looks up then, eyes bright.

Because… it’s a thing that’s ok to want. And since I wrote this, I’ve been told more than once that yes, there are others out there beside me who relate to this, and it’s a good feeling. :)

J: Write or describe an alternative ending to [insert fic].

Hm, you forgot to tell me a fic.

K: What’s the angstiest idea you’ve ever come up with?

Oh, at the moment I think the angstiest one is something that I haven’t written yet. Liminal Spaces. Preview here. In which Clint was born a few decades before Natasha and they both have their connections with the Winter Soldier. *rubs hands* Will start work on it after I finish Nameless.


Fic ask game


Findis and Elemmire are scandalous during some event.

For Tolkien femslash week bingo from 20.07.2016 - I11 and G36.

Cards and Propmpts:
characters kissing (Art bingo, I11)
slow dancing ( Cliches, Fluff, and TLC bingo, I11)
Digital fanart (Formats bingo,  G36)