card suits tattoo


Not my usual kinda post, but I thought I’d share my Isabelle tattoo I had done yesterday! ☺️💕


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okay but what first time new parent puts unsanitary, germ covered sunglasses on a tiny precious newborn’s face the day after it was born and its immune system is at its weakest just for a stupid self-indulgent photo where you can’t even see the “fathers” face?

ace louis headcanons:

  • he just starts snapping his fingers and backing out of a room while winking when people try and say things like “you just need to find The One”

  • he has a very extensive collection of puns about being ace, not limited to: “that’s positively ace” “please embrace me” and “that’s my acethetic”

  • he talks a lot about his card suit tattoo that he got purely because it could be a representation of his asexuality without him needing to come out immediately

  • louis has a huge collection of purple belongings just to go with his flag (and arranges his wardrobe in a way that shows off the flag. will scream if his order’s messed with)

  • literally never stops talking about how it varies for person to person, because he’s tired of being assumed (aceumed) as The Ace Authority

  • starts taking a tally of sexual jokes just to match them with ace puns. he once managed 207 in one single meeting, and niall started crying by the end

  • never fails to tell people they’re valid no matter their personal experience of being on the spectrum

  • and most Importantly: he paints his nails in the colours of the flag on his days off, because it’s comforting like nothing else is